25 Years is now 33 Years

On Sunday evening the 29th of December 1985 some fifty folk squeezed into Margaret and Dorothy Jones' home for a simple service.

Both the living room and dining room doors were lifted from their hinges to extend the accommodation which included the hall and stairs.  Peter Gray spoke from the hall and gave a short address on the word 'kept'. We could be described as 'shell shocked' after traumatic events leading to leaving Heath Evangelical Church.  We did not move out to start a new work, but this by God’s grace is what eventually happened as we prayed our way forward...

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8 Page booklet: "Highfields – 25 Years Old. The Story of Highfields from the Beginning"

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The Open Door

Michael Ots

A weekend of talks exploring the truth and relevance of the Christian faith with guest speaker Michael Ots

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