Highfields Internationals

What is Highfields Internationals?

At Highfields Internationals we welcome students (both undergraduate and postgraduate), language students, visiting scholars and workers and families from all over the world. We are a group of Christians from Highfields Church who organise various activities for internationals.

A great opportunity to improve your english in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Childcare is provided

English Class

An opportunity to learn new sewing skills and make friends in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Sewing Class

The best way to belong to Highfields Church is to join our Internationals Small Groups.

Small Groups

An opportunity to relax at the end of a long week by playing games, meeting new friends...

Globe Café

We organise trips to various places of interest around the UK, providing transportation and guided tour.


An opportunity to meet up regularly with an older Christian from the church


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