Elspeth Pit

Looking after life groups, sharing in planning and co-ordinating of our pastoral care


Elspeth has been on the staff team at Highfields since 2016. Originally from West Wales, she was delighted to come back home after many years of church ministry in England, and found that there was still a welcome in the hillsides for her, even after so long away. She loves helping people grow in confidence in reading and understanding the bible for themselves. 

Her main responsibilities on the staff team are looking after our life groups and sharing in planning and co-ordinating of our pastoral care. She is also part of the women's ministry team.


Elspeth enjoys learning and practising Welsh and can hold quite long, rather boring conversations in it now with those who are willing to listen. She is a supporter of mostly lost sporting causes. She loves quizzes, coffee, city breaks and books and rather surprisingly has found herself a member of an over forties gym. Yet to be fulfilled ambitions include writing a novel and going on Pointless, though she doesn't hold out much hope for either of these.



029 2065 0740


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