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Ready, Steady, Grow

The apostle Peter's urgent call...

Dave Gobbett | 17:31, 29 January 2021

Ready, steady, grow

Jesus seems far away from twenty first century life. The pressures of living through a pandemic and in a society that is more confused and divided than ever are taking their toll. They can make us think that Jesus has forgotten us. Is he really in charge of this messed up world, and will he really return one day to make all things new?

Perhaps we've forgotten him too. Maybe the radical discipleship that we once committed to can feel outdated. Maybe the pull of the world around us is causing us to doubt the truthfulness of the Bible. Maybe we've even heard of preachers or books which seem to be challenging what we've always held to believe about the important things.

Cue 2 Peter. More than ever before, we need the apostle Peter's urgent call to be ready (for Jesus is coming back and we need to be prepared to face him), to be steady (holding onto the biblical gospel and its call on all our lives, even if it costs us), and ultimately to grow (in devotion and usefulness to the Lord Jesus, our risen and returning saviour and Lord).

Ready . . . steady . . . grow!

Do join us in person or online for this series of services looking at Peter's call.



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