Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2015...
Creation, Power and Truth
The gospel in a world of cultural confusion
Bridging the gap
Two large pieces of music have been holding my attention recently
Luke's gospel of a loving God
Reflections at the end of a sermon series
What the Bible teaches about the Church
Learning to be the Bride of Christ and case studies from individual churches
Honest Evangelism
How to talk about Jesus even when it's tough
"A host, of golden daffodils..."
Stumbling on beauty unexpectedly
On Language
Have you ever stopped to think what language teaches us?
Fully Alive
A biblical vision of gender that frees men and women to live beyond stereotypes
Inside-out / outside in?
What difference does being a Christian really make?
True Paradox
The author sets out to discuss a number of key paradoxes in our shared human experience, and aims to show how the Christian proposition explains those paradoxes better than the competing world views.
How's the diet...?
On diets, reading and technology...
Honest to God
Lessons from the Life of Samuel - A new sermon series for 2015
Just Do Something
A liberating approach to finding God's will.

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