Where is God?

During these times of confusion and change, many of us are rediscovering a need to understand Why God matters and Who is God.

As a community of those who have found hope in God in troubled times, we want to be of assistance for you at this time.  Join us in discussing these matters for today.

  • "Where is God?" videos.
    Dave Lawther is producing a series of videos exploring the questions which are raised in our days.

  • Helpful links to answer your questions.
  • Books

    Before you say I don't believe. - Roger Carswell
    Heaven, How I got here. - Colin Smith
    The Reason for God . - Timothy Keller
    Can Science Explain Everything? - John Lennox
    Confronting Christianity Open in new window. - Rebecca McLaughlin

  • Want to ask a question or talk to someone.
    Do please email the and include phone contact details if you wish to talk with someone.

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