Mission Partners

Lindsay and Ann Brown

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students


It is now our 42nd year in student ministry, having worked in different capacities within IFES. Our current focus is on the FEUER (Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of EuRope)  network which seeks to encourage the development of a network of 50-60 university evangelists across Europe, and to have at least one based in each European country who focus on communicating the gospel publicly in CU's across the continent. During 2016 this team was involved in speaking at university mission weeks, lasting 4-5 days, in about 180 universities in 35 countries. We hope to extend the work over the next few years to every country in Europe.

Please email us at lindsaybrown@ifesworld.org  or phone : 07812 522645

How have we seen God at work over the last few years? 

Over the past 40 years it has been our privilege in IFES to see graduates from student ministry serving in many areas of society and in church leadership across the globe. In our current role our greatest joy is in seeing students, international and British, turning to Christ through these mission weeks. Our prayer is that ripples will go out from these mission weeks across the globe and impact Christian witness in years to come. We appreciate your prayers.

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Roger and Diana Pomeroy

Serving with The Prem Fellowship


The work of the Prem Fellowship has resulted from the years of missionary service in Pakistan of Roger and Diana who first went to Pakistan in 1968. After 20 years with the International Christian Fellowship there was a mission merger. Roger and Diana moved on to pioneer a field of ministry among Hindu oriented Marwari people in the Bahawalpur region of the southern Punjab.

Today this work has developed and extended to several provinces in Pakistan and among various people groups including Marwari, Sansi, Bagri as well as among the majority religious community within this country. In 2015 the work was recognised as a charity in the U.K (No. 1164819) and several of the trustees (including Roger) are members of Highfields Church.

How have you seen God work in this ministry?

There are many hundreds of Marwari believers today following the first convert in 1964. This people group are spread over vast areas of the country. There are small house-based churches with pastors and evangelists. School ministry has resulted in a remarkable increase in the literacy of these people. There are Marwari men who are in positions of leadership in the church. What has happened among this one group is also now beginning to happen among other ethnic communities. 

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Dai and Michelle Hankey and family

Red Community, Cardiff


The Hankey family are currently church planting in the Adamsdown/Splott area of Cardiff’s inner city. Dai leads Red Community - a Christian charity that seeks to passionately, prayerfully, creatively combat human trafficking in Wales. Michelle is involved in various ministries to asylum seekers. Dai regularly preaches in churches, prisons and youth events around Wales and writes books too.

dai@redcommunity.co.uk // www.redcommunity.co.uk

What led you to mission?

As soon as I got saved as a teenager I knew I had to share the gospel with other people. When I came to Cardiff I ended up at Highfields where I was encouraged, equipped and then released into mission. I have been a mission’s partner since 1999 and I am so thankful for this church.

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Charles and Liz Chalmers and family

Serving with OMF International

We’ve been in OMF for over 25 years now. Most of that time was spent in the Southern Philippines doing church planting and nuturing work among the Manobo people. We were quite involved in setting up and running the S. Philippines indigenous peoples education program for Manobo children and young people. For the last 8 years or so we’ve been based in Bristol as OMF area representatives for Wales and West England. We also are registered foster carers in the Bristol area. Chalmers




Do you recommend short-term mission trips with your organisation/in your location?

Serve Asia is OMF’S programme for anyone wanting to experience and work in Asia short term. It is integrated with our discipleship programme, designed to equip and encourage people to be at the forefront of mission in East Asia and help them to find their place in mission.


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Ted & Linda Pilling

Ted & Linda Pilling

Ted & Linda Pilling

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Jonathan and Amanda Hanley

Serving with Echoes of Service (www.echoes.org.uk/)

Jonathan and Amanda Hanley

We have been serving the Lord in France for 27 years. Our work has always been focused on helping people see the relevance of God’s Word to their lives: student work, children’s work, church-planting, AIDS-chaplaincy and Christian literature. We are involved in the publications department of Scripture Union-France. Jonathan has written 9 books and contributes to several magazines and websites. (http://www.editionsfarel.com/recherche.php?chaine=hanley) Current commitments also include chaplaincy work with artists and discipleship among Turkish Christians. All of this is voluntary, and would not be possible without the support of Christians in the UK.


What are the struggles of full-time ministry?
Two struggles in particular stand out, as we think back over our ministry in France:
1. Many UK Christians see France as a holiday destination and often do not understand the dire spiritual needs and huge opportunities for Gospel outreach that this country presents.
2. Our work involves a lot of time spent in front of a computer at home, which is difficult to describe in an attractive way in newsletters and prayer updates.

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Linda Bell

Serving with Interserve


For the last 6.5 years I have been making contact with mainly Muslim families living around Highfields.  This has been done by running English classes for ladies on Mondays and Tuesday mornings.  At the end of each term the lessons are given over to a Christian presentation.  In 2017 a small group of these ladies started to meet weekly to look at the message of Bible. 

In 2016 English classes were started in Grangetown on Thursday and Friday mornings and this project is slowly building up.


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Huw & Alison Williams

Huw and Alison are at Hillside Evangelical Church, Greystones Ireland
Huw & Alison Williams

Huw & Alison Williams

Huw Williams was appointed as a new full time elder/pastor at Hillside Evangelical Church Open in new window during the summer 2019 and took up his post in September 2019

Contact: UFM, 145 Faringdon Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 5DL. 

Mission Board Link: Sophie Rees

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Phil and Cathie Jenkins

Serving at St Andrew's International Church, Athens

Phil and Cath Jenkins

Phil is the minister of St Andrew's church which has two congregations in Athens. As well as church work, Cathie also works regularly in Helping Hands, a Christian refugee centre.



We are open to small groups (up to 4) of short term mission teams.

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Dave Fielder and family

Serving with Yorkshire Camps

Dave Fielder

Yorkshire Camps runs residential holidays for children aged 8-18 at our centre in the Yorkshire Dales. Our 3 aims are for children to; Enjoy an action-packed holiday, Explore the Christian message, and Enlarge their faith. We run camps during the holidays, weekends away for church groups, and school residentials. All these include time explaining the Bible as well as a range of games & activities. We also run a gap-year programme. My role is to speak or lead on camps and help oversee the gap team. My wife Gill works locally as a physio and also helps support the team. 


How have you seen God work in your ministry?

Yorkshire Camps has seen an amazing array of answered prayers since its inception just 4 years ago. God has been at work for us to provide our home at Netherside Hall. Now with building work near completion, and hosting camps most weeks we have the privilege of seeing God at work through us. It’s been a thrill to receive feedback like the following; the first is from a teenager, the second from a group leader after bringing their group of mostly unchurched kids; “Thank you for an amazing camp. I really wasn’t sure about coming because I’ve had a rough year in terms of faith and wasn’t sure if I even still believed. I have really enjoyed everything!!”.  “On the way home Isabel suddenly shouted down the minibus, "What I learned this week is that Jesus died for our sins because we (short pause) tell lies."”. Thank God that He is using us to help Children discover who he is and what he’s done, and to help teenagers remain firm in their faith. Ask God that he would continue to work in this way!



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