One of a Kind

I wonder how many Latin phrases you have used today without even realising.

Peter Baker | 17:10, Thursday, 27 October 2011

Even those of us who lack a classical education drop them in now and then, not always knowing what they mean. Quid pro quo, status quo (not the rock group!) etcetera, etcetera! We are surrounded by the remnants of a dead language which strangely lives on. Ipso facto.

As I've been planning for this weekend, one phrase has kept popping up in my mind. Sui generis.

Every so often life throws up something so different, there are no previous comparisons - a scientific discovery that changes our perspective, a technological invention which transforms the way we live. And what is true of inanimate objects is equally true of animate people.

Rebecca Manley Pippert is sui generis, a one off. She is unique.

Her book Out of the Salt Shaker transformed the way many Christians understood and practised evangelism. Certainly she rocked my student world in the 1980's. Suddenly talking about Jesus to my friends wasn't something excruciatingly cringeworthy, but refreshingly normal. I didn't have to worry about getting it right, the most important thing was keeping it real!

Becky speaks like she writes, passionately and engagingly. Hers is the art of the story-teller combined with the winsomeness of someone for whom Christianity makes intellectual, emotional and relational sense. Anyone who has neither read her book or heard her talk is missing out.  

So this blog is really an invitation to enjoy one of the most heart warming, biblically-shaped speakers on the Christian circuit. We are privileged to have her for the weekend at Highfields. Her seminars are sermons and her sermons are seminars. You can't see the join between education, edification and exaltation of the Lord whom Becky Manley Pippert came to love and serve as an outgoing young woman.

Now as a wife, mother and grandmother, she has lost none of that vivacity and is a gift to the Church.

So let me finish with the encouragement that if you are within striking distance of CF24 4QW on Saturday or Sunday, carpe diem!

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