'Making sense of life' - Evening services for May and June 2023

Making Sense of Life

We live in a day which seems fractured.  Big questions face all of us, yet the answers seem either too small or  too weak.  During May and June on Sunday evenings we are going to be wrestling with some of the questions which make life, life. 

We will be drawing from the truth of the One who created life.  Do join us as we consider questions from freedom to identity, suffering to hope, and were do we find happiness that doesn’t fade away.    Michael Teutsch

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07 May - 'Freedom' - 6:30pm - Jon Reeves - John 8:31-36


14 May - 'Hope' - 6:30pm - Jon Reeves - 1 Peter 1:3-9


28 May - 'Happiness' - 6:30pm - Michael Teutsch - Psalm 1


04 Jun - 'Suffering' - 6:30pm - Ricky Wilhelm - Luke 13:1-5


11 Jun - 'Identity' - 6:30pm - Michael Teutsch

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