Picking The Team

We're only a few weeks away from the first Sunday meeting for Highfields' new congregation in Pontprennau and so we're in the process of setting up 'Ministry Teams' to run things on Sunday mornings.

Pete Evans | 21:46, Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It got me thinking about what the Bible says about the qualities needed to serve God’s people. Here are 4 suggestions:

  1. A godly character
    Interestingly, the scriptures say much more about this than anything else when discussing the qualifications of a leader. David was commended to lead because he was a man after God’s heart. Timothy is told when appointing elders to focus mainly on their Godly character rather than their skills – are they above reproach, faithful to their spouse, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable?

  2. A pastoral heart
    Key to serving God’s people is that you love them! Ministry is not simply about loving God – and if you love him, you will love people too.  A person who loves to pray, preach and teach but who can’t stand people will be a disaster in ministry. As PB said to me recently – ‘Our business IS people!’

  3. A team player
    The church is not the place for Lone Rangers. God’s people are described in the Bible as a 'body', whose purpose is to work together to build one another up in Jesus. A one-man band will not be able to serve God’s people effectively because he won’t have all the gifts and abilities required. Therefore, we must serve together in teams.

  4. Possess the skills to do the job
    Finally, it is important that we serve in a way that God has gifted us in. I could volunteer to lead the music group every Sunday but the fact is that when it comes to music, I suck! God gives different people different gifts and not all of them are up front or super-spiritual. Sure, some people are given the gift of preaching or teaching the Bible, but Paul also lists the spiritual gift of administration or helping. So actually, you can serve by setting out the chairs or doing our CRB forms (I am constantly thankful for the wonderful administrators here at Highfields – you know who you are!). Everyone has things they can contribute to the body, but beware of ‘gift-envy’. Be content with the role God has given you and give it your best shot!

To be honest, after writing that I am beginning to wonder if I am qualified to do the job! God rightly sets the bar very high! But I am always thankful for the grace of God, who loves us despite our sin and weaknesses and calls us to serve and follow Him, warts and all. 

There are so many godly, pastoral, gifted team-players who have been sent as part of Highfields Pontprennau and we are looking forward to serving you and each other in the months and years ahead.


(If you would like to know more about Highfields’ Pontprennau Congregation, or if you have any questions about what it means to trust in Jesus, please get in touch with Pete at: pete.evans@highfieldschurch.org.uk)


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