Restarting Sunday Evenings

Starting Sunday 27th June
Restarting Sunday Evenings

Sunday Evening Services

Dear Friends,

Here is an update with the really exciting news to say that in a few weeks’ time we are going to be re-commencing our evening services in-person.

That's right! On Sunday 27th June at 6:30pm for an hour or maybe a little bit longer we'll be able to restart these services.

We've been praying about it we've been discussing it with the various church teams.

We had a larger consultation at the recent annual general meeting and in answer to the comments of lots in the church family, we are stepping out and wanting to start this new service.

We are also going to stream the service though not through YouTube this time, but through zoom so we will send out the codes in the Wednesday weekly email.

If you are at home for various reasons, maybe you want to shield, maybe you're on child childcare duties, you will need to click the link in the email and you'll be able to catch up on what's going on in our evening service, live in the moment.

We're really thrilled that during the very first evening service, we are going to be commissioning David and Liz Bakia Raj as new mission partners and as individuals seeking to share the gospel with our Asian community here in Cardiff.

We can't wait for these services to begin in-person.

It's been great over the last year to share together online through our Prayer and Praise meetings,  through the Equip sessions back in January-February, and through the Unlocked series of guest events.  After lots of reflection we think an in-person service where we'll get back into the bible in a significant way will be a different experience from the morning.  We'll still do some guest events, a face-the-book and we'll have our Prayer and Praise meetings back to once a month.

That's the plan really and we can't wait to welcome you back!

Maybe you're still at home and have been watching online. Maybe you think that you’re not sure it's really time for you to come in-person and you’re thinking that maybe there's not enough space.  This extra service gives us a whole load more space for people to come.  We can fit about 130-140 people across the church building as we stream around the place, so if you've been holding back waiting for someone else to take the space, do book to join us, via the Bookings Hub, open Mondays from 9am each week with, from Monday 21st June, evening services to book into as well.

We can't wait to welcome you back!


Dave Gobbett
Lead Pastor
Highfields Church

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Restarting Sunday Evening Services

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