The Greatest Prayer

Studies in John 17

Do join us on Sunday mornings as we continue our studies in the gospel of John, this winter and spring looking at chapter 17. The account covers when Jesus offered one of the greatest of all recorded prayers in behalf of his apostles and disciples. We will do well to feast often upon the words in this chapter.

Do join us or catch up on the recordings from chapter 17 as well as the recordings from the earlier series on chapters 13-16. - Dave Gobbett

21 Jan - 'Eternal Glory' - 11:15am - Dave Gobbett

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28 Jan - 'Certain Protection' - 11:15am - Dave Gobbett

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04 Feb - 'Holy Mission' - 11:15am - Dave Gobbett

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11 Feb - 'Compelling Unity' - 11:15am - Jon Reeves

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18 Feb - 'Limitless Love' - 11:15am - Dave Gobbett

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One of them at Highfields is involvement in a small study group. I hope you can connect with us that way."

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