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Luke 14:1-14; 07 February 2021, Morning Service. Sermon Series: Meals with Jesus - Family Services 10th January to 7th March 2021. Morning Service. Preacher Mat Walls, Highfields Church, Monthermer Road, Cardiff, CF24 4QW

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Ready, Steady, Grow

Ready, steady, growJesus seems far away from twenty first century life. The pressures of living through a pandemic and in a society that is more confused and divided than ever are taking their toll. They can make us think that Jesus has forgotten us ...

Do join us on Sunday mornings as we look at the apostle Peter's urgent call to be ready, to be steady and to grow.

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Meals with Jesus

Meals with JesusMeet Jesus in the pages of Scripture. These all-age services will look at nine meals that Jesus shared with people. As we read these passages, we and our children will be transported to the dinner table alongside Jesus.

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