Social Action Focus

Homeless, Asylum Seekers, Prisoners or the Lonely.

On Sunday 27th January the Church is devoting time for us to think about these issues in a Social Action Focus during the services ...

Basic needs for sustaining human existence are seen as standard in the Western world - food, clothing, shelter, companionship. Nevertheless there are many in Cardiff who face a daily battle to reach this level. 

Jesus often engaged with the vulnerable and poor in society, and as Christians we consider it a privilege to try and bring the news of reconciliation, compassion and hope that Jesus brought to those most vulnerable and needy.

This could be in a practical as well as spiritual way and may involve providing sleeping bags to the homeless, food to asylum seekers, conversation to the lonely, or bible studies to prisoners. Organisations such as the Paradise Run, Food Bank, Daylight Christian Prison Trust and the International Justice Mission help in trying to alleviate the problems faced by so many. 

There will be interviews with some of those in Highfields Church who are involved in compassionate ministries and an opportunity after the evening service to talk with the representatives in the Coffee Lounge.

Document Actions

Compassion Ministries

An opportunity to hear about different compassion ministries within our city.

Compassion Ministries Sunday

A number of people within our church who are involved in these ministries will help raise our awareness of the problems that our hopeless world faces but also show us the new hope that can be found in the restorative power of Jesus. 

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