The Light of God’s Word

22 Aug - Morning Service - 10:30am - Michael Teutsch - 2 Chronicles 34
When Aug 22, 2021
from 10:30am to 11:15am
Where Online and at Cathays in Chapel
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Michael Teutsch
Rev Michael Teutsch 
Sermon Title:
The Light of God’s Word
2 Chronicles 34 Listen 
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Series Theme:
New Beginnings

How do you again when you’ve lost your way? You seek reformation via God’s Word – the book of the covenant.

Josiah’s enthronement marks a new beginning in Jerusalem after the evil reign of Amon. As he begins to cleanse the land of idols and repair the house of God, by God’s grace they find the book of the covenant. Josiah’s response is instructive for us today. He leads the people in humbling themselves and seeking reformation, “to perform the words of the covenant” (v31), resulting in the keeping of the Passover in chapter 35. Josiah and the people recognise their sinful lack of appreciation for God’s word and restore it as the basis of their communal life. There’s a lot in this passage that forms a healthy doctrine of scripture, especially helping the people to understand that our relationship to this book is not just like any other book, since it is the book of the covenant. Our relationship to scripture is foundational to our relationship with God.

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