Study Modules

Level 1

Christian Formation

Understanding personal application of a life following Jesus.

Bible Handling Skills

Development of skills for understanding and teaching Biblical passages.

Biblical Overview

An overview of the main sections of the Bible.

Leadership Formation

Understanding the formation of a servant leadership model.

Cultural Understanding

Understanding the modern culture and how the Bible interacts with today.

Understanding Growth in Christ

Understanding progressive sanctification and how this applies personally and with others. 

Basic Doctrines

Developing an understanding of the 10 core  Doctrines of the Christian Faith.

Level 2

Guided Reading

Reading and discussing formational books for ministry.

Introduction to Hermeneutics

Online training of intermediate skills of interpreting Bible passages.

In-depth Bible study

Interactive Study of Exodus.

Bible passage workshops

Workshop message preparation and application of books of the Bible.


Workshop discussion of building a strategy of leadership.

Local Church life

Developing an understanding of normal Local Church life.

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Dates for 2019-2020

Semester 1
24th September-10th December 2019
(Half Term: 28th October 2019, No meeting 12th November) 

Semester 2
14th January-24th March 2020
(Half Term: 17th February 2020) 

Semester 3
21th April-30th June 2020
(Half Term: 25th May 2020)


Application Form

An application form is available for download (click link to download):

or on request from the church office

Completed applications should be submitted by 19th September 2019


Ministry Training Programme (MTP) Level 1 costs £330 (£110 per term) and Level 2 £240 (£80 per term).  Together £450 (£150 per term).  Payable either as one payment, or termly.

For more information contact Programme Co-ordinator Michael Teutsch: