7 Weeks of Discovery

Highfields runs an informal course called Explore several times each year. If you are interested in examining who Jesus is and what Christianity is all about, Explore would be a great place to start.

Anna Haworth, 29, decided to go along to the course a few years ago.

Why did you go to the Christianity Explored course?
I had recently moved to Cardiff, and after a break of several years of not going to church, I really felt to urge to return back to Christianity. I immediately felt at home at Highfields. Each week, I would slip in and out of the evening services, passively soaking up what I heard. The turning point for me came at one of the baptismal services; I was listening to people's stories and the difference Jesus had made in their lives and I was really overcome, and almost envious of their relationship with Jesus. It was at that moment I decided to go on a Christianity Explored course.

What did it involve?
Christianity Explored is a 7-week course on Monday nights at Highfields. The course is structured to follow the life of Jesus (by reading Mark's Gospel) - who he was, what his aims were, and what it means to follow him. The sessions are very informal, with discussions in small groups. It is a great forum to ask questions, or just sit and listen. Plus there is some great homemade cake!

What did you get out of the course?
Through Christianity Explored, I now fully understand why Jesus came to Earth, why he died and rose again, and the implications this has on my life. The course was a great starting block for me, as it gave me the thirst to learn more, which I have done through attending further courses and joining a Small Group. I now have a strong sense of belonging within Highfields and developed valuable friendships. I have since done Christianity Explored again with my husband. He is now also a Christian. So I would say that Christianity Explored is for anyone: those who are making the very first steps to find more about Jesus and those who have had previous experience of church.

If you would like to join the next Explore course, please email office@highfieldschurch.org.uk or call the Highfields office on 029 2065 0740.

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