resource is a one-day-a-week course, over three 10 week terms, for those wanting to deepen their understanding of the Bible and be equipped to teach in today’s world.


What is resource?

resource is a one-day-a-week course over three 10 week terms, for those wanting to know the Bible better, to be equipped to reach our generation and to be equipped for faithful living and service. We recognise that in today's churches in South Wales there is a great need to equip all believers for works of ministry and develop the next generation of Bible teachers who will faithfully pass on the word of God. The programme is also ideal for those in other countries who wish to access training. Resource practices a hybrid online training course that provides seamlessly both for those able to attend physically and those joining via zoom..

Where are When?

resource will be in person and online, Tuesdays from 09.15 to 15.45. This will be over three 10 week terms following the School terms. Each day will start with a 15mins of prayer and praise. Then will be followed by four sessions. Recordings will be made available for those needing to catch up later.

09.15 - 09.30 Devotions
09.30 - 10.20 Bible Overview
10.30 - 11.20 Studies of Bible Books
11.30 - 12.20 Practical godliness studies
13.00 - 13.45 Gospel Leadership in the modern world
14.00 - 14:30 Bible handling workshop
14:30 - 15:45 Guided Reading workshop

Who is resource for?

resource is ideal for Ministry Apprentices and Trainees, as well as those working with children and youth ministries, home-group leaders and women's ministries. It is designed for any Christian who has a desire to grow in their faith and to be equipped to pass on the Bible's message to others. It is accessible to a wide variety of people ranging from gap-year students, those in work, those in retirement as well as those in ministry roles.

The course is also available for those in other countries and mission situations. The online hybrid approach allows for easy access to training.

The course is open to men and women with evangelical convictions who want to be trained to serve. Applicants will be expected to have the support of their home church.

Further information and application details

Further information and an application form for download are available on the dedicated 'resource South Wales' website.

A taster evening is being held on 17th June 2024.

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'resource' will start on 24th September.

The course cost will be £300 per term (£900 full year).

Please contact us if you need financial help with the fees

​Terms Dates

A taster evening is being held on 17th June 2024

Autumn Term 2024: 24th Sep-3rd Dec
(Half Term 29th Oct)
Spring Term 2025: 21st Jan- 1st Apr
(Half Term 25th Feb)
Summer Term 2025: 22nd Apr- 1st July
(Half term 27th May)

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Each week is divided into 4 main sessions and 2 workshops.

Bible Overview
This series will look in-depth into the Bible's main themes, the foundations of the modern church in history and doctrinal foundations

Bible books
Over the year 6 books of the Bible will be studied in depth. These will be drawn from the major different types of literature in the Bible.

​Practical godliness studies
This series will review the essentials to a flourishing life in Christ. Over the year it is designed to look at various aspects of the Christian life including: battles of the Christian life, sharing your faith, living your faith out a work.

Gospel Leadership in the modern world
These sessions look at the issues facing the church in today's world. It seeks to inform and equip students to face our generation with confidence.

Workshops are focused upon spiritual formation and skills for a life of ministry. These will be split into two sessions. Firstly Guided Reading of significant books for formation and secondly developing Bible handling skills.

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