Songs of Faith

A bible teaching series on the Psalms for Autumn 2012

Songs of FaithLong before Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, Graham Kendrick and Stuart Townend, there lived a shepherd-boy called David. He was pretty useful on a harp too and eventually, when he became king, some of his riffs, rhymes and rhythms made it into the Songbook of Scripture. 

The Psalms are wonderful expressions of faith riding the roller-coaster of life. They not only speak to us, they speak for us as they articulate feelings, soul-moods, changes, hopes and disappointments. 

And through them all is God the Rock, the Hiding Place, the Eternal Home. Sometimes seemingly invisible and silent, but always in reality the ever-present One. 

The Psalms give faith wings, movement and music. They encourage us to see our relationship with God as something to sing about. 

We’re selecting a few this term to digest and absorb on a Sunday. Enjoy the ride - these are songs for all seasons. And get ready to celebrate, confess and change. For the Bible speaks to change us. Like all good Spirit-filled preaching, it aims at transformation not just information. 

Peter Baker

Final service in this series:

Start Date Title Location
Dec 02, 2012 06:30 PM The Road to Freedom Highfields Cathays

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