You are welcome to come along to Highfields Cathays at 10:30am, 5:00pm or 6:30pm, Highfields Pontprennau at 10:00am or you can listen to the talks here a day or so after the service has taken place.

If you would like to discuss any of the issues further, we would love to help.

Please email us or call 029 2065 0740.

What To Expect

Equip Sunday Seminars - 5:00pm to 6:20pm followed by corporate worship and short practical talk from the Bible - 6.30pm to 7.00pm

Stick around, have a chat and enjoy a drink after the service in the evening (upstairs in the Coffee Lounge).

Partners in the Gospel

Partners in the GospelFrom January to March on Sunday mornings we are studying Philippians, which encourages us to be partners in the gospel - partners with others in giving, praying and serving the household of God.

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Equip Sunday Seminars

Sunday seminars followed by evening worship and a short practical talk from the Bible

For a four week period we will be holding seminars on Sunday evenings (5pm - 6:20pm) followed by a time of worship until 7pm. There will be a Children's & Youth track (crèche-year9) with food provided between 6pm-6.20pm. (Sign up deadline for the Children and Youth track is 18th Jan)

Six seminar tracks for adults and a programme for children and youth - running for 4 consecutive weeks:

Please arrive 10 mins early so you can find your seminar room

1. Everyday evangelism: How to play your part in the mission of Jesus

Dai Hankey - Chapel
What is the hope for a world that is lost, broken, frightening and fearful? Answer: Jesus Christ. And who is going to introduce them to Jesus? Answer: We are! Sharing the good news of Jesus is the most important, exhilarating, faith-stretching, world-changing adventure we could ever be part of! Who's up for it?!

2. Indispensable Truth - re-capturing the truths that matter for eternity

Matt Bownds & Jon Reeves - Coffee Lounge
How we think matters because it affects the way that we live. If we want to grow healthily in our faith; if we want to understand the world around us; if we want to reach our unsaved friends; then we need to get our thinking right because doctrine matters. Sadly, in our churches today the truths about God are being slowly eroded away and so why not come along and recapture the truths about God. The truths that can make a real difference to how you live now in light of eternity. Together we will explore the doctrine of Christ, the Holy Spirit, Atonement and the Church and as we do so we will find that the truth can set us free.

3. Strengthening relationships in a broken world

Aled Williams - Dalton Street
This seminar track aims to help us transform our relationships using principles from Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp's Relationships: A Mess Worth Making. Come along as an individual, or with your friends, or as a couple to apply the gospel of grace to the deeper issues that prevent relationships from being what they were designed to be. Together we will explore the Bible to learn how to resolve conflicts, have difficult conversations, grant forgiveness, overlook weaknesses, celebrate strengths, and grow casual relationships into deep friendships.

4. The Good life - growing together in gospel joy

Elspeth Pitt & Emma Smith - Double Room
What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? In these seminars we'll look at what it means to grow in our walk with the Lord. We'll consider things like mediation on God's word, applying God's grace to our daily lives, the discipline of daily repentance & faith and how to rejoice even in suffering.

5. Further wisdom for Life: Applying more principles of the book of Proverbs to 21st Century living

Geoff Cresswell - Triple room
The world is full of self-help books, often based on worldly wisdom. These seminars explore proven principles relating to 21st Century life arising from truths found in the book of Proverbs. We will be looking at different proverbs from 2016, so if you want to come again, it will be new material. If you didn't come last time, you'd be most welcome to join us this time!

Youth (11+ year olds): #RETHINK

Jess Sanderson & Team - G.F Room
We will be talking through some of the issues surrounding the topics of relationships, sex, dating with the emphasis on being equipped with Bible knowledge and wisdom to tackle the pressures at school, on social media and to try to live out God's will for us in these areas of life. We'll be in small groups and so each conversation can be tailored to the people in the group. In order for this to work well, please let us know you're coming.

Kids (0-11 year olds): Inside Out - What the Bible says about my feelings

James Pope & Team - Pierce Hall
Come join us as we find out what the Bible says about family. We'll watch the Disney Pixar movie 'Finding Dory' and have some great small group time.

Children can be dropped off from 4.50pm, with food provided for them from 6.00pm – 6.20pm.

All Sunday Seminars & Corporate Worship in this series:

Start Date Title Location
Jan 22, 2017 05:00 PM Equip Sunday Seminars Wk 1 Highfields Cathays
Jan 22, 2017 06:30 PM I am Known Highfields Cathays
Jan 29, 2017 05:00 PM Equip Sunday Seminars Wk 2 Highfields Cathays
Jan 29, 2017 06:30 PM God is Everywhere with me here Highfields Cathays
Feb 05, 2017 05:00 PM Equip Sunday Seminars Wk 3 Highfields Cathays
Feb 05, 2017 06:30 PM I am a Master Piece Highfields Cathays
Feb 12, 2017 05:00 PM Equip Sunday Seminars Wk 4 Highfields Cathays
Feb 12, 2017 06:30 PM I am changed Highfields Cathays

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