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Letter from America
Until recently Pete Evans was one of the leaders of Highfields Church, Pontprennau.
Forty-One Kids Hear the Good News of Jesus at Pontprennau
Last Saturday and Sunday, Highfields Pontprennau hosted a special half-term event for families in the Pontprennau area. Tim Wilson shares how it went.
Looking Back at Pontprennau Holiday Club
Last week, Pontprennau held its second annual holiday club. Tim Wilson writes to let you know how it went.
Meet Tim: Pontprennau’s Latest Team Member
Pontprennau have recently welcomed Tim Wilson as a student trainee. In this post Tim tells us a little bit about himself and what his role will be at Pontprennau.
Second Birthday
This weekend marks the second birthday of our satellite congregation at Pontprennau.
Growing up into Christ
Last Sunday evening (28th April 2013) will be memorable for everyone who was there for many reasons.
It's Time to Break The Glass
The most loving thing Christians can do is sound the alarm
The Valleys (according to MTV)
The subjects of the new reality show may think they are 'living the dream'. We need to offer them 'life to the full'.
Our Father in Heaven
We live in a competitive world.
Reasons to be Thankful
Our lives are filled with things to be thankful for.
Growing by Grace
It’s been almost 3 months since we began meeting at Corpus Christi High School...
The truth about trolls
I just read a really interesting article about trolls.
New Beginnings
First, can I wish you a very Happy New Year! It’s a time for new beginnings, especially for Highfields as this Sunday morning (8th January) we are holding our first public service in Pontprennau.
Picking The Team
We're only a few weeks away from the first Sunday meeting for Highfields' new congregation in Pontprennau and so we're in the process of setting up 'Ministry Teams' to run things on Sunday mornings.
Stop the Press! – Pontprennau Update
Highfields Church Pontprennau are delighted to announce that from Sunday 8th January 2012 we will meet 10am at Corpus Christi High School, Ty-Draw Road, Cardiff, CF23 6XL
1 Month To Go – Pontprennau Progress
December is here, the Christmas decorations are up and the plans for the January launch of Highfields Pontprennau are advancing at pace!
On March 8 1971, on a night that would arguably be remembered as the pinnacle of his career, Joe Frazier beat Muhammed Ali by unanimous decision at Madison Square Gardens and defended his title as heavyweight champion of the world.
1 in 7 Billion…
I’ve just discovered that I am actually the 79,779,692,271st person to have existed on planet earth.
Wanted: A Superman who doesn’t fail
Last week I heard that Superman had started wearing Sam Warburton pyjamas to bed. Apparently he’s now taken them to Oxfam.
Building work begins…
Almost a month on from the last blog post and how time flies!

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