Crèche & 3-4’s Sunday School

Where the pre-school children go to be looked after and learn about God on a Sunday morning

Stop and think…consider where we have come from over the last decade or so, and see where we are now. When we look back, we see that the toddlers of yesteryear are now in their early to mid-teens and coming to faith themselves.  The thought occurs to me that it is truly a privilege to be involved, in some small way, with growth of our Christian youth.

Yes another year has passed, and “life below stairs” continues in its weekly fashion, (even over the Easter holidays).  Over this time, the LORD has blessed us and kept us all safe during every Sunday morning.  Every teacher and helper shortage has been met, and problems resolved.  Whilst we give Him the Glory, we do recognise that it is His people that are involved and committed each Sunday.  This is a fact for which Katja and I are truly grateful.  We give thanks for our teachers, who present Bible stories with arts & crafts.  We give thanks for each helper who volunteers their time and energy, to sit and entertain our toddlers, and keep them safe.  We are also really privileged to have such fantastic facilities, toys and space.

For those who have not had weekly contact with crèche, then let me explain what happens.  Children below the age of 4 come downstairs to the rooms beneath the floor of the chapel. There are usually three separate groups:  Babies, Toddlers and a pre-school class.

Babies are supervised in a separate room to avoid accidents by highly manoeuvrable toddlers.  Two adults are in supervision.

Toddlers are met with a biscuit and can play with a host of toys, in a safe environment.  The number of adults in supervision can vary, but we try to keep a 4:1 ratio, with a minimum of 3 adults.

The pre-school class also meets separately.  The first 20 minutes involves a Bible story, and activity (colouring/sticking etc) and prayer.  Christian songs and music may also be used.

If you have any questions about crèche or would like to join us, then please do not hesitate to ask.

Andy & Katja Hill

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