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Trying to let go
This is my first and last post as the former Minister of Highfields Church
Pause for Thought
One of the very recent highlights of my life was a trip to the Grand Canyon.
Seeking A Simpler Life
The Season of Lent ends soon. Good news!
An Unmistakeable Call
It was with very mixed emotions that I announced on Sunday morning that after 18 years I would be leaving Highfields to take up the role of Senior Minister of Lansdowne Baptist Church in Bournemouth.
On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me ...
The fact that people today probably know more about the identity of the 'partridge in the pear tree' than the 'baby in the manger' tells us that Christmas has become Xmas.
Standing Together In Gospel Partnership
Three requests over the last six months have persuaded me that we are better together.
Different Planet, Same Gospel
This is how I arrived in church last Sunday. At 7.30am, a limousine picked me up and swept through the traffic.
The Barber of Seoul
I looked in the mirror today and realised I needed a haircut. But how do you go about getting one when you are in a foreign country?
Room With a View
They say perspective comes with height. Sitting here on the 17th floor of the Novotel Ambassador in Seoul, I tend to agree.
Heading East
A Welshman took the gospel to Korea. Now a church in Seoul wants to help us bring the good news back to Wales.
Harvest - The Forgotten Celebration
In the heart of Cardiff, we get our food from the supermarket down the road and rarely see a tractor.
Where is God in Manchester and Machynlleth?
Reflections from a terrible week in October
The Magnificent Seven
The new academic year is always an exciting time - lots of new faces and new opportunities.
Sleepless in Scottsdale
The Psalmist found it hard to drop off at times, but never because of jet-lag
When Peter met Jamie
A friendship which started online and grew in Cardiff will take another step forward this week when the leaders of Highfields fly to the USA.
A Pastor tries to relax
When I go on holiday, I pass through three stages.
Sporting glory
Sports lovers are in heaven this summer.
The Heart directs your life more than any smart device
I've been a fairly reluctant and late adopter of the mobile phone.
God Save the Queen!
The Diamond Jubilee raises all sorts of questions about the institution of the Monarchy and a Christian response to it.
The Ministry of Music
Let me begin with a confession! I can’t keep up with the output of contemporary worship songs - there's just too much being streamed.

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