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Book of the Month and Other Books
Book: The Life You Never Expected
Thriving While Parenting Special Needs Children
Book: Reason for God
Belief in an Age of Scepticism
Book: Where is God ...
Where is God in a Coronavirus World?
Book: Destiny
Learning to Live by Preparing to Die
Book: Crazy Busy
I'm too busy. We've all heard it; we've all said it.
Book: Is God a Moral Monster?
Making Sense of the Old Testament God
Book: The Dignity Revolution
A book about human dignity: about the image of God and how it should influence the way we think about the world
Book: Dig Even Deeper
Unearthing Old Testament treasure
When I don't desire God. How to fight for joy.
Something that we may find hard to admit and even harder to do something about.
Lit! A Christian guide to reading books
Only the Bible can give us a correct worldview to read all other books by. We should read EVERYTHING in the light of scripture
Why bother with church?
Ends with the question, ‘Why on earth would I not bother with church?’, and by the time you’ve read it, it seems a very reasonable question.
If God, then what?
A book you could confidently give to anyone looking for the answers to life’s big questions but who has not yet committed to looking for them in the Christian faith
Wonderful, deep theology without the sore head
Foreign to familiar
A guide to understanding Hot- and Cold-Climate cultures
My Rock My Refuge
A year of daily devotions taken from the Book of Psalms
True Friendship
For me, one of the highlights of the book was the way it encouraged us to be intentional in strengthening friendships. Meaningful friendships do not just happen, we have to put in hard work and effort.
Patterns of Evidence: Exodus
A Filmaker's Journey. Mahoney's book and film provide powerful evidence that our faith in the biblical record is not misplaced, and demonstrates that the assumptions of naturalism leave academics with a whole pile of insoluble contradictions.
The Answer to Our Cry
Freedom To Live Fully, Love Boldly, And Fear Nothing
Four Kinds of Christmas
There are four different ways to approach Christmas – Scrooge, Shopper, Santa and Stable.
The Intolerance of Tolerance
Generally accessible and informative, definitely a recommended book for those interested in modern society and how it impacts and interacts with Christians.
Finding Truth
5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God Substitutes
What do you think of me? Why do I care?
Answers to the Big Questions in Life.
You can really grow
If you've ever felt like you 'ought' to be growing but wondered where to start, or felt a twinge of guilt or a pang of regret that you're not growing in your relationship with Jesus the way you once were, this book will really help you.
Invest your suffering: unexpected intimacy with a loving God
A book that deals honestly and carefully with the painful and perplexing experience of suffering.
Everyday Prayers
365 Days to a Gospel-Centred Faith
Creation, Power and Truth
The gospel in a world of cultural confusion
Honest Evangelism
How to talk about Jesus even when it's tough
Fully Alive
A biblical vision of gender that frees men and women to live beyond stereotypes
True Paradox
The author sets out to discuss a number of key paradoxes in our shared human experience, and aims to show how the Christian proposition explains those paradoxes better than the competing world views.
Just Do Something
A liberating approach to finding God's will.
Recovering Redemption
A gospel-saturated perspective on how to change
Counterfeit gods
Keller illustrates how idols manifest in society and in our own lives.
Questioning the Bible - 11 major challenges to the Bible's authority
It’s the kind of book that any of us might want to read in order to form a realistic opinion on the reliability of the Bible
Extreme Righteousness
Seeing ourselves in the Pharisees.
The God I don't understand
Wright’s helpful examination of some... key questions of faith only serves to increase the Christian’s confidence in the ultimate goodness and grace of God.
King's Cross - The Story of the World in the life of Jesus
Life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the central events of cosmic and human history.
William Grimshaw of Hawarth
Reveals the Lord’s intimate dealings with someone who was so very ordinary and earthy yet became a mighty man of God in Yorkshire and beyond
Saving Leonardo
Saving Leonardo - a call to resist the secular assault on mind, morals and meaning.
Rebuilding your broken world
The story of one man's fall from grace in terms of a moral failure which threatened to destroy his whole ministry and future
Total Forgiveness
Total Forgiveness isn't just the title of the book, it's the whole concept that Kendall is seeking to communicate. Total Forgiveness holds nothing back, holds no grudges, doesn't bring that thing up again, and basically, is a bit of a risk.
Broken Down House
We have been created and called by God for more than survival. We have been called to be actively involved in the restoration that is at the heart of God’s plan of redemption. This book that reminds us that while we live in a place damaged by sin, we don’t have to be discouraged or depressed; we can live productively in this broken world.
The Papa Prayer
If you are tired of a dull, routine, lifeless prayer life, if you are stirred by the idea of actually relating to God and being changed by Him in prayer, rather than presenting a shopping list, read The PAPA Prayer.
God's Big Picture
Tracing the storyline of the Bible
Serving without Sinking
If you are feeling worn out, frustrated or bitter about ministry, take some time to read this and re-think your service in light of the gospel. It’s joy not duty which is the great fuel for service and we find it in Jesus, the one who serves us.
You Can Change
This book gently takes you through a biblical understanding of why we sin, why we should want to change and how that process of change is rooted in faith and a desire to glorify God above all else.
Bible Overview
Most evangelical Christians will agree that the Bible is all about Jesus but Levy takes that a little bit further and states that we actually see Jesus in the Old Testament more than you think.
Getting your kids through church without them ending up hating God
The problem Parsons sets out to deal with is the number of young people who leave church as soon as they can. He believes that in this they are not turning their back on God but rather what we have presented to them as church
Calm My Anxious Heart: a woman's guide to finding contentment
We struggle with anxiety so if you want to try to win that struggle in God’s strength by identifying and changing what’s at the heart of the problem then read this book!
Don Carson in his own dynamic way opens up the historic events, which took place over one weekend in Jerusalem about two thousand years ago and considers their significance.
A Resilient Life
Behind all the story-telling the author brings out valuable lessons in preparing to finish well in the Christian life
A Life's Journey
Written by our very own Adrian Evans!
That Distant Land: Collected Short Stories
A collection of short stories, written by a Christian. The author's gentle, reflective style of writing presents the idea that, in God's eternal present, all the best of these passing ages is preserved, valued and celebrated.
Hope has its Reasons: The Search to Satisfy Our Deepest Longings
A book that challenges the agnostic and the believer alike to acknowledge the truth of the human heart.
The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict
An extremely helpful work that is a must-read for everyone involved in conflict resolution - and as you will soon discover when reading this book, that is not only something to be left for the 'experts', but is also the ministry of every disciple of Jesus.
Does God believe in Atheists?
This book seeks to identify and address the problems of being an atheist.
A meal with Jesus
Food matters. Meals matter. Meals are full of significance – not just for us, but for God too.
The good news of Luke
Revolving around the central character, Jesus, Luke presents his 'orderly account of the things that have been fulfilled among us' to his friend, Theo.
Let the Nations be Glad!
Missions exists because worship doesn't. Worship is both the fuel and goal of missions. How can we proclaim "Let the nations be glad and rejoice in God!" to others until we first say to ourselves "I delight in the Lord!"?
Understanding Jesus: Five ways to spiritual enlightenment
This work is an invaluable tool for ordinary Christians, in helping to reinforce the intellectual underpinnings of biblical faith in Christ. It will also be a challenging read for agnostics who are prepared to interact with the historic data with an enquiring mind.
John MacArthur - Servant of the Word and Flock
A biography of John MacArthur. A human story, including the shaping of his youth, the strength of marriage and family, the refining influences of trials and controversies and the building of a man whose staff have never known him to be angry.
A Praying Life
This is a book that has helped me pray. The key is learning to pray like children. This is really the big idea of the book – Jesus teaches us to pray to our Father, and understanding what that means will shape our hearts and free us to talk to Him and know Him better.
Suffering Well: the predictable surprise of Christian suffering
Paul Grimmond helpfully unpacks what we mean by suffering. We are inclined to weigh up degrees of suffering... Grimmond makes the point that comparisons are unnecessary, what matters are our values about suffering.
The Radical Disciple
A book for all seasons, this book represents the wisdom and experience of a long life, lived in the service of Christ. There are very few books like this which provide such a distilled wealth of Christian learning.
God, Sex and Marriage: Guidance from 1 Cor 7
Sex and marriage. Singleness. Divorce and separation. Who to marry and when. It's all covered in June's Book of the Month.
Cross-Examined - the life changing power of the death of Jesus
Our book of the month for May will help anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the meaning and significance of the cross of Christ.
The good God, Enjoying Father, Son and Spirit
If you've ever wondered why the doctrine of Trinity is so important, or if you've ever wondered what the relevance of the doctrine of the Trinity is to your life, or if you've ever found yourself wondering simply what God is like, this is a book for you.
A Voice in the Wind
'A Voice in the Wind' is set in 1st Century Jerusalem, Rome and Ephesus. The story opens in 70AD during the sacking of Jerusalem...
Stop Dating the Church, Fall in love with the Family of God
Joshua Harris’ main aim is to challenge the consumerist, self centred, critical attitude so many of us unconsciously, or even deliberately, carry into our local church, which sadly results in many believers (and pastors) giving up on a commitment to a local congregation.
Pathway to Jesus, Crossing the thresholds to faith
Originally titled “I Once Was Lost”, the re-branding of this book to a positive expression of a journey to faith cannot add to the already outstanding content.
Finding Joy, A radical rediscovery of grace
I heard Marcus Honeysett speaking at a conference in November and I realised he had a lot of wisdom to impart. But this book has just blown me away!

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