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Happy Easter from Athens!
Today is Easter Monday in Greece and it’s 2nd May! Confused? Wasn’t Easter five weeks ago?
The sign of the manger
“And this will be a sign to you – you will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”
Trusting God in Times of Change
Faithful Old Testament Characters - A sermon series for August 2015
What the Bible teaches about the Church
Learning to be the Bride of Christ and case studies from individual churches
Honest to God
Lessons from the Life of Samuel - A new sermon series for 2015
A different voice
What's your favourite TV programme? My family tease me that mine is the BBC News channel!
Meditations from the Psalms
One thing I used to like about the book of Psalms when I was a child was that you could always find it easily!
On the Richter Scale
As we welcome Dave and Sally, Ella-Beth, Owen and Barney to Cardiff we look forward to their joining us for this next exciting leg of our journey as the people of God.
The Society We Live In
The society we live in values tolerance above truth.
When were you last in prison?
Not a question I get asked every day! But I was asked it last week when I visited Cardiff prison with Gillian Pegler one of our members who works in the prison with Time for Change ministry.
Life on the Frontline
I'm sometimes asked: "What’s the highest calling God can place on my life?"
Glad To Be Back
I'm not going to lie to you. I was a little bit nervous about returning to normal life at Highfields after my sabbatical break. But Missions Sunday made me feel glad to be back.
When Cultures Coincide
It's not just the magnificence of creation that unites Namibia and Arizona.
Back to Africa
Highfields' Associate Pastor Phil Jenkins reflects on this summer's trip to Namibia, the country where he used to work.
3 Flights and a Baby
Easter is always about new life, but this year in Turin, there was an extra reason to celebrate.
Just walk across the room
Yesterday I took a little walk down our road but a big step into another world
Priorities in Mission?
I’ve been re-reading David Hesselgrave’s book “Paradigms in Conflict” as preparation for the mission module we run this term on our Network ministry training course.
The King's Speech
After all the hype and the four Oscars I eventually got to see The King’s Speech last week. It’s a fascinating story about a sovereign with a stutter.
Film Review – Africa United
Last week, on my day off, my wife and I went to see the recently released film “Africa United”. It had been previewed at Lausanne 3 in the film festival in Cape Town and I was looking forward to seeing it. We were not disappointed.
Spiritual Nuggets from Cape Town 2010
Lausanne One-Liners:

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