Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2011...
The Cardiff Christmas Story
You’d be amazed who we’ve got in the Highfields congregation. Herod, two Marys, a Shepherd, a Wise Man, and Gabriel’s hands are all in our midst!
People with white faces
There’s a guy who stands on the corner of Piazza Statuto and plays a saxophone.
1 Month To Go – Pontprennau Progress
December is here, the Christmas decorations are up and the plans for the January launch of Highfields Pontprennau are advancing at pace!
Sport, Success & Sadness
It's difficult to put into words the depth of shock and grief felt in many homes across the UK last Sunday morning as it was announced that Gary Speed, the manager of the Welsh football team, had been found dead at his house. He had taken his own life at the age of 42.
The Magnificat
As a Protestant church, we tend to give Mary a wide berth! But in doing so we can lose one of the clearest definitions of faith which she illustrates - the obedience of faith to God’s word.
Stop the Press! – Pontprennau Update
Highfields Church Pontprennau are delighted to announce that from Sunday 8th January 2012 we will meet 10am at Corpus Christi High School, Ty-Draw Road, Cardiff, CF23 6XL
And the earth was without form...
We stare into a mass of grey, as thick and as impenetrable as the clouds which have been casting rain upon the city, in such unrelenting fashion, for the past five days.
Christmas Gift Ideas – Buy A Book
If you're stuck for a last minute present to buy for a friend or family member, why not think about getting them a good Christian book?
Sunday mornings
Sunday mornings can feel a little hectic. When you meet in a school every Sunday, there's always setting up to be done,
Picking The Team
We're only a few weeks away from the first Sunday meeting for Highfields' new congregation in Pontprennau and so we're in the process of setting up 'Ministry Teams' to run things on Sunday mornings.
What Christmas means to... Valerio
In our Christmas guest service last Sunday, I asked Valerio, one of the young men in our church, if he would share a quick two or three minutes with the congregation on the subject of "What Christmas means to me."
The Shortest Day...
One of my usual Christmas rituals I shall miss the most this year will be Carols from King’s

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