Life on the Frontline

I'm sometimes asked: "What’s the highest calling God can place on my life?"

Phil Jenkins | 09:35, 17 May 2013 

There's often an expectation that my answer will include becoming a church minister or entering full time-Christian service.

The truth is we are all in full-time Christian service and God's highest calling is to serve him precisely where he has placed us. 

Your 'mission field' may well be at the school gates, in the office, in the lecture theatre, on the shop floor or having coffee with friends.

So, this summer, in response to some of the feedback we received in the recent church survey, we'd like to support you in identifying and understanding your mission field a little better and pray with you about its challenges and opportunities.

Frontline'Life on the Frontline' is a six week series for everyone in Highfields Church starting at the beginning of June. If you are in a Life Group you'll get to work through material in your group - and have the opportunity to meet with the wider church family too.

We're running the series over three nights each week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – so that you can continue to meet as a life group on the day you usually do. Why not organise child care with other friends in Highfields to make sure you can get along one night?

  • When: Tuesday, Wednesdays or Thursdays from 4th June
  • Where: Highfields Church, Monthermer Road, Cathays
  • Time: From 7:30pm

I'm really looking forward to this series. It will be great to discover and pray with one another about the mission fields God has placed us in and the real impact we can have for the Gospel there.


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