Fallen heroes faithful God - Learning from the Judges

Learning from the JudgesThe 'judges' in the Book of Judges were warrior rescuers who lived about 3000 years ago during the period known as the late Bronze Age. Sometimes the judges were good, other times really pretty bad. The narrative isn't ultimately about the twelve judges but about the need for a rescuer who would last. The book points us forward, so when there's a bad judge making mistakes, there is the realisation and longing for a good judge, a true and better version, who will never make mistakes. When we see a good judge we understand that's exactly what a rescuer could be like, but someone who'd be permanent, who wouldn't just die and their ministry end.

The Bible is all about God's work in and through his people to keep his promises. This book shows God at work during the period between Joshua and Samuel. Its message is summarised three times right at the end of the book: "in those days Israel had no king judges - everyone did as they saw fit". Rather than worshiping and following God as their true king the people pushed God away and everyone did as they saw fit.

Dave Gobbett

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