KNOWING GOD BETTER: for 11’s –14’s

Study – Sermon – Study – Serve. A brilliant re-think of what to do with teenagers during Sunday morning service!

KGB gives those aged between 11 and 14 a chance to study the Bible to find answers to their questions about life and church. But that’s only twice a month on “Study” Sundays. On “Sermon” Sundays once a month we get expert coaching on how to listen to a sermon, and go in and join the oldies. And the 4th week is: “Serve” Sunday, where we really get stuck in to making a contribution to church, when we go and help out with Sunday School.

KGB - Making young teenagers part of the church. We meet at Highfields at 9:30 or 11:15 every Sunday morning.  There are two streams A: years 7&8 and B: years 9&10

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