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Ready, Steady, Grow
The apostle Peter's urgent call...
Home for Christmas
There’s no place like it...
Not Just Another Christmas
Joshua Bell is a world renowned, Grammy award-winning violinist...
Highfields 2019
Introduction to the Annual Report 2019
Bible - handle with care
The recent image of the President of the United States holding aloft a Bible ...
Discipline in righteousness
I agreed to join my kids on the Joe Wicks workout programme
Letting go of ... concern
I'm a bit of a visual thinker ...
A Tale of Three Cities
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ...
Book: Crazy Busy
I'm too busy. We've all heard it; we've all said it.
Book: Is God a Moral Monster?
Making Sense of the Old Testament God
Man seen alive days after coroner pronounces death
News Report ...
To fast or not to fast?
What the Bible says about abstaining from food
Hidden Greatness
Joshua Bell is a world renowned, Grammy award-winning violinist...
34th Annual Report 2019
The 34th Highfields Church Annual Report
Motto 2018
"Go and make disciples... I am with you always" - Matthew 28:19-20
Two suggestions
A recent blog post shared in the office which has got us talking ...
Do any stories in the Bible trouble you?
Has anyone ever said to you, ‘You can’t believe the Bible because...’? ‬
Getting social media savvy
I've been doing some thinking recently about technology and social media.
A person's a person, no matter how small
That's the repeated line in the Dr. Seuss book-come-movie 'Horton hears a Who', a favourite film in the Gobbett house.
Faith Under Pressure
Studies in the Book of Daniel

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