Our Father in Heaven

We live in a competitive world.

Pete Evans | 21:32, Saturday, 07 July 2012

Competitive WorldNations compete for resources, businesses compete for market share, sports teams compete for championships; there is competition everywhere we look. It can even extend to our relationships as we compete for attention, for love, for significance in the lives of others.

And success, in many ways, can be defined in two areas – ability and effort. Those who rise to the top of the pile will be those who work hardest and are most gifted. Failure is usually attributed to a shortfall in one of those areas – 'He didn’t work hard enough' - 'She just wasn’t quite good enough'. 

And what this ultimately leads to is a society whose basis of acceptance is 'What do you contribute?' - 'What is your net value?' And if you aren't hard-working enough, or beautiful enough, or strong enough, or clever enough, then you are not really wanted by the team. 

What is the basis of our acceptance by God? Simply that, for those who trust in Jesus, He is our Father.

We've just spent last weekend at Pontprennau studying the Lord's prayer together. And Jesus began by saying this:

"This, then, is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven..."  
Matt. 6:9

What is the basis of our acceptance by God? Simply that, for those who trust in Jesus, He is our Father. And the great thing about that is that regardless of how you perform, your Dad is still your Dad. Working harder and being better does not affect your standing. You are part of the family. And, because of Jesus, you always will be. 



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