Book: Is God a Moral Monster?

Making Sense of the Old Testament God

Dave Gobbett | May 2019 - Highfields Book Review

By Paul Copan - (2011) I Grand Rapids, Michigan

Is God a moral monster?For countless generations, the assumption has been that the Christian faith holds the moral high ground on issues of justice and ethics.  While Christians themselves very often fail in living the Godly life we're called to live, the Bible's standards remain impeccable. 

However, since the rise of hostile 'new atheism' the morality of the Bible has been called into question over issues such as slavery, sexism or the slaughter of innocent Canaanites.

Paul Copan's 'Is God a Moral Monster?' offers powerful answers to the biggest objections to the God of the Old Testament, taking on some of the most vexing accusations of our time, including:

  • God is arrogant and jealous
  • God punishes people too harshly
  • God is guilty of ethnic cleansing
  • God oppresses women
  • God endorses slavery
  • Christianity causes violence

In answering these questions Copan shows how to read both the Old and New Testaments faithfully, seeing an unchanging, righteous, and loving God in both.

[ISBN13: 9780801072758]

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