Edge on Sunday

Knowing God better: for 11’s –14’s

During Coronavirus Pandemic

Edge on Sunday is meeting on Sunday 11th April at 12noon. Please get in touch with Jess if you don't normally receive the code. Looking forward to seeing you!

Below is a recent Edge on Sunday Intro video 

Sunday 14th March

Sunday 7th March

Sunday 21st February 2021 - Listen very carefully 

Sunday 14th February 2021 - Live for the finish line 

Sunday 7th February 2021 - A recipe for growth 

Sunday 31st January 2021 - Knowing God 

Sunday 17th January 2021 - Faith in a COVID world

Sunday 6th December - Light of Comfort

  • Worksheet content is in the video

Sunday 29th November - Light of Presence

  • Worksheet content is in the video

Sunday 22nd November - God's surprising plan

Sunday 15th November - A People Blessed

Sunday 1st November - Feeding the World

Sunday 25th October - Brothers (back) in Arms

Sunday 18th October - A Dream Deliverance

Sunday 4th October - Under Pressure

Sunday 27th September - The Unhappy Family

Sunday 20th September - The forsaken brother

Sunday 13th September - The favoured son

Read Matthew Day 35: Matthew 22:1-14

Sunday 23rd August - Love

Sunday 16th August - Hope

Sunday 9th August - Faith

Sunday 2nd August - Faith Hope Love - Introduction

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