After 8

After 8 Social: Is a great opportunity to hang out with other students in the Pierce Hall after the evening meeting. 

After 8 Badminton

We have food and drink together (usually pizza and hot chocolate) and spend time chatting, or playing various sports such as volleyball, basketball, hockey, table tennis.


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A few more things...
  • If you're an international student then there's a whole range of stuff specifically for you as you try to deal with the added pressures, frustrations and difficulties of trying to get your head round everything that's Welsh and British!
  • If you're wanting to meet other Christians at your uni and to share the gospel with those around, then why not check out your university's Christian Union?  UCCF has a link up page where you can get in touch with your local CU.
  • Are you wondering what to do when you graduate?!  How about being a ministry apprentice at Highfields for a year?!