The Upper Room School of Discipleship

Studies in John 13-17

The Upper Room School of DiscipleshipDo join us on Sunday mornings as we continue our studies in the gospel of John, this autumn looking at chapters 13-17. 

The account covers what takes place in the upper chamber of a disciple's home after the Last Supper. These chapters record the words and acts of Jesus as he prepared his disciples for His betrayal and Crucifixion. He performed the washing of his disciples' feet. He named Judas as His betrayer. In an extended discourse containing some of the most powerful teachings of his ministry, he taught his disciples about loving one another, the two Comforters, the allegory of the vine and the branches, the persecutions to come, and our need to rely on the Holy Spirit. Then Jesus offered one of the greatest of all recorded prayers in behalf of his apostles and disciples. We will do well to feast often upon the words in these chapters.

Do join us or catch up on the recordings as we begin feasting.

Final services in this series:

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Life When the Saviour has Gone 12 Nov - Morning Service - 09:15am - Dave Gobbett - John 16:4-33 In-Person, Communion, Morning Worship
Life When the Saviour has Gone 12 Nov - Morning Service - 11:15am - Dave Gobbett - John 16:4-33 In-Person, Live Stream, Communion, Morning Worship

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Series Catch-up

The Upper Room School of DiscipleshipCatch up and watch or listen to what you missed. Video is normally available within 10 or 15 minutes from the end of the service. Audio is normally available a few hours after the service.

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Small Group Study

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