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Giving Sunday The God who multiplies John 6:1-15

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Introduction The feeding of the “5000” is in each of the gospels It is a continuous miracle of creation The miracle of giving A little becomes a lot when Jesus is involved

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1. Human need is our responsibility (vs 1-9) The test question ( vs 5) An opportunity for personal growth “ It’s not our problem “ Matthew 14:15 Ministry not money is the answer

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2. God’s power is our resource (vs 10-13) The miracle takes place in the hands of Jesus not in the hands of the disciples Jesus is happy to take what we’ve got It’s the superabundant generosity of the Creator that is the power supply “ For the last 80 years , God has had all that there is of William Booth “ Let nothing be wasted

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3. Jesus is our Bread of Life ( vs 14-15) The crowds are not wrong about the significance of Jesus but about the meaning of his Kingdom Jesus offers to satisfy the hunger of the soul ( vs 35) He gives his flesh for the life of the world ( vs 51 cf vs 4) He is the Passover Lamb The Gospel of Christ is more than enough to satisfy the hunger of all


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