Good Christian books can help us learn to know and love Christ more, to live more like Him, to understand His Word better, to be inspired by the examples of other Christians.

There is a library in the room to your left as you enter the Pierce Hall from the Foyer.  It is for members of the church and students to borrow books or simply to sit and study. There are about 1100 books in the library: Bibles, commentaries, biographies and many other Christian books.

The catalogue is available in pdf format organised by:

In addition a list of commentaries, broken down by bible book, is available

Information on how to use the library is available in pdf format.

There are also supplies of Bible reading notes, Gospels and small tracts for free.

Highfields also has a tape library.

If you'd like to help with the bookstall or library, do get in touch.

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