Welcome to Summer

Summer has arrived in a big way in Torino...

Huw Williams | 11:41, Friday 13 June 2014 | Turin, Italy 

And now the apartment is a-whir with fans. By mid-morning, the temperatures are way above 30 degrees. Even the Italians among us assure us that this is hot - we're not just being British, which is of some consolation.

The promised "cold-break" remains just that - a promise, deferred, delayed and maybe tomorrow. The glare when you step outside is unbearably bright and sunglasses are required issue. We've learned to use the shade of the tall buildings in the surrounding streets, zigzagging our way down the road at times, because to walk in the direct sunlight is so tiring. Back at home I am refilling ice trays a couple of times a day and when guests are around, it's easier to ask if anyone doesn't want a glass of water.

There are blessings to this weather too of course, not least there's gelato, there's granita, there's not a cloud in the blue, blue sky. But more than that, there's the rhythm of Summer which we have all managed to fall into step with. Your body simply won't allow you to run around doing a thousand things each day, you are forced to slow down, consider, and pace yourself. And I'm not sure that's such a bad thing.

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