Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2014...
Studies in the Doctrine of Scripture
A new sermon series 'Taking God at His Word'
Personality and Polemic
Preparation for one of the Highfields Church Summer Seminars got me thinking ...
Home Soil
It's good to be back.
The view from above
Sometimes, we struggle to see ourselves as God sees us.
Let's take some of those thoughts from last time on a bit...
King's Cross - The Story of the World in the life of Jesus
Life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the central events of cosmic and human history.
Meet Tim: Pontprennau’s Latest Team Member
Pontprennau have recently welcomed Tim Wilson as a student trainee. In this post Tim tells us a little bit about himself and what his role will be at Pontprennau.
Declarations of independence - healthy and not so much...
Welcome to Summer
Summer has arrived in a big way in Torino...
Changes and rests
Thoughts from the eye of a storm...

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