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Pressure Points Power 2 Corinthians 4:1-18

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Introduction Leaders and their emotions Paul’s CV (1:8 ff 6:4 ff & 11:30 ff) Weakness is the channel for glorifying God, modelling the meaning of the gospel, and blessing others The experience of power is on offer in the context of weakness

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1. The illuminating power of the message (vs 1-6) The gospel Paul preaches is as powerful as the energy which shaped creation The truth about Jesus brings into being a new world and a new person Paul on the Damascus The glory of God present in Jesus

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The point of enemy attack is the mind The truth about Jesus provides answers and challenges The light that shines in the human heart is a moment of new creation Jesus is the image of God, the glory of God, He is Lord !

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2. The revealing weakness of the messenger (vs 7-15) A) The power of God God’s power keeps the ordinary , easily broken believer going As we experience weakness so we experience strength B) The Life of Jesus The messenger models the message Paul is in good company- Psalm 116

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3. The transforming experience of the medium ( vs 16-18) Our weakness, the awareness of our mortality The paradox : weakness teaches us to trust what we can’t see The paradox : weakness teaches us to live for the future not the present Faith in Christ brings the experience of the future into the present

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Applications Positive/ creative, negative / destructive use of power Power to help others not promote ourselves The cure for the love of power is the power of love Vulnerability the mark of spiritual power


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