What is Christianity

Getting to the bottom of it

It is about God - the living, sovereign, holy creator - who has made us to know and love him.

The uncomfortable reality is that none of us live as if that were true. Our practical independence of God leaves us vulnerable to his judgment

But here’s the good news: God is still committed to us.  He sent his own Son, Jesus of Nazareth into the world. Fully God and man, Jesus lived a perfect life and died in our place so that our broken relationship with God might be restored.

God raised Jesus from the dead, proving that He is Lord. Jesus now reigns over this world, calling people to turn from their rebellion, trust in him for forgiveness and follow him as Lord of our lives.

When someone trusts in Jesus, God the Holy Spirit lives in them and gives them the power to live for Jesus.  When Jesus returns to end history, the earth and heavens will be made new and his people will be with him forever.

Consider Christianity Explored – a 7 week course on Monday nights at Highfields – is a great place to ask questions and discuss the claims of Jesus in more depth. 

Contact the Church Office ( for more details about the next course.


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Two Ways to Live

See Matthias Media's Two Ways to Live, a simple outline of the Christian message.

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Christmas at Highfields 2017I grew up in a home where we regularly attended church, but I realised at a young age that just attending church wasn't enough. My mum and dad had a relationship with Jesus that was personal; they cared for people not because they had to, but because their love for God overflowed into all areas of their lives. At the age of 14, I recognised that I needed that personal relationship too.

One night in April 1974 I put my trust in what Jesus did by dying for me and even now some +o years later, I know that I have a life that lasts forever with Him.

Every Christmas time, I remember this amazing five gift that God has given me.

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