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Highfields 2019
Introduction to the Annual Report 2019
34th Annual Report 2019
The 34th Highfields Church Annual Report
Looking Back at Pontprennau Holiday Club
Last week, Pontprennau held its second annual holiday club. Tim Wilson writes to let you know how it went.
Santa - Ho, Ho, Ho or No, No, No?
As Christmas gets ever closer the one question I continually get asked as the family worker is: "Should Santa play a part in a Christian family's Christmas?"
Getting your kids through church without them ending up hating God
The problem Parsons sets out to deal with is the number of young people who leave church as soon as they can. He believes that in this they are not turning their back on God but rather what we have presented to them as church
Picnic Post
Under a grey sky last Sunday I found myself sitting in a chair, cold and alone, having sponges full of river water being thrown at my face.
A Great Escape
There is so much to be encouraged about after the 526 Club's weekend away on Gower in April.
All About The Baby
I am about to admit something that no children’s worker should ever admit. Here goes – I don’t like Christmas!
Is Santa Claus a Christian?
Saint Nicholas was a real man of God - why not tell your children about him this Christmas and the Saviour that he served?
The Magnificent Seven
The new academic year is always an exciting time - lots of new faces and new opportunities.

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