Growing up into Christ

Last Sunday evening (28th April 2013) will be memorable for everyone who was there for many reasons.

Pete Evans | 14:20, 4th May 2013

It was the final time that Peter Baker preached and led our church and the emotion was very real and tangible. As a young minister just starting out I am aware that ministers often don't finish well. Let me say this; Peter Baker finished well. I was very encouraged.

PB final service wideThere were several profound moments that will remain with me for a long time. But one particularly is worth mentioning here.

Many people will remember the standing ovation that the congregation gave the Bakers at the end of the service. Before anyone thinks it, it was anything but worshipping a man. It was Christ-exalting. We honoured a family who had pointed us to Jesus for the past 18 years.

And I noticed, as Peter, Sian and Emma stood and left the chapel for the final time on Sunday evening, that it was the older generation who rose first and applauded loudly, honouring 18 years of gospel ministry amongst us. For a moment the younger generations paused, and then we rose too.

We so often undervalue and ignore older Christians because they can't work an iPad and don't like drums in church. But at a key family moment, their gospel-shaped wisdom led us. We will do well to remember that in the years to come.

I am grateful to God for providing Highfields with a generation of gospel-hearted saints whose years have not made them bitter and battle-weary but have given them grace and wisdom. We honoured Christ in that moment together, and it was the older generation who led us.

To the older generations in Highfields: Do not abdicate your responsibility to serve us in these times when your leadership of our church family is needed more than ever. Spend time with younger generations. Share your wisdom and edify the body of Christ.

To the younger generations in Highfields: Do not ignore the blessing God has given us in our older people. Serve, honour and learn from them. Spend time with them. Grow in maturity in Christ.

May the Spirit of God do this in us.

"…speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ." Ephesians 4:15

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