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It’s been a momentous week for those of us who want to start a new church in Pontprennau.

Chris Street | 22:50, Monday, 18 September 2011

After months of planning to set up a new congregation there, two life-groups met in homes on 14th September to study God's word, pray and discuss the next phase.

Life Group

The study was in Colossians and our discussion centred on the similarities between the new church in Colossae and our new church in Pontprennau, and it seemed to get us all going - the conversation was lively, really encouraging with lots of ideas put forward. It helped that we had some seriously good cakes. Hospitality will be a bit part of what we do and the Pontprennau 25 has some wonderful cooks!

Next Wednesday the two groups come together for our first 'church' meeting – we seem to be writing little chapters in the story of Highfields Pontprennau almost every week now. We’ll let you know how it goes.


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