The Local Church - The Hope of the World!

A sermon series for Autumn 2012 from the Acts of the Apostles

This might sound rather pompous and self-referencing but it happens to be true.

We, Highfields Church, are the hope of the world. Let's start with our local community, the streets where you live, the places where you work, the retail centres, cinemas, sports clubs where you relax - all these can be transformed by the positive impact of Christians who live with a passion for Jesus.

Then there's our country, Wales, and the nations. Being a strategic church in a capital city means that we can attract, retain, and equip hundreds of people for a life of Christian discipleship wherever the journey takes them. Students, graduates, business people, academics and health care professionals are some of the people who pass through the Highfields ministry on their way to a mission field, near or far.  All of us are full-time Christian workers in our different settings.

But what kind of church produces these kinds of people? For that, we need to go back to the early church and learn lessons about that Christian community which was turning the world upside down.

The core values and core business of this post-Pentecost family will be our template from the Acts of the Apostles. It’s going to be basic stuff. But as my college tutor told me, "When writing an essay and living life, KISS!" Keep it simple, stupid!

Peter Baker

First service in this series:

Start Date Title Location
Sep 09, 2012 09:30 AM Prayerful Church Highfields Cathays

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