Equip Sunday Seminars

Sunday seminars followed by a time of worship

Training for Life - Equip Sunday SeminarsEquip is a four-week seminar series run each year as part of our vision to equip God's people at Highfields. This year they will take place on Zoom, and will include some time altogether as a church as well as time in your chosen seminar series. The seminars as well as the Zoom codes for the individual seminars are listed below.

We will all log on to our chosen seminars at 7:30pm and join together at 8:20pm with a time of worship after our seminars each week.

This year's Equip will consist of the following seminar tracks:

  1. Learning to Pray from the Lord's Prayer - Michael Teutsch
    For many of us prayer is often a struggle. In the Lord's Prayer Jesus shows us how prayer is the life breathe of a transformed life through grace. Over the weeks we shall be learning from the model in the Lord's Prayer and seeing how God uses this to shape us to be His people.

    Series Outline:
    1. Learning to Pray
    2. Learning to Live
    3. Learning to Trust
    4. Learning to Stand

  2. Sharing the gospel through bible studies, talks and creative opportunities online - Elspeth Pitt and Ali Bolton
    This is a seminar series for anyone who would like to grow in confidence in the area of sharing the gospel in slightly more formal ways than conversationally - through things like evangelistic Bible studies, giving talks, or sharing videos/poetry/blog posts etc on social media. No experience of actually doing any of these things required! There will even be an opportunity to have a go at preparing something for yourself in the final session.

    Series Outline:
    1. Foundations
    2. Sharing the gospel through Bible studies
    3. Sharing the gospel through talks and creative opportunities online
    4. Workshop week – putting what we have learned into practice.

  3. Sharing the gospel in everyday life - Mat Walls
    Opportunities to share the gospel are all around us but often we lack the confidence or the clarity to know what to say and how to say it. This track looks at how you can share the gospel, your faith and pray for others in a very practical way so that sharing your lives with others becomes normal and not scary!

Access to the seminars on Zoom and seminar handouts notes will be available to church regulars and members via this website.  Use the login box on this page to log in with the Regulars/Members login name and password. This will reveal to the right or below, links to the seminars and seminar handouts notes.

Upcoming Sunday seminars in this series:

Start Date Title Location
Feb 13, 2022 07:30 PM Equip Sunday Seminars Wk 4 Online via Zoom

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