The Cardiff Christmas Story

You’d be amazed who we’ve got in the Highfields congregation. Herod, two Marys, a Shepherd, a Wise Man, and Gabriel’s hands are all in our midst!

Tamsin Llwyd Graves - Guest Contributor | 16:30, Sunday, 04 December 2011

Christmas - The Story

Since last year, some Highfields people have lived double identities: on a normal Sunday they blend inconspicuously into the services, but as the calendars move into Advent, they become characters from the story of the birth of Jesus.

A number of Highfields folk have caught the vision of sharing the Nativity story with the thousands of shoppers who come into Cardiff City Centre in December. Last year, primary school classes, shoppers and city centre workers were captivated by the wonder of seeing the Christmas story come alive through a 20 minute dramatisation featuring sumptuous costumes, loveable puppets, a scary 9 foot Angel Gabriel, atmospheric music, and a poignant story line. All this is provided by a team of volunteers from a spectrum of Cardiff churches. 

This year, 1500 school pupils have booked into the accompanying workshops, and there are real donkeys in the courtyard to draw the attention of the passing crowds! 

This is all a venture of faith, - no charge is made to see 'Christmas – The Story'.

For believers, the wonder of the gift of Emmanuel, God with us, sometimes loses its sparkle as the years pass. This is an opportunity to receive again a new perspective on the flesh and blood reality of this historical mega God-man encounter, as well as to share the good news in live 3D! 

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