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Finishing WellJohn Clayton 
Cathays   16th June 2024 am   1 Samuel 12
Prayer and Praise - Praying with PaulChen Ng 
Cathays   9th June 2024 pm   1 Thessalonians 3:9-13
The Man who Would be KingRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   9th June 2024 am   1 Samuel 9-11
Put on HumilityMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   2nd June 2024 pm   Colossians 3:1-12; Matthew 11:28-30
A Prayer for Christ filling Power!Rev. Dafydd Cunningham 
Cathays   2nd June 2024 am   Ephesians 3:14-21
Put on HumilityRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   26th May 2024 pm   Colossians 3:12-14; Philippians 2:1-11
Who is in Control?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   26th May 2024 am   1 Samuel 8:1-22
The Wonder of the Human BodyProf. Stuart Burgess 
Cathays   19th May 2024 pm   Psalm 8
Turning back to GodRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   19th May 2024 am   1 Samuel 7:2-17
Put on KindnessMr. Geoff Cresswell 
Cathays   12th May 2024 pm   Colossians 3:12-13
BabelRev. Andrew Sach 
Cathays   12th May 2024 am   Genesis 11:1-11; Acts 2:1-13
Put on CompassionRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   5th May 2024 pm   Colossians 3:12-14
Is your God in a box?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   5th May 2024 am   1 Samuel 4:2-7:2
Put off CorruptionRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   28th Apr 2024 pm   Colossians 3:5-11
God's voice heard in the night .Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Apr 2024 am   1 Samuel 2:12-4:1
Hidden with Christ in GodRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   21st Apr 2024 pm   Colossians 3:1-4
Weeping heard in heavenRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   21st Apr 2024 am   1 Samuel 1:1-2:11
Praying with PaulMr. Anthony Williams 
Cathays   14th Apr 2024 pm   2 Thessalonians 1:3-12
The RestorerRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Apr 2024 am   John 21:15-25
Jesus HimselfRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   7th Apr 2024 pm   Luke 24:13-35
Breakfast by the BeachRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   7th Apr 2024 am   John 21:1-14
A Sceptics Guide to EasterRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   31st Mar 2024 pm   John 20:24-29
He is Risen!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   31st Mar 2024 am   John 20:1-18
From Faith to FootballMr. Graham Daniels 
Cathays   24th Mar 2024 pm   Interview
Jesus Offers a New StartMr. Graham Daniels 
Cathays   24th Mar 2024 am   Luke 15:11-27
Nehemiahís prayerMr. Rowland Hughes 
Cathays   17th Mar 2024 pm   Nehemiah 1
What is your filter?Rev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   10th Mar 2024 pm   Matthew 7:1-11
Convicted!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   10th Mar 2024 am   John 18:28-40
Denied!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   3rd Mar 2024 am   John 18:12-27
Arrested!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   25th Feb 2024 am   John 18:1-14
Limitless LoveRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   18th Feb 2024 am   John 17:24-26
Compelling UnityRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   11th Feb 2024 am   John 17:20-23
Bible BlessingsMr. Anthony Williams 
Cathays   4th Feb 2024 pm   Philippians 4:7
Holy MissionRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Feb 2024 am   John 17:13-19
Bible BlessingsRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   28th Jan 2024 pm   1 Peter 5:10-11
Certain ProtectionRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Jan 2024 am   John 17:6-11
Bible BlessingsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   21st Jan 2024 pm   2 Corinthians 13:14
Eternal GloryRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   21st Jan 2024 am   John 17:1-5
He was... So that we...Mr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   14th Jan 2024 am   Isaiah 53
To keep you from stumblingRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   7th Jan 2024 pm   Jude
Seek the Lord!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   7th Jan 2024 am   Isaiah 55:1-13
Comfort for Godís peopleRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   31st Dec 2023 am   Isaiah 40:1-11
The message and our responseMr. Rowland Hughes 
Cathays   24th Dec 2023 am   Luke 1:26-38
A shoot will spring upRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   10th Dec 2023 am   Isaiah 11
Two Routes to EternityMr. Graham Daniels 
Cathays   19th Nov 2023 am   Matthew 7:1-6
The Stone that Opened the GateRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   5th Nov 2023 pm   Psalm 118
Counting the costRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   5th Nov 2023 am   John 15:18-16:4
Anthems for a Dying LambRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   29th Oct 2023 pm   Psalm 117
Life in the vineRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   29th Oct 2023 am   John 15:1-17
Ready to DieMr. Michael Prest 
Cathays   22nd Oct 2023 am   Acts 21:1-16
The Gift of the SpiritRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   15th Oct 2023 am   John 14:15-31
Anthems for a Dying LambRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   8th Oct 2023 pm   Psalm 116
The Way to the FatherRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   8th Oct 2023 am   John 14:1-14
Anthems for a Dying LambMr. Rowland Hughes 
Cathays   1st Oct 2023 pm   Psalm 115
Trouble on the HorizonRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   1st Oct 2023 am   John 13:18-38
Anthems for a Dying LambRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   24th Sep 2023 pm   Psalm 114
The Servant KingRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   24th Sep 2023 am   John 13:1-17
Anthems for a Dying LambRev. Ricky Wilhelm 
Cathays   17th Sep 2023 pm   Psalm 113
An open invitationRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   17th Sep 2023 am   Luke 14:12-24
Blessed are the persecutedRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   10th Sep 2023 pm   Matthew 5:10-12
Harvest: God's promise to a broken worldRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   10th Sep 2023 am   Genesis 9:1-17
Becoming PeacemakersRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   3rd Sep 2023 pm   Matthew 5:9, John 8:1-12
Jesus Came to Rescue YouRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   3rd Sep 2023 am   Luke 5:17-26
Blessed are the pure in heartMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   27th Aug 2023 pm   Matthew 5:8
Learning from JephthahRev. Ricky Wilhelm 
Cathays   27th Aug 2023 am   Judges 10:6-12:7
Blessed are the mercifulMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   20th Aug 2023 pm   Matthew 5:7, Luke 10:25-37
Learning from GideonMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   20th Aug 2023 am   Judges 6
Jesus SatisfiesMr. Josh Ludlow 
Cathays   13th Aug 2023 pm   Matthew 5:6
Learning from EhudRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   6th Aug 2023 am   Judges 3:12-30
Blessed are the meekRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   30th Jul 2023 pm   Matthew 5:5, 27:11-14
Learning from the JudgesRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   30th Jul 2023 am   Judges 2:6-3:11
Blessed are those who mournRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   23rd Jul 2023 pm   Matthew 5:1-10; Isaiah 6:1-9
Leading with a limpRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   23rd Jul 2023 am   Genesis 32:22-32
Hard to BelieveRev. Ricky Wilhelm 
Cathays   16th Jul 2023 am   John 12:37-50
What Good News?Mr. Giovanni Donato 
Cathays   9th Jul 2023 pm   John 3:14-19
The Son who is lifted highRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   9th Jul 2023 am   John 12:27-36
The cost of following JesusRev. Ricky Wilhelm 
Cathays   2nd Jul 2023 am   John 12:20-26
Five spiritual foundation stonesRev. Andy from Eastern Europe 
Cathays   25th Jun 2023 am   Matthew 25:14-30
Gospel partnershipRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   11th Jun 2023 am   1 Corinthians 16:1-9
SufferingRev. Ricky Wilhelm 
Cathays   4th Jun 2023 pm   Luke 13:1-5
The Death of DeathRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Jun 2023 am   1 Corinthians 15:50-58
HappinessRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   28th May 2023 pm   Psalm 1
Life After Life After DeathRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th May 2023 am   1 Corinthians 15:35-4
The Most Blessed People on Earth Dai Hankey 
Cathays   21st May 2023 am   Psalm 87
HopeRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   14th May 2023 pm   1 Peter 1:3-9
Hope is Alive!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th May 2023 am   1 Corinthians 15:12-34
FreedomRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   7th May 2023 pm   John 8:31-36
Jesus is Risen!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   7th May 2023 am   1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Together for Gospel GrowthRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   30th Apr 2023 pm   Colossians 4:7-18
The Cost of Gospel GrowthRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   30th Apr 2023 am   1 Corinthians 9:19-23; 2 Corinthians 5:6-15
The Calling for Gospel GrowthRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   23rd Apr 2023 pm   Matthew 16:13-20
The Commission of Gospel GrowthRev. Ricky Wilhelm 
Cathays   23rd Apr 2023 am   Matthew 28
Praying for Gospel GrowthRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   16th Apr 2023 pm   Acts 4:23-31
A Vision for Gospel GrowthRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   16th Apr 2023 am   Psalm 67
The Power of his ResurrectionRev. Geoff Gobbett 
Cathays   9th Apr 2023 pm   Philippians 3:1-11
He is Risen!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   9th Apr 2023 am   John 20:1-30
The Cries in the DarknessRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   7th Apr 2023 am   Matthew 27:32-54
Lead us not into temptationRev. Ricky Wilhelm 
Cathays   2nd Apr 2023 pm   James 1:2-4,12-14
The coming of the KingRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   2nd Apr 2023 am   John 12:1-19
Mission SundayMr. Peter Rowan 
Cathays   26th Mar 2023 pm   Acts 10:1-23
The One man for all menRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   26th Mar 2023 am   John 11:45-57
The mercy of GodRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   19th Mar 2023 pm   Exodus 34:6-7
The life that Jesus bringsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   19th Mar 2023 am   John 11:17-44
Forgive us our sinsRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   12th Mar 2023 pm   Matthew 18:21-35
The difference Jesus makes to deathRev. Gareth Lewis 
Cathays   12th Mar 2023 am   John 11:1-16
Give us today our daily breadRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   5th Mar 2023 pm   Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 12:13-21
In wrath remembering mercyRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   5th Mar 2023 am   Amos 9
Your Will be DoneRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   26th Feb 2023 pm   Matthew 6:9-13
When God takes his word awayRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   26th Feb 2023 am   Amos 8
Justice of GodMr. Josh Ludlow 
Cathays   19th Feb 2023 pm   Psalm 10:17-18
When judgement is seen for what it isRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   19th Feb 2023 am   Amos 7
Bible Blessings 4Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   12th Feb 2023 pm   1 Timothy 1:17
Turning to the God of RefugeRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   12th Feb 2023 am   Psalm 46
Bible Blessings 3Rev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   5th Feb 2023 pm   Numbers 6:24-26
When religion has become just fakeRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   5th Feb 2023 am   Amos 5
Bible Blessings 2Rev. Ricky Wilhelm 
Cathays   29th Jan 2023 pm   Jude 24-25
When Godís people refuse to repentRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   29th Jan 2023 am   Amos 4
Bible Blessings 1Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   22nd Jan 2023 pm   Hebrews 13:20-21
When Godís people sinRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   22nd Jan 2023 am   Amos 3
The God who remembers our tearsMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   15th Jan 2023 pm   1 Samuel 1:1-2:11
The Lion RoarsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   15th Jan 2023 am   Amos 1:1-2:16
The Greatness of God;Rev. Ricky Wilhelm 
Cathays   8th Jan 2023 pm   Isaiah 40:12-13
Never in vainRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   8th Jan 2023 am   1 Corinthians 15:50-58
In His HandsRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   1st Jan 2023 am   Matthew 5:3-12; Isaiah 66:1-2
Christmas Gift of AcceptanceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   25th Dec 2022 am   John 1:1-14; 2 Corinthians 8:9
Christmas Gift of InclusionRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   18th Dec 2022 pm   Matthew 2:1-12
Christmas Gift of PeaceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   18th Dec 2022 am   Luke 2:8-21
Christmas Gift of ChangeRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   4th Dec 2022 pm   Luke 2:26-55
Ordered by the WordRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Dec 2022 am   1 Corinthians 14:20-40
Words that build up the churchRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   27th Nov 2022 am   1 Corinthians 14:1-19
Your kingdom comeRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   20th Nov 2022 pm   Luke 6:17-26
Everlasting loveRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   20th Nov 2022 am   1 Corinthians 13:1-13
Hallowed be your nameRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   13th Nov 2022 pm   Exodus 3:1-14
Jesus wants to call disciplesMr. Andy Hawthorne 
Cathays   13th Nov 2022 am   John 1:35-51
Our Father in heavenRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   6th Nov 2022 pm   Matthew 6:9-15
The most excellent wayRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   6th Nov 2022 am   1 Corinthians 13:1-13
I Believe in the Holy SpiritMr. Anthony Williams 
Cathays   30th Oct 2022 pm   John 15:26-16:1-15
One body, many partsRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   30th Oct 2022 am   1 Corinthians 12:12-31
How we should prayRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   23rd Oct 2022 pm   Matthew 6:5-13
God's true King has a surprising winRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   23rd Oct 2022 am   1 Samuel 17
The Doctrine of the Holy SpiritRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   16th Oct 2022 pm   
One giver, different giftsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   16th Oct 2022 am   1 Corinthians 12:1-11
Everyone believes in progressRev. Glen Scrivener 
Cathays   9th Oct 2022 pm   
Everyone believes in compassionRev. Glen Scrivener 
Cathays   9th Oct 2022 am   Luke 10:25-37
Father AlmightyMr. Josh Ludlow 
Cathays   2nd Oct 2022 pm   
The family mealRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   2nd Oct 2022 am   1 Corinthians 11:17-34; Revelation 19:1-9
Vision SundayRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   25th Sep 2022 am   Isaiah 53:1-12; 1 Corinthians 1:26-2:5
Spurred on togetherRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   11th Sep 2022 pm   Hebrews 10:19-25
Thanksgiving ServiceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   11th Sep 2022 am   Psalm 72
Standing in a Hostile WorldMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   28th Aug 2022 pm   Ephesians 6:10-20
Who are you going to trust?Mr. Pete Harris 
Cathays   28th Aug 2022 am   John 21
United in a divided WorldMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   21st Aug 2022 pm   Ephesians 4:1-16
God won't fit in your pocketRev. John Perry 
Cathays   21st Aug 2022 am   1 Samuel 4-5
Raised in a dead WorldMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   14th Aug 2022 pm   Ephesians 2:1-20
Run with PerseveranceMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   14th Aug 2022 am   Hebrews 12:1-3
The Church in the WorldMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   7th Aug 2022 pm   Ephesians 1:15-23
The Centrality of ChristMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   7th Aug 2022 am   Hebrews 1:1-3
Doctrine of God's WordRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   31st Jul 2022 pm   2 Timothy 3:10-17
Never Failing RefugeRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   31st Jul 2022 am   Psalm 91
Mission SundayMr. Huw Williams 
Cathays   24th Jul 2022 pm   John 13:1-20
Mission SundayMr. Huw Williams 
Cathays   24th Jul 2022 am   John 12:27-50
Gospel thinking for gospel livingRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   17th Jul 2022 pm   Titus 3:1-15
Assurance because we know GodRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   17th Jul 2022 am   1 John 5
Gospel thinking for gospel livingMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   10th Jul 2022 pm   Titus 2:11-15
Assurance because we are lovedRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   10th Jul 2022 am   1 John 4
Facethebook: Why consider full time ministry?Rev. Jonathan Thomas 
Cathays   3rd Jul 2022 pm   1 Timothy 3:1-13
Assurance because we show loveRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   3rd Jul 2022 am   1 John 3:11-5:4
Gospel thinking for gospel livingRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   26th Jun 2022 pm   Titus 2:1-10
Assurance because we are Children of GodMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   26th Jun 2022 am   1 John 2:28-3:10
Assurance through knowing the truthRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   19th Jun 2022 am   1 John 2:15-27
Gospel thinking for gospel livingRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   12th Jun 2022 pm   Titus 1:10-16
Assurance through keeping his commandmentsMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   12th Jun 2022 am   1 John 2:3-14
Gospel thinking for gospel livingMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   5th Jun 2022 pm   Titus 1:1-9
Assurance through how we liveRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   5th Jun 2022 am   1 John 1:5-2:2
Assurance through the word of lifeRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   29th May 2022 am   1 John 1:1-4
A God who RestoresRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   22nd May 2022 pm   Jonah 4
Enjoying God in SongRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   22nd May 2022 am   Psalm 147
A God who RelentsRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   15th May 2022 pm   Jonah 3
Equal and differentRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   15th May 2022 am   1 Corinthians 11:2-15
Heaven and earth collidingMr. Gwilym Davies 
Cathays   8th May 2022 am   Luke 2:8-21
A God who RescuesRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   1st May 2022 pm   Jonah 2
Doing all for the glory of GodRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   1st May 2022 am   1 Corinthians 10:14-11:1
A God who RulesRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   24th Apr 2022 pm   Jonah 1
Easter Sunday Morning ServiceRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   17th Apr 2022 am   Luke 24:13-35
The Day Death DiedRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   15th Apr 2022 am   Mark 15:21-41
Palm SundayMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   10th Apr 2022 am   Matthew 21:1-11
Life in a Hopeless WorldRev. Slavko Hadzic 
Cathays   3rd Apr 2022 pm   facethebook format
Life in a Lonely WorldRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   3rd Apr 2022 am   Mark 8:27-30
Life in a Fragile WorldRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   27th Mar 2022 pm   John 11:1-43
Life in an Anxious WorldRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   27th Mar 2022 am   Philippians 4:6-7
Jesus Christ, His only SonRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   20th Mar 2022 pm   
Be Ready!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   20th Mar 2022 am   Matthew 25:1-13
Learning from the PastRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th Mar 2022 pm   1 Corinthians 10
Foundations for Facing TomorrowRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   13th Mar 2022 am   Proverbs 3:9-12
Gospel FlexibilityRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   6th Mar 2022 pm   1 Corinthians 9
Foundations for Navigating LifeRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   6th Mar 2022 am   Proverbs 3:5-8
Christ and the ConscienceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   27th Feb 2022 pm   1 Corinthians 8
Foundations for LivingRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   27th Feb 2022 am   Proverbs 3:1-4
Mission Sunday Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   20th Feb 2022 am   Psalm 115
Youíre the One That I WantRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th Feb 2022 am   1 Corinthians 7:36-40
Hopefully Devoted to YouRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   6th Feb 2022 am   1 Corinthians 7:25-35
The Grass is Always GreenerRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   30th Jan 2022 am   1 Corinthians 7:17-24
Happily Ever AfterRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   23rd Jan 2022 am   1 Corinthians 7:10-16
Apostle's Creed - God the FatherRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   16th Jan 2022 pm   Psalm 92
A Night to RememberRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   16th Jan 2022 am   1 Corinthians 7:1-9
People of the Cross Dai Hankey 
Cathays   9th Jan 2022 pm   Psalm 106
Standing StrongRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   9th Jan 2022 am   Psalm 50:1-15
Sovereign Lord, Caring ShepherdMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   2nd Jan 2022 pm   Isaiah 40
God's Crown JewelsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   2nd Jan 2022 am   Zechariah 9:9-17
The one who ascendedMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   26th Dec 2021 am   Ephesians 4:1-16
Christmas, an unchanging certaintyRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   19th Dec 2021 pm   Isaiah 9:2-7; Luke 2:1-7; Matthew 2:1-12
The truth of the Christmas storyMr. Rowland Hughes 
Cathays   19th Dec 2021 am   Luke 2:8-20
The surprise of ChristmasRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   5th Dec 2021 am   John 1:1-14
Cross-shaped sexualityRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Nov 2021 am   1 Corinthians 6:12-20
Facethebook: A Better StoryProf. Glynn Harrison 
Cathays   21st Nov 2021 pm   
How grace changes livesRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   21st Nov 2021 am   1 Corinthians 6:1-11
Discipline and DiscipleshipRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Nov 2021 pm   1 Corinthians 5:1-13
The goodness of GodRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   14th Nov 2021 am   Psalm 107:1-9,33-43
Praying to the God of CreationRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   7th Nov 2021 pm   Psalm 24
Fools for ChristRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   7th Nov 2021 am   1 Corinthians 4:6-21
Utterly pure LordRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   31st Oct 2021 pm   Isaiah 6:1-7
All-age Family ServiceMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   31st Oct 2021 am   2 Timothy 1:10
Unending PatienceMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   24th Oct 2021 pm   Nahum 1:1-5
Servants of ChristRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   24th Oct 2021 am   1 Corinthians 3:1-4:5
Ever-present LordRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   17th Oct 2021 pm   Psalm 139:7-10
Wisdom by the SpiritRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   17th Oct 2021 am   1 Corinthians 2:6-16
For I bear on my body the marks of JesusMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   10th Oct 2021 pm   Galatians 6:12-17
The Power of the CrossRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   10th Oct 2021 am   1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5
Unchanging LordRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   3rd Oct 2021 pm   Psalm 102:25-28
The scandal of graceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   3rd Oct 2021 am   1 Corinthians 1:1-17
World MissionMr. George Verwer 
Cathays   26th Sep 2021 pm   Acts 20:17-24
This Time TomorrowMr. Mark Greene 
Cathays   26th Sep 2021 am   Acts 27
When the world opposes meRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   19th Sep 2021 pm   Psalm 57
How to persevere under pressure Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   19th Sep 2021 am   Hebrews 11:32-12:3
When the world overwhelmsRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   12th Sep 2021 pm   Psalm 36
Harvest: Celebration and confidenceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   12th Sep 2021 am   Acts 14:8-20
When life is hardRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   5th Sep 2021 pm   Psalm 17
Welcome HomeRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   5th Sep 2021 am   Romans 15:5-15
Paul and King AgrippaRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   29th Aug 2021 pm   Acts 26
Jesus as the RescuerRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   29th Aug 2021 am   Luke 7:36-50
Kept by His powerRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   22nd Aug 2021 pm   Romans 8:28-39
The Light of Godís WordRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   22nd Aug 2021 am   2 Chronicles 34
Drawn by His SpiritRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   15th Aug 2021 pm   Acts 16:11-15
The Power of the SpiritMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   15th Aug 2021 am   Kings 2:1-19
Saved by His bloodRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   8th Aug 2021 pm   John 10:11-18
The Victory of the LordMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   8th Aug 2021 am   Exodus 15:1-21
The Glory of the CrossRev. Geoff Gobbett 
Cathays   1st Aug 2021 pm   Galatians 6:14
Calling on the LordMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   1st Aug 2021 am   Genesis 4:1-27
Praise & PrayerRev. Geoff Gobbett 
Cathays   25th Jul 2021 pm   Romans 8:28
Confronted by the SonRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   25th Jul 2021 am   John 10:22-42
The love of God transcends everything Dai Hankey 
Cathays   18th Jul 2021 pm   Psalm 117
Protected by the SonRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   18th Jul 2021 am   John 10:1-21
Chosen from EternityRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   11th Jul 2021 pm   Ephesians 1:3-14
Blinded by the SonRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   11th Jul 2021 am   John 9:1-41
Rotten to the CoreRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Jul 2021 pm   Romans 3:9-18
Freed by the SonRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Jul 2021 am   John 8:12-59
Why bother telling people about Jesus?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   27th Jun 2021 pm   2 Corinthians 5:10-6:2
What is a church?Rev. James Poole 
Cathays   27th Jun 2021 am   2 Thessalonians 2:13-3:5
Rejecting the SonRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   20th Jun 2021 am   John 7:32-52
Listening to the SonRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   13th Jun 2021 am   John 7:1-31
To whom shall we go?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   6th Jun 2021 am   John 6:41-71
Feeding on the SonRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   30th May 2021 am   John 6:22-40
Courage for a New DayRev. Andrew Ollerton 
Cathays   23rd May 2021 am   Numbers 13-14
Saulís conversionRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   16th May 2021 am   Acts 9:1-22
Observing the SonRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   16th May 2021 am   John 6:1-21
Philip & the EthiopianRev. Michael Teutsch 
Pontprennau   9th May 2021 am   Acts 8:1-8, 26-40
Believing the SonRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   9th May 2021 am   John 5:19-30
PersecutionMr. Aled Williams 
Pontprennau   2nd May 2021 am   Acts 6:7-8:3
Honouring the SonRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   2nd May 2021 am   John 5:19-30
The Holy Spirit arrivesRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   25th Apr 2021 am   Acts 2:1- 41
Upside down prioritiesRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   25th Apr 2021 am   John 5:1-18
Jesus our King is on the throneMr. Ben Gardner 
Pontprennau   18th Apr 2021 am   Luke 24:50-53
Out with the old in with the newRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   18th Apr 2021 am   John 1-4
Jesus our King is on the throneMr. Aled Williams 
Pontprennau   11th Apr 2021 am   Luke 24:36-53
Christians Against Poverty SundayMr. Geoff Cresswell 
Cathays   11th Apr 2021 am   Mark 2:1-12
Easter SundayRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   4th Apr 2021 am   Luke 24:36-49
Easter SundayRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Apr 2021 am   Luke 24:1-12
Good FridayRev. Jon Reeves 
Pontprennau   2nd Apr 2021 am   Luke 23:32-34, 39-43
Good FridayRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   2nd Apr 2021 am   Luke 23:13-49
Jesus before HerodMr. Ben Gardner 
Pontprennau   28th Mar 2021 am   Luke 22:66 - 23:25
Palm Sunday ServiceRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   28th Mar 2021 am   Luke 19:28-40
Hope UnlockedMr. Jeremy Marshall 
Cathays   21st Mar 2021 pm   
Taken away by guardsMr. Mat Walls 
Pontprennau   21st Mar 2021 am   Luke 22:47-54
Ready Steady GrowRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   21st Mar 2021 am   2 Peter 3:14-18
Life UnlockedMr. Tim Farron 
Cathays   14th Mar 2021 pm   
Jesus coming into JerusalemMr. Ben Gardner 
Pontprennau   14th Mar 2021 am   Luke 19:28-42
The end of the world as we know itRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Mar 2021 am   2 Peter 3:1-13
Truth UnlockedMrs. Rebecca McLaughlin 
Cathays   7th Mar 2021 pm   
Invite to the banquetMr. Aled Williams 
Pontprennau   7th Mar 2021 am   Luke 14:15-24
Beware of the wolvesRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   7th Mar 2021 am   2 Peter 2:1-22
Supper in EmmausRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   28th Feb 2021 am   Luke 24:13-34
Mission SundayMr. Michael Prest 
Cathays   28th Feb 2021 am   Mark 4:13-34
Listen very carefullyRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   21st Feb 2021 am   2 Peter 1:16-21
The Last SupperMr. Ben Gardner 
Pontprennau   21st Feb 2021 am   Luke 22:7-27
At home with ZachRev. Jon Reeves 
Pontprennau   14th Feb 2021 am   Luke 19:1-10
Live for the finish lineRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Feb 2021 am   2 Peter 1:9-15
A recipe for growthRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   7th Feb 2021 am   2 Peter 1:5-8
Best seat in the houseMr. Mat Walls 
Pontprennau   7th Feb 2021 am   Luke 14:1-14
At Mary and Martha'sRev. Michael Teutsch 
Pontprennau   31st Jan 2021 am   Luke 10:38-42
Knowing GodRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   31st Jan 2021 am   2 Peter 1:1-4
Living for a Post-COVID worldRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   24th Jan 2021 am   1 Peter 4:7-11
Faith in a COVID worldRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   17th Jan 2021 am   2 Corinthians 4
Simon's showMr. Ben Gardner 
Pontprennau   17th Jan 2021 am   Luke 7:36-50
God in a COVID worldRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   10th Jan 2021 am   Psalm 73
Lunch with LeviRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   10th Jan 2021 am   Luke 5:27-32
Life in a COVID worldRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   3rd Jan 2021 am   Romans 8:18-39
Family at the CrossMr. Ben Gardner 
Cathays   27th Dec 2020 am   John 19:16-30
Carols from around the WorldMr. Rowland Hughes 
Cathays   20th Dec 2020 am   Luke 1:26-38 & 2:1-7; Matthew 2: 1-12
Light of ComfortRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   6th Dec 2020 am   Isaiah 40
Light of PresenceRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   29th Nov 2020 am   Isaiah 7 & Matthew 1
God Meant it for GoodRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   22nd Nov 2020 am   Genesis 50:1-26
A People BlessedRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   15th Nov 2020 am   Genesis 48-49
Mission in Crisis and Pandemic Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   8th Nov 2020 am   Philippians 1:1-24
Feeding the WorldRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   1st Nov 2020 am   Genesis 46:1-47:12
Brothers (back) in ArmsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   25th Oct 2020 am   Genesis 42:1-45:28
A Dream DeliveranceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   18th Oct 2020 am   Genesis 40:1-41:57
Does the Bible condone slavery?Mr. Peter J Williams 
Cathays   11th Oct 2020 pm   Leviticus 25:44-46
The Worldís Greatest TeacherMr. Peter J Williams 
Cathays   11th Oct 2020 am   Luke 15
Living with JoyRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   4th Oct 2020 pm   Romans 5:1-11
Under PressureRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   4th Oct 2020 am   Genesis 39:1-23
The Unhappy FamilyRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   27th Sep 2020 am   Genesis 38:1-30
The Forsaken BrotherRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   20th Sep 2020 am   Genesis 37:12-36
The Favoured SonRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th Sep 2020 am   Genesis 37:1-11
A Heavenly InvitationRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   6th Sep 2020 am   Hebrews 12:14-29
Love extravagantlyMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   23rd Aug 2020 am   1 Corinthians 13:1-13
Hope unswervinglyMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   16th Aug 2020 am   Hebrews 6:13-20
Trust Steadily in GodMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   9th Aug 2020 am   Hebrews 11:1-13
Re-shaping foundationsMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   2nd Aug 2020 am   Romans 5:1-5
God and RaceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   26th Jul 2020 am   Luke 10:25-37
Serving Christ TogetherRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   19th Jul 2020 am   Colossians 4:7-18
Mission SundayMr. Charles Chalmers 
Cathays   12th Jul 2020 am   John 20:19-23
Speaking of ChristRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   5th Jul 2020 am   Colossians 4:2-6
Living for ChristRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Jun 2020 am   Colossians 3:18-4:1
Christ our lifeRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   21st Jun 2020 am   Colossians 3:12-17
Alive in ChristRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Jun 2020 am   Colossians 3:1-11
Set your minds on things aboveMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   7th Jun 2020 am   Colossians 3:1-4
Freedom in ChristRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   31st May 2020 am   Colossians 2:16-23
Fullness in ChristRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   24th May 2020 am   Colossians 2:6-15
Servant of ChristRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   17th May 2020 am   Colossians 1:24-2:5
The incomparable ChristRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   10th May 2020 am   Colossians 1:15-23
Confidence in ChristRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   3rd May 2020 am   Colossians 1:1-14
The Most Important ThingRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   15th Mar 2020 am   Mark 12:28-44
The Search For HappinessRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   8th Mar 2020 pm   
Life In The KingdomRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   8th Mar 2020 am   Mark 12:13-27
Artificial Intelligence& The Future Of HumanityProf. John Wyatt 
Cathays   1st Mar 2020 pm   
MissionMr. Simon Guillebaud 
Cathays   1st Mar 2020 am   Romans 10:8-17
Anyone But JesusRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   23rd Feb 2020 am   Mark 12:1-12
All Things To All PeopleMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   16th Feb 2020 pm   1 Corinthians 9:19-27
The Coming Of The KingRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   16th Feb 2020 am   Mark 11: 1-25
Knowing God's WillMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   9th Feb 2020 pm   Romansa 12: 1-2
Why Jesus CameRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   9th Feb 2020 am   Mark 10: 32-52
Climate Change And The Bible Seminar 3Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   3rd Feb 2020 pm   
Swimming against The FlowMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   2nd Feb 2020 pm   Romans 12
The Eye Of The NeedleRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   2nd Feb 2020 am   Mark 10: 1-12
A Living SacrificeMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   26th Jan 2020 pm   Romans 12
The Greatest In The KingdomRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   26th Jan 2020 am   Mark 9:30-50
Is God Green-Climate Change And The BibleRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   20th Jan 2020 pm   Equip Seminar 19th January 2020
Amazing GraceMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   19th Jan 2020 pm   Romans 12
Equip EpilogueMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   19th Jan 2020 pm   Romans 12
A New Vision Of JesusRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   19th Jan 2020 am   Mark 9: 2-29
Psalm 34:11-14Mr. Anthony Williams 
Cathays   12th Jan 2020 pm   Psalm 34: 11-14
Come Die With MeRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   12th Jan 2020 am   Mark 8:31- 9:1
Dare To Know Him BetterRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   5th Jan 2020 pm   Eph, 1:17
A Song Of MissionRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   5th Jan 2020 am   Psalm 66
Live By The SpiritMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   29th Dec 2019 am   Galatians 5:16-26
Carols By CandlelightRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   22nd Dec 2019 pm   Luke 2, John 1 etc.
International ChristmasMr. Rowland Hughes 
Cathays   22nd Dec 2019 am   Luke 2:8-20 (bilingual)
AdventRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   15th Dec 2019 am   Luke 2:1-7
The God Who Gets InvolvedRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   8th Dec 2019 pm   John 1:1-14
Unblinded By The LightRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   8th Dec 2019 am   Mark 8:22-30
Crumbs For The DogsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   1st Dec 2019 am   Mark 7:24- 8:10
Taste And SeeMr. Darran Waters 
Cathays   24th Nov 2019 pm   Psalm 34: 8-10
The Heart Of The MatterRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   24th Nov 2019 am   Mark 6:53-7:23
Can We Really Trust Mark's GospelMr. Craig Blomberg 
Cathays   17th Nov 2019 pm   
Bread Of Heaven Dai Hankey 
Cathays   17th Nov 2019 am   Mark6: 30-52
In Religion we TrustRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   10th Nov 2019 pm   Ecclesiastes 5: 1-17
All You Need Is LoveRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   3rd Nov 2019 pm   Ecclesiastes 4
The Lord DeliversMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   27th Oct 2019 pm   Psalm 34
Great Saviour, Great FearMr. Huw Williams 
Cathays   27th Oct 2019 am   Mark 4:35-41
Facing A Messy WorldRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   20th Oct 2019 pm   Ecclesiastes 3:16-4:3
Listen UpRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   20th Oct 2019 am   Mark4: 9,14-20
The Tyranny Of TimeRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   13th Oct 2019 pm   Ecclesiastes 3:1-25
Family MisfortunesRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th Oct 2019 am   Mark 3:6,13-35
The Striving For SuccessRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   6th Oct 2019 pm   Ecclesiastes 2:12-26
Magnify The LordMr. Geoff Cresswell 
Cathays   29th Sep 2019 pm   Psalm 34
A Preacher Like No OtherRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   29th Sep 2019 am   Mark 1: 16-39
The Pursuit Of HappinessRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   22nd Sep 2019 pm   Ecclesiastes 2:1-11
Is There An AnswerRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   15th Sep 2019 pm   Ecclesiastes1:3-18
Is this everything?Rev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   8th Sep 2019 pm   Ecclesiastes 1:1-2
Totally SecureRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   1st Sep 2019 pm   Romans 8:31-39
Holiday ClubRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   1st Sep 2019 am   Matthew 8:5-13
Pray BoldlyMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   25th Aug 2019 pm   Psalm 119:73-80
Of First ImportanceMr. Peter Hodge 
Cathays   25th Aug 2019 am   1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Saved to SpeakMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   18th Aug 2019 pm   Psalm 119:41-48
The Radical LifestyleMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   18th Aug 2019 am   Luke 12:13-34
Confidence In ConflictRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   11th Aug 2019 pm   Psalm 119:65-80
The Radical ServantMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   11th Aug 2019 am   Luke 9:43-48
Foundations that EndureMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   4th Aug 2019 pm   Psalm 119:1-8
The Radical JesusMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   4th Aug 2019 am   Luke 9:18-36
The Sympathy Of ChristMr. Kevin Moss 
Cathays   28th Jul 2019 pm   Hebrews 4
The Cross And Christian SufferingRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Jul 2019 am   Isaiah 53 & 1 Peter 2
Facing PressureRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   21st Jul 2019 pm   Matthew 11:28-12:8
Exodus 35-40Rev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   21st Jul 2019 am   Exodus 39:1-31
Facing Hurt Dai Hankey 
Cathays   14th Jul 2019 pm   Ephesians 4:17-32
Rock Of AgesRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   14th Jul 2019 am   Exodus 33
So ThatThey Will SeeMr. Giovanni Donato 
Cathays   7th Jul 2019 pm   Matthew 5:13-16
Whole Life MissionMr. David Bhakiaraj 
Cathays   7th Jul 2019 am   Matthew 28:16-20
Centrality Of JesusMr. Connor Reid 
Cathays   30th Jun 2019 pm   Colossians 1: 15-30
Remember Jesus ChristRev. Phil Swann 
Cathays   30th Jun 2019 am   2 Timothy 2:1-10
Is There A GodRev. Josh Moody 
Cathays   23rd Jun 2019 pm   Mark 4:35-41
How To Disciple The NationsRev. Josh Moody 
Cathays   23rd Jun 2019 am   Matthew 28:16-20
GuidanceRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   16th Jun 2019 pm   Proverbs 3:1-18
Imitation GodsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   16th Jun 2019 am   Exodus 32-33:6
Facing TemptationRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   9th Jun 2019 pm   1 Peter 1:13-21
Grand Designs (part 1)Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   9th Jun 2019 am   Exodus 25:1-22
Facethebook: The Gender Agenda Part 2Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   3rd Jun 2019 am   
Facethebook: The Gender Agenda Part 1Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   2nd Jun 2019 pm   
Everyday CommitmentRev. Dave Gobbett & Rev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   2nd Jun 2019 am   Exodus 24:1-32
I Am The Alpha And OmegaMr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   26th May 2019 pm   Revelation 22:3
Investing In A Passion For Jesus 5Rev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   26th May 2019 am   Luke 9:51-10:2
Facing DoubtRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   19th May 2019 pm   Psalm 73
Everyday discipleshipRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   19th May 2019 am   Exodus 23:1-9
Handling Old testament Narrative (2) seminarMrs. Karen Soole 
Cathays   18th May 2019 pm   
Handling Old Testament narrative (1)Mrs. Karen Soole 
Cathays   18th May 2019 am   
Is God Good For WomenMrs. Karen Soole 
Cathays   17th May 2019 pm   
Facing AnxietyRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   12th May 2019 pm   Matthew 6:25-34
Ten Ways To Be PerfectRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   12th May 2019 am   Exodus 20:1-17
Learning To SleepRev. Jonathan Thomas 
Cathays   5th May 2019 pm   Psalm 4
Learning To SelahRev. Jonathan Thomas 
Cathays   5th May 2019 am   Psalm 3
Praying As God's family (2)Rev. Jonathan Thomas 
Cathays   4th May 2019 pm   
Praying As God's Family (1)Rev. Jonathan Thomas 
Cathays   4th May 2019 am   Psalm 119:49-56
I Am The DoorRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   28th Apr 2019 pm   John 10:7
Investing In A passion For JesusRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Apr 2019 am   Luke 16:1-15
Jesus Is Lord...So What?Rev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   21st Apr 2019 pm   1 Cor.15:50-58
Jesus Is Risen...So What? Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   21st Apr 2019 am   Luke 24:13-35
Good Friday ServiceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   19th Apr 2019 am   Mark 15:21-41
A Certain Future In An Uncertain TimeRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   14th Apr 2019 pm   Ezekiel 47:1-12
Make Way For The KingRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   14th Apr 2019 am   Luke 19:28-44
Certainty In An Uncertain WorldRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   7th Apr 2019 pm   Ezekiel 37:1-14
Behold Our God Dai Hankey 
Cathays   7th Apr 2019 am   Exodus:19:1-25
Certainty In An Uncertain worldRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   31st Mar 2019 pm   Jeremiah 29:1-23
Behold Our GodRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   31st Mar 2019 am   Exodus 17:8-18:12
Prayer&PraiseRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   24th Mar 2019 pm   John 18
Applying The Biblical Narrative To Our MoneyRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   24th Mar 2019 am   2 Corinthians 8:1-15
Cardiff Mens' ConventionRev. John Tindall 
Cathays   23rd Mar 2019 pm   Testimony
Cardiff Mens' Convention Dai Hankey 
Cathays   23rd Mar 2019 am   1 Corinthians 15
Certainty In An Uncertain WorldRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   17th Mar 2019 pm   Ezekiel 1:14-18 & 1:22-28
Behold Our GodRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   17th Mar 2019 am   Exodus 16:1-8:& 17:1-7
Spreading A Passion For JesusRev. Marcus Nelson 
Cathays   10th Mar 2019 pm   Joshua 3:9-17, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Behold Our GodRev. Jon Reeves & Rev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   10th Mar 2019 am   Exodus13:17-15:21
Is God Anti-Gay (part2) 03March2019Rev. Sam Allberry 
Cathays   4th Mar 2019 pm   
Is God Anti-GayRev. Sam Allberry 
Cathays   3rd Mar 2019 pm   
Behold our GodRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   3rd Mar 2019 am   exodus 11:1-7, 12:1-13,29-30
Investing in A Passion For JesusRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   24th Feb 2019 am   Luke 12:13-14
The Greatest FutureMr. Aled Williams 
Cathays   17th Feb 2019 pm   John 3:16-17
A showdown of the godsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   17th Feb 2019 am   Exodus 4:21-23; 7:8-10:29
Whoever Believes In Him (All Age Family Worship)Mr. Dave Lawther 
Cathays   10th Feb 2019 pm   John 3: 1-16
LET MY PEOPLE GORev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   10th Feb 2019 am   Exodus 5:1-7:7
John 3:16Mr. Anthony Williams 
Cathays   3rd Feb 2019 pm   John 3:10-18
The God Who Is ThereRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   3rd Feb 2019 am   Exodus 3-4
God wants to giveMr. Adam Colman 
Cathays   27th Jan 2019 pm   John 3:1-17
Prince of EgyptRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   27th Jan 2019 am   Exodus 1-2
Man Of SorrowsRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   20th Jan 2019 pm   John 14:6
Investing In A Passion For JesusRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   20th Jan 2019 am   Psalm 24
The Loving FatherMr. Ivan Neira 
Cathays   13th Jan 2019 pm   Luke 15:11-32
Jonah:A Reluctant Mission PartnerMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   13th Jan 2019 am   Jonah 1:1-3, 3:3-6, 3:10, & 4:11
Bridge Church Commissioning ServiceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   6th Jan 2019 pm   Acts 20:17
A Christmas song Of RescueRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   23rd Dec 2018 am   Luke 1:57-80
Carols By CandlelightRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   16th Dec 2018 pm   Matt 1:18-25
A Song Of Christmas JoyRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   16th Dec 2018 am   Luke 1:39-56
Family Carols at HighfieldsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   9th Dec 2018 pm   Luke 1:26-33
A song of Christmas HopeMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   9th Dec 2018 am   Isaiah 9: 1-7
Carol ServiceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   2nd Dec 2018 pm   Luke 2:1-20
Engaging In His World part 2Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   2nd Dec 2018 am   1 Peter 3: 8-17
I Am The ResurrectionRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   25th Nov 2018 pm   John 11:25
Engaging His World Part1Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   25th Nov 2018 am   Psalm 67
Unstoppable HeartMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   18th Nov 2018 pm   Acts 28
Equipping his People Part 2Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   18th Nov 2018 am   1 Thessalonians 1
The Unique Company Of JesusRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   11th Nov 2018 pm   John 15:9-21, Matthew 28:18-20
The Unique Command Of jesusRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   11th Nov 2018 am   Matthew 9:35-38 & Matt 28:18-20
Kingdom come!?Rev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   11th Nov 2018 am   Nehemiah 11-12
Prayer+ Praise: I AmRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   4th Nov 2018 pm   John 8:58
Equipping his People Part 1Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Nov 2018 am   Colossians 1:24-29
The Gospel of Luke: Is it really all true?Mr. Tom Hocking 
Pontprennau   4th Nov 2018 am   Luke 1:1-4
Anchor In The StormRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   28th Oct 2018 pm   Acts 27
Sharing Our Lives Part 2Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Oct 2018 am   Heb 3:12-15,Heb 10:19-25
Blessed MadnessRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   21st Oct 2018 pm   Acts 26
Sharing Our Lives Part 1Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   21st Oct 2018 am   i John 4:7-21
The Key To JoyMr. Huw Williams 
Pontprennau   21st Oct 2018 am   Psalm 103
Unstoppable HeartRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   14th Oct 2018 pm   Acts 21:17-36
Worshipping our God (part2)Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Oct 2018 am   Hebrews 10:19-25
Serving God in Challenging TimesMr. Chris Street 
Pontprennau   14th Oct 2018 am   1 Kings 17:7-24
I Am The Light Of The WorldRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   7th Oct 2018 pm   John 8 v12
Worshipping Our God (part1)Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   7th Oct 2018 am   Hebrews 10 v 1-8
Hearing the word of the KingRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   7th Oct 2018 am   Nehemiah 7-8
To The Ends of The EarthRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   30th Sep 2018 pm   Acts 20:17-38
What Could The Christian Faith Say To Me? Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   30th Sep 2018 am   John 10: 7-21
Fearing the King who rules a fallen worldRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   30th Sep 2018 am   Nehemiah 5:1-5;6:1-4,9-16;
Spreading A Passion For JesusRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   23rd Sep 2018 am   Colossians 1:15-23
Kingdom building while the enemy ragesRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   23rd Sep 2018 am   Nehemiah 3-4
When Suffering ComesRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   16th Sep 2018 pm   John 6:22-35
God's Promise Of Unending MercyRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   16th Sep 2018 am   Genesis 9:1-17
Tom & Nerys King CommissioningRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   9th Sep 2018 pm   1 Thessalonians 3:1-13
Refreshing the SoulMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   9th Sep 2018 am   Psalm 62
Psalm 121Rev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   9th Sep 2018 am   Psalm 121
Upsetting the Status QuoRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   2nd Sep 2018 pm   Acts 19:23-41
Nehemiah and the Story of the KingdomRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   2nd Sep 2018 am   Nehemiah 1:1-3
Summer Series Proverbs 9 Dai Hankey 
Cathays   26th Aug 2018 am   Proverbs 9
Engaging With Our WorldMr. Tom King 
Cathays   19th Aug 2018 pm   Acts 17:16-34
PhilemonRev. Jonathan Thomas 
Cathays   12th Aug 2018 am   Philemon
Good News Opens DoorsMr. Rowland Hughes 
Cathays   5th Aug 2018 pm   Acts 16 11-40
Jesus and the crucified thievesRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   5th Aug 2018 am   Luke 23:26-43
Choose LifeMr. Simon Guillebaud 
Cathays   29th Jul 2018 pm   Deut 30:11-20
Radical GraceMr. Simon Guillebaud 
Cathays   29th Jul 2018 am   Luke 7:36-50
The Last ChanceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   22nd Jul 2018 pm   Luke 23:13-25, 32-46
The InvestmentRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   22nd Jul 2018 am   Matthew 6:19-24
Jesus and the dead manRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   22nd Jul 2018 am   John 11:1-44
Jesus said 'I AM'Rev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   15th Jul 2018 pm   John 18:1-11
Hebrews 4Rev. Steve Levy 
Cathays   15th Jul 2018 am   Hebrews 4
We Have Better NewsRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   8th Jul 2018 pm   Acts 14:8-20
Money Matters: the giftRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   8th Jul 2018 am   2 Corinthians 8:13-15
Jesus sets us freeRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   1st Jul 2018 pm   Acts 13:13-52
Money Matters: The IdolRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   1st Jul 2018 am   1 Timothy 6:6-10
More Than EnoughRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   24th Jun 2018 pm   Exodus 15:22-16:35
Believe and belongRev. Peter Baker 
Pontprennau   24th Jun 2018 am   Acts 2:40-47
Ezekiel's CallRev. Mark Dever 
Cathays   24th Jun 2018 am   Ezekiel 1:28-3:15
Yahweh Is ThereMr. James Pope 
Cathays   17th Jun 2018 pm   Ezekiel 48:35
Secret DisclosureRev. Dick Dowsett 
Cathays   17th Jun 2018 am   Colossians 1:24-29
Godís design for lifeRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   17th Jun 2018 am   Ephesians 6:10-24
Suffering And HopeRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   10th Jun 2018 pm   Job 42
When friends let you downRev. Jonathan Thomas 
Pontprennau   10th Jun 2018 am   2 Timothy 4:9-22
God's Design For LifeRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   10th Jun 2018 am   Ephesians 6:10-24
God's design for workRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   3rd Jun 2018 am   Ephesians 6:5-9
Godís design for workMr. Tom Hocking 
Pontprennau   3rd Jun 2018 am   Ephesians 6:5-9
Why Do We SufferRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   27th May 2018 pm   Job 1-2:10
God's design for familyRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   27th May 2018 am   Psalm 78 & Ephesians 6:1-4
Godís design for familyRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   27th May 2018 am   Ephesians 6:1-4
Yahweh our HealerRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   20th May 2018 pm   Psalm 103
A sceptical response (baptism service)Rev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   20th May 2018 am   John 20:24-29
God is our warriorRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   20th May 2018 am   Judges 6 - 7
Equal but differentRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th May 2018 pm   
God's design for marriageRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th May 2018 am   Ephesians 5:21-23
Godís design for marriageRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   13th May 2018 am   Ephesians 5:21-33
Elijah's brokennessRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   6th May 2018 pm   1 Kings 19:1-20
Living in the SpiritRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   6th May 2018 am   Ephesians 5:15-20
Elijah's prayersRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   29th Apr 2018 pm   1 Kings 17:17-24
Living in the light and by the SpiritRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   29th Apr 2018 am   Ephesians 4:32-5:20
Elijah's obedienceRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   22nd Apr 2018 pm   1 Kings 17:1-16
Living a life of loveRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   22nd Apr 2018 am   Ephesians 4:29-5:2
A baptism in the desertRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   22nd Apr 2018 am   Acts 8:26-40
Yahweh our RighteousnessRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   15th Apr 2018 pm   Romans 3:21-26
A new kind of livingRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   15th Apr 2018 am   Ephesians 4:17-28
Living a life of loveRev. Jon Reeves 
Pontprennau   15th Apr 2018 am   Ephesians 4:25-31
Breakfast on the BeachRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   8th Apr 2018 pm   John 21:1-19
Why Pray?Rev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   8th Apr 2018 am   Psalm 116
A new kind of livingRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   8th Apr 2018 am   Ephesians 4:17-24
Easter SundayRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   1st Apr 2018 am   1 Corinthians 15:1-20
Easter SundayRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   1st Apr 2018 am   1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Good Friday ServiceRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   30th Mar 2018 am   Isaiah 53:4-12
Palm SundayRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   25th Mar 2018 pm   Matthew 21:1-22
Thanksgiving service for Eluned ThomasRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   14th Mar 2018 pm   John 14:1-14
Unity in DiversityRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   11th Mar 2018 am   Ephesians 4:1-6
Unity in DiversityRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   11th Mar 2018 am   Ephesians 4:1-6
Preach the gospel where Christ is not known -Mr. Michael Prest 
Cathays   4th Mar 2018 am   Romans 15:14-22
God had prepared the wayRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   4th Mar 2018 am   1 Samuel 30:1-20
Loved!Rev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   25th Feb 2018 am   Ephesians 3:14-21
Loved!Rev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   25th Feb 2018 am   Ephesians 3:14-21
God who sanctifiesMr. James Pope 
Cathays   18th Feb 2018 pm   1 Peter 1:13-21
Revealed!Rev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   18th Feb 2018 am   Ephesians 3:1-14
Revealed!Rev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   18th Feb 2018 am   Ephesians 3:1-14
Guest ServiceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   11th Feb 2018 am   John 3:1-21
United!Rev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   11th Feb 2018 am   Ephesians 2:11-22
United!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Feb 2018 am   Ephesians 2:11-22
1 Peter 4Mr. James Pope 
Pontprennau   4th Feb 2018 am   1 Peter 4:12-19
Saved!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Jan 2018 am   Ephesians 2:1-10
Saved!Rev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   28th Jan 2018 am   Ephesians 2:1-10
Empowered!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   21st Jan 2018 am   Ephesians 1:15-23
Empowered!Mr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   21st Jan 2018 am   Ephesians 1:15-23
The Lord is PeaceRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   14th Jan 2018 pm   Judges 6:11-24
Blessed!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Jan 2018 am   Ephesians 1:1-14
I am with youRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   8th Jan 2018 pm   Matthew 28:16-20 & 25:14-30
The Mandate of HeavenRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   7th Jan 2018 am   Matthew 28:16-20 & 2 Corinthians 5:11-21
The Mandate of HeavenRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   7th Jan 2018 am   Matthew 28:16-20
The Promised SonMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   31st Dec 2017 am   Isaiah 9:1-7; 53:2-7; Luke 2:25-38
The Promised SonRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   31st Dec 2017 am   Luke 2:22-40
The Eternal KingRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   24th Dec 2017 am   Micah 1:1-5; 4:1-5; 7:8-10,18-20
The bruised victorRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   17th Dec 2017 am   Genesis 3:14-24
All Age Family CarolsMr. James Pope 
Cathays   10th Dec 2017 pm   Isaiah 9:6-7; Luke 2:15-23
Who is the baby Jesus? Dai Hankey 
Cathays   10th Dec 2017 am   Hebrews 1:1-4; Colossians 1:15-23
Living FaithRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   10th Dec 2017 am   John 4:43-54
Jazz Carols ServiceRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   3rd Dec 2017 pm   Luke 2:1-20 & Matthew 2:1-12
Getting on mission with JesusRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   3rd Dec 2017 am   John 4:27-42
ImmanuelRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   26th Nov 2017 pm   Matthew 1:20-23
The bridegroomRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   26th Nov 2017 am   John 4:1-26
God's amazing graceMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   19th Nov 2017 am   Joshua 2
The God of upside down endingsRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   12th Nov 2017 pm   Esther 5:9-6:14
The Best ManRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   12th Nov 2017 am   John 3:22-35
The Best ManRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   12th Nov 2017 am   John 3:22-36
The Lord is my BannerRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   5th Nov 2017 pm   Exodus 17:8-16
The new birthMr. Huw Williams 
Cathays   5th Nov 2017 am   John 3:1-21
The whipRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   29th Oct 2017 am   John 2:13-25 & Malachi 3:1-3
The whipRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   29th Oct 2017 am   John 2:13-25
Risky faith in a blurred worldRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   22nd Oct 2017 pm   Esther 4:1-5:8
The WeddingRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   22nd Oct 2017 am   John 2:1-12
Can we trust the Bible?Mr. Peter J Williams 
Cathays   15th Oct 2017 pm   facethebook
Samson: a guy to imitate?Mr. Peter J Williams 
Cathays   15th Oct 2017 am   Judges 14
Moral objections to the Bible IIMr. Peter J Williams 
Cathays   14th Oct 2017 pm   Sexism and homophobia
Moral objections to the Bible IMr. Peter J Williams 
Cathays   14th Oct 2017 am   Genocide and slavery
The Lord Will ProvideRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   8th Oct 2017 pm   Genesis 22:1-14
What it means to be a discipleRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   8th Oct 2017 am   John 1:35-51
Where is God?Rev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   1st Oct 2017 pm   Esther 2:19-3:15
The red carpetRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   1st Oct 2017 am   John 1:19-34
The God of unlikely heroesRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   24th Sep 2017 pm   Esther 2:1-18
Why Jesus cameRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   24th Sep 2017 am   John 1:1-18
Why Jesus cameRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   24th Sep 2017 am   John 1:1-18
The Unseen KingRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   17th Sep 2017 pm   Esther 1
In the beginning... Jesus!Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   17th Sep 2017 am   John 1:1-4
I AM WHO I AMRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   10th Sep 2017 pm   Exodus 3:7-15
Faith that praysRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   10th Sep 2017 am   James 5:13-20
The Surprising Availability of God's Grace -Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   3rd Sep 2017 pm   2 Kings 5
A God who shows compassionRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   3rd Sep 2017 am   1 Kings 19:1-18
Seaside SpectacularMr. James Pope 
Cathays   3rd Sep 2017 am   Romans 6:23
The gift of God's SpiritMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   27th Aug 2017 pm   Acts 1:1-11
Faith that is patientRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   27th Aug 2017 am   James 5:7-12
Faith that praysMr. Rowland Hughes 
Pontprennau   27th Aug 2017 am   James 5:13-20
The final choiceRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   20th Aug 2017 pm   Isaiah 66
Faith that perseveresRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   20th Aug 2017 am   James 5:1-12
Faith that perseveresRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   20th Aug 2017 am   James 4:13-5:12
A song of satisfactionRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   13th Aug 2017 pm   Isaiah 60
Faith that trustsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th Aug 2017 am   James 4:13-17
Faith that submitsMr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   13th Aug 2017 am   James 4:1-12
A song of satisfaction Dai Hankey 
Cathays   6th Aug 2017 pm   Isaiah 55
Faith that submitsRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   6th Aug 2017 am   James 4:1-12
Faith that speaksRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   6th Aug 2017 am   James 3:1-18
A song of sacrificeRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   30th Jul 2017 pm   Isaiah 52:13-53:12
Faith that speaksRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   30th Jul 2017 am   James 3:1-12
Faith that worksRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   23rd Jul 2017 am   James 2:14-26
Faith that worksMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   23rd Jul 2017 am   James 2:14-26
A song of missionRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   16th Jul 2017 pm   Isaiah 49:1-7
Faith without prejudiceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   16th Jul 2017 am   James 2:1-13
Faith without prejudiceRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   16th Jul 2017 am   James 2:1-13
A song of justiceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   9th Jul 2017 pm   Isaiah 41:21-42:9
Faith that listens Dai Hankey 
Cathays   9th Jul 2017 am   James 1:19-27
Faith that listensMr. Tom Hocking 
Pontprennau   9th Jul 2017 am   James 1:19-27
Behold our GodMr. John Woolley 
Cathays   2nd Jul 2017 pm   Isaiah 40:12-31
Faith under fireRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   2nd Jul 2017 am   James 1:1-18
Faith under fireRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   2nd Jul 2017 am   James 1:1-18
Comfort for troubled timesRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   25th Jun 2017 pm   Isaiah 40:1-11
A courageous spirit of a leaderMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   25th Jun 2017 am   Nehemiah 5
Mission accomplishedRev. Jonathan Thomas 
Pontprennau   25th Jun 2017 am   Ruth 4
When God's people fear the worstRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   18th Jun 2017 pm   Isaiah 36
A strategic mind of a leaderMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   18th Jun 2017 am   Nehemiah 2:11-20
Two noble characters Dai Hankey 
Pontprennau   18th Jun 2017 am   Ruth 3
When God's voice is put on muteRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   11th Jun 2017 pm   Isaiah 30
A compassionate heart of a leaderMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   11th Jun 2017 am   Nehemiah 1
Under the wings of GodRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   11th Jun 2017 am   Ruth 2
When God calls out His rivalsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Jun 2017 pm   Isaiah 19 & Psalm 2
Radical SpeakingRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   4th Jun 2017 am   Ephesians 4:17-32
Steadfast love in hard timesRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   4th Jun 2017 am   Ruth 1
The joy of our salvationRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   28th May 2017 pm   Isaiah 12
Radical Discipleship Dai Hankey 
Cathays   28th May 2017 am   Romans 12
Is following Jesus worth it?Mr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   28th May 2017 am   Luke 9:57-62
The light in our darknessRev. Jonathan Thomas 
Cathays   21st May 2017 pm   Isaiah 9:1-7
Is following Jesus worth it?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   21st May 2017 am   Luke 14:25-34
Why would a God of love allow suffering?Mr. Graeme Hunter 
Pontprennau   21st May 2017 am   John 14:1-14
Radical sacrificeMr. Simon Guillebaud 
Cathays   14th May 2017 pm   Romans 11:33-12:2
Why would a God of love allow suffering?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th May 2017 am   Luke 13:1-5
How can Jesus be the only way?Rev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   14th May 2017 am   John 14:1-14
In the presence of holinessMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   7th May 2017 pm   Isaiah 6
How can Jesus be the only way?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   7th May 2017 am   John 14:1-6
Why trust the Bible?Rev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   7th May 2017 am   2 Timothy 3:10-17
God's wake-up callRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   30th Apr 2017 pm   Isaiah 1:1-20
Why trust the Bible?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   30th Apr 2017 am   Luke 1:1-4
Is God a delusion?Rev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   30th Apr 2017 am   Psalm 19
Isaiah's big pictureRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   23rd Apr 2017 pm   Isaiah 1:1-20
Is God a delusion?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   23rd Apr 2017 am   John 1:1-14
Rejoice! HE IS ALIVERev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   16th Apr 2017 am   John 20:1-18, 23-31
Rejoice! HE IS ALIVERev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   16th Apr 2017 am   John 20:19-31
All Age: Rejoice! HE IS ALIVE-Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   15th Apr 2017 am   John 20:1-18, 23-31
Good Friday ServiceRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   14th Apr 2017 am   Luke 23:32-56
The hidden handRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   9th Apr 2017 pm   Acts 12:1-24
Who is this?Mr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   9th Apr 2017 am   Matthew 21:1-11
Scattered but not stoppedMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   2nd Apr 2017 pm   Acts 11:19-30
Learn to shareRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   2nd Apr 2017 am   Philippians 4:10-23
Learn to shareRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   2nd Apr 2017 am   Philippians 4:10-23
The unthinkable reachMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   26th Mar 2017 pm   Acts 10:1-11:18
Live in peaceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   26th Mar 2017 am   Philippians 4:2-9
A surprising conversionRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   19th Mar 2017 pm   Acts 9:1-31
Long for heavenRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   19th Mar 2017 am   Philippians 3:10-4:1
Long for heavenRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   19th Mar 2017 am   Philippians 3:10-4:1
Seizing every opportunityRev. Jim Griffiths 
Cathays   12th Mar 2017 pm   Acts 8:26-40
Treasure ChristRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   12th Mar 2017 am   Philippians 3:1-11
Treasure ChristRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   12th Mar 2017 am   Philippians 3:1-11
Shaken but not stirred Dai Hankey 
Cathays   5th Mar 2017 pm   Acts 8:1-25
Shine like starsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   5th Mar 2017 am   Philippians 2:12-30
Shine like starsMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   5th Mar 2017 am   Philippians 2:12-30
The Suffering ServantRev. Hywel Meredydd 
Cathays   26th Feb 2017 pm   Isaiah 53:1-12
Recognising Jesus in usRev. Hywel Meredydd 
Cathays   26th Feb 2017 am   Mark 6:45-56
A Murderous RejectionMr. Steve Unwin 
Cathays   19th Feb 2017 pm   Acts 6:8-8:1
Serving like JesusRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   19th Feb 2017 am   Philippians 2:1-11
The Good Samaritan Dai Hankey 
Pontprennau   19th Feb 2017 am   Luke 10:25-37
I am changedRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   12th Feb 2017 pm   Psalm 139:19-24
Walk Worthy At All CostsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   12th Feb 2017 am   Philippians 1:27-30
I am a Master PieceRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   5th Feb 2017 pm   Psalm 139:13-18
Live the Gospel, Die the GospelRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   5th Feb 2017 am   Philippians 1:19-26
Live the Gospel, Die the GospelMr. Tom Hocking 
Pontprennau   5th Feb 2017 am   Philippians 1:19-26
The Promised SonRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   31st Jan 2017 am   Luke 2:22-40
God is everywhere, with me hereRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   29th Jan 2017 pm   Psalm 139:1-12
There is more than just lifeRev. Michael Teutsch 
Cathays   29th Jan 2017 am   Psalm 1
Bound to ProclaimMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   29th Jan 2017 am   Philippians 1:12-18
Bound to PrayRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   22nd Jan 2017 am   Philippians 1:1-11
Bound to ProclaimRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   22nd Jan 2017 am   Philippians 1:12-18
Radical Living Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   15th Jan 2017 pm   Colossians 2:6-7 & 3:1-17
Bound to Pray Dai Hankey 
Cathays   15th Jan 2017 am   Philippians 1:1-11
Radical ServingRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   8th Jan 2017 pm   1 Peter 4:7-11
Radical GivingRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   8th Jan 2017 am   Luke 21:1-4 & 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
Anniversary SundayRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   8th Jan 2017 am   Hebrews 11
Motto Sunday: 1 John 4:19 Dai Hankey 
Cathays   1st Jan 2017 am   1 John 4:7-21
The King of ChristmasRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   25th Dec 2016 am   Matthew 2:1-12
The Joy of ChristmasRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   18th Dec 2016 pm   Luke 2:8-16
Carols by CandlelightRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   18th Dec 2016 pm   Matthew 1:1-17
The Hope of ChristmasRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   18th Dec 2016 am   John 1:1-14
The Light of ChristmasMr. James Pope 
Cathays   11th Dec 2016 pm   Luke 1:26-38&2:1-20
What is the world coming to?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   11th Dec 2016 am   Daniel 10:1-11:1&12:1-4
Carols by CandlelightRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   4th Dec 2016 pm   Matthew 1:18-25
The Prayer and the PromiseRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Dec 2016 am   Daniel 9:1-19
Jot to the World Dai Hankey 
Pontprennau   4th Dec 2016 am   Luke 2:1-20
God's Great Master PlanRev. Andy Lines 
Cathays   27th Nov 2016 pm   Isaiah 66:18-32
Model Gospel PartnershipRev. Andy Lines 
Cathays   27th Nov 2016 am   1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13
Mission that is from GodRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   20th Nov 2016 pm   Acts 5:17-42
My Mate's Not Mad!Mr. Graham Daniels 
Cathays   20th Nov 2016 am   John 1:43-51
The Prayer and the PromiseRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   20th Nov 2016 am   Daniel 9:1-19
Mission and the Spread of the WordMr. Huw Williams 
Cathays   13th Nov 2016 pm   John 13:1-17
Kingdoms in CrisisRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th Nov 2016 am   Daniel 8:1-27
Mission and the Fear of GodMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   6th Nov 2016 pm   Acts 4:32-5:11
The Higher ThroneRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   6th Nov 2016 am   Daniel 7:1-28
The Higher ThroneMr. Tom Hocking 
Pontprennau   6th Nov 2016 am   Daniel 7:1-28
Mission into a Hostile WorldRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   31st Oct 2016 pm   Acts 4:1-31
Who Do You Fear? Dai Hankey 
Cathays   30th Oct 2016 am   Daniel 6:1-28
Who Do You Fear?Mr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   30th Oct 2016 am   Daniel 6:1-18
Pride Comes Before a WallRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   23rd Oct 2016 am   Daniel 5:1-12
A Transforming MissionRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   16th Oct 2016 pm   Acts 3:1-26
How the Mighty have FallenRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   16th Oct 2016 am   Daniel 4:1-27
How the Mighty have FallenMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   16th Oct 2016 am   Daniel 4:1-27
A Community on Mission Dai Hankey 
Cathays   9th Oct 2016 pm   Acts 2:42-47
Faith when the heat is onRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   9th Oct 2016 am   Daniel 3
Faith when the heat is onRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   9th Oct 2016 am   Daniel 3
A Cross-centred MissionRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   2nd Oct 2016 pm   Acts 2:14-41
The One who Holds the FutureRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   2nd Oct 2016 am   Daniel 2
The One who Holds the FutureMr. Graeme Hunter 
Pontprennau   2nd Oct 2016 am   Daniel 2
A Spirit-Empowered MissionRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   25th Sep 2016 pm   Acts 2:1-21
The Line in the SandRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   25th Sep 2016 am   Daniel 1:1-21
The line in the sandRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   25th Sep 2016 am   Daniel 1
A Chosen Mission Dai Hankey 
Cathays   18th Sep 2016 pm   Acts 1:12-26
Happy Families Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   18th Sep 2016 am   Colossians 3:12-21
Morning ServiceRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   18th Sep 2016 am   Numbers 21:4-9
A World-Wide MissionRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   11th Sep 2016 pm   Acts 1:1-11
Living Life to the Full Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   11th Sep 2016 am   John 10:7-15
Commissioning Service for Elspeth PittRev. Andrew Sach 
Cathays   4th Sep 2016 pm   1 Kings 22:1-28
The Church in BabylonRev. Mark Johnston 
Cathays   4th Sep 2016 am   Jeremiah 29:1-23
A Song of VictoryRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Aug 2016 pm   Psalm 21
FellowshipMr. Rowland Hughes 
Pontprennau   28th Aug 2016 am   
The BibleMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   21st Aug 2016 am   
A Song of WonderRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Aug 2016 pm   Psalm 19
David - The Palace YearsMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   14th Aug 2016 am   2 Samuel 7:1-29
MissionRev. Jon Reeves 
Pontprennau   14th Aug 2016 am   Acts 4:1-31
A Song of RescueMr. Geoff Cresswell 
Cathays   7th Aug 2016 pm   Psalm 18
David - The Wilderness YearsMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   7th Aug 2016 am   1 Samuel 22:6-23
PrayerMr. Steve Unwin 
Pontprennau   7th Aug 2016 am   
A Song of PrayerMr. Rowland Hughes 
Cathays   31st Jul 2016 pm   Psalm 17
David - The Early YearsMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   31st Jul 2016 am   Psalm 8
A Song of PleasureMr. Kevin Moss 
Cathays   24th Jul 2016 pm   Psalm 16
The Mighty SaviourRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   24th Jul 2016 am   Matthew 8:23-34
HOW I Know HimRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   24th Jul 2016 am   Ephesians 2:1-10
A Song of WorshipRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   17th Jul 2016 pm   Psalm 15
A Costly SaviourRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   17th Jul 2016 am   Matthew 8:18-22
A Song of IgnoranceRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   10th Jul 2016 pm   Psalm 14
The Willing SaviourMr. Owen Brown 
Cathays   10th Jul 2016 am   Matthew 7:28-8:4
The Surprising SaviourRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   3rd Jul 2016 am   John 4
Looking to JesusMr. Rowland Hughes 
Cathays   26th Jun 2016 pm   Luke 5:17-26
Grand DesignsMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   26th Jun 2016 am   Matthew 7:24-27
Grand designsRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   26th Jun 2016 am   Matthew 7:24-27
The Search for BelongingMr. Michael Ots 
Cathays   19th Jun 2016 am   Luke 15:11-32
The Search for BelongingRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   19th Jun 2016 am   Luke 15:11-32
Send in MissionRev. Steve Smith 
Cathays   12th Jun 2016 am   Romans 10:1-17
Pseudo-ChristianityRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   5th Jun 2016 am   John 15:1-9; Matthew 7:15-23
Engaging in ConversationMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   29th May 2016 pm   Acts 17:16-34
Two Ways to LiveRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   29th May 2016 am   Matthew 7:13-14
Two Ways to LiveMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   29th May 2016 am   Matthew 7:13-14
'The Big Happy'Mr. Ben Carswell 
Cathays   22nd May 2016 pm   Luke 2:1-14
Knocking on heavens doorRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   22nd May 2016 am   Matthew 7:7-12
Always be PreparedRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   15th May 2016 pm   1 Peter 3:8-17
Judge and JuryRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   15th May 2016 am   Matthew 7:1-6
Judge and JuryRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   15th May 2016 am   Matthew 7:1-6
Not unto us, O Lord ... Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   14th May 2016 pm   Psalm 115
Praying FaithRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   8th May 2016 pm   Habakkuk 3:1-19
A Word about WorryRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   8th May 2016 am   Matthew 6:25-34
A Word about WorryRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   8th May 2016 am   Matthew 6:25-34
Growing FaithRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   1st May 2016 pm   Habakkuk 1:12-2:20
Investing in EternityMr. James Pope 
Cathays   1st May 2016 am   Matthew 6:19-24
Investing in EternityMr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   1st May 2016 am   Matthew 6:19-24
Questioning FaithRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   24th Apr 2016 pm   Habakkuk 1:1-11
Hungering for the Lord Dai Hankey 
Cathays   24th Apr 2016 am   Matthew 6:1-18
Praying to the FatherRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   17th Apr 2016 am   Matthew 6:5-14
Praying to the FatherRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   17th Apr 2016 am   Matthew 6:5-15
Whatever HappensRev. Ray Evans 
Cathays   10th Apr 2016 pm   Philippians 1:12-30
How to see your Church growRev. Ray Evans 
Cathays   10th Apr 2016 am   Acts 16:11-40
The Greatest Truth in All of the Bible Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   3rd Apr 2016 pm   Romans 3:19-31
How to Deal with Discouragement Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   3rd Apr 2016 am   1 Kings 19
Jesus AscendedMr. Sammy Davies 
Pontprennau   3rd Apr 2016 am   Acts 1:1-11
Living as God's People Standing FirmRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   27th Mar 2016 pm   1 Peter 5:1-14
Easter for DoubtersRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   27th Mar 2016 am   John 20:1-31
On the Road to EmmausRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   27th Mar 2016 am   Luke 24:13-35
The Curtain, the Cemetry and the CenturionRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   25th Mar 2016 am   Matthew 27:45-56
Living as God's People through SufferingRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   20th Mar 2016 pm   1 Peter 4:12-19
Easter Inside OutMr. James Pope 
Cathays   20th Mar 2016 am   Mark 11:1-11;15:21-37;16:1-7
Living as people in light of the end.Mr. Rowland Hughes 
Cathays   13th Mar 2016 pm   1 Peter 4:1-11
Charity in the darkRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th Mar 2016 am   Matthew 6:1-4
Too Small a Vision?Mr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   6th Mar 2016 am   Isaiah 49:1-7 & 61:1-4
Living as People Confident in Christ's VictoryRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   28th Feb 2016 pm   1 Peter 3:13-22
Love the UnlovelyRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   28th Feb 2016 am   Matthew 5:43-48
Turn the other cheekMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   21st Feb 2016 am   Matthew 5:38-42
Living as God's People at Home and ChurchRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Feb 2016 pm   1 Peter 3:1-12
Promises PromisesMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   14th Feb 2016 am   Matthew 5:33-37
A God who RestoresRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   7th Feb 2016 pm   Jonah 4
Faithfulness Starts in HeartRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   7th Feb 2016 am   Matthew 5:27-32
A God who RelentsRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   31st Jan 2016 pm   Jonah 3
If Looks Could KillRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   31st Jan 2016 am   Matthew 5:17-26
A God who RescuesRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   24th Jan 2016 pm   Jonah 2
You Can Change the WorldRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   24th Jan 2016 am   Matthew 5:13-20
A God who RulesRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   17th Jan 2016 pm   Jonah 1
The Secret to HappinessRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   17th Jan 2016 am   Matthew 5:1-12
Matt Bownds' CommissioningRev. Jonathan Thomas 
Cathays   10th Jan 2016 pm   Ephesians 4:7-16
Walking by FaithRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   10th Jan 2016 am   2 Corinthians 5:1-10
The Authority of the KingMr. Tom King 
Cathays   3rd Jan 2016 pm   Matthew 4:12-25
A New Year ReflectionMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   3rd Jan 2016 am   Matthew 14:22-33
The Preparation of the KingMr. James Pope 
Cathays   27th Dec 2015 am   Matthew 3:1-17
Carols by CandlelightRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   20th Dec 2015 pm   Is.40:1-5; Mt.1:18-24; Is.9:2-7; Lk 2:8-16; Jn 1
The Worship of the KingRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th Dec 2015 am   Matthew 2:1-12
The Birth of the KingMr. James Pope 
Cathays   6th Dec 2015 am   Matthew 1:18-25
Living as People in Society Dai Hankey 
Cathays   29th Nov 2015 pm   1 Peter 2:11-25
The Line of the KingRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   29th Nov 2015 am   Matthew 1:1-17
Mission in the Modern World Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   22nd Nov 2015 am   Colossians 1:15-23
Why Does God Allow Suffering?Mr. Vince Vitale 
Cathays   15th Nov 2015 pm   
RebellionRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   15th Nov 2015 am   Genesis 3
HopeRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   15th Nov 2015 am   Genesis 3:14-24
Living as People Built TogetherRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   8th Nov 2015 pm   1 Peter 2:4-10
RestRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   8th Nov 2015 am   Genesis 1:31 - 2:3
RebellionMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   8th Nov 2015 am   Genesis 3:1-13
Living as People Born AgainRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   1st Nov 2015 pm   1 Peter 1:22-2:3
WorkRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   1st Nov 2015 am   Genesis 1:26-31 & 2:15-17
WorkMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   1st Nov 2015 am   Genesis 1:26-2:3
Living as a People with a PurposeMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   25th Oct 2015 pm   1 Peter 1:13-21
SexualityRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   25th Oct 2015 am   Genesis 2:15-25
The Search for Freedom Lindsay Brown 
Pontprennau   25th Oct 2015 am   Luke 15:11-32
Living as People of PrivilegeRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   18th Oct 2015 pm   1 Peter 1:10-12
StewardshipMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   18th Oct 2015 am   Genesis 1:26, 2:4-17
StewardshipMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   18th Oct 2015 am   Genesis 1:26, 2:4-17
Has science buried God?Prof. Emyr MacDonald 
Cathays   11th Oct 2015 pm   
The Heart of the MatterRev. Roger Carswell 
Cathays   11th Oct 2015 am   Luke 24:39-49
Sexuality Dai Hankey 
Pontprennau   11th Oct 2015 am   Genesis 2:18-25
To Boldly GoRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th Oct 2015 pm   Matthew 9:35-38
HumanityMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   4th Oct 2015 am   Genesis 1:26-27, 2:5-7
HumanityRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Oct 2015 am   Genesis 1:26-27, 2:5-7
Living as a People with a FutureRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   27th Sep 2015 pm   1 Peter 1:3-9
In the Beginning - CreationRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   27th Sep 2015 am   Genesis 1:1-27
CreationRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   27th Sep 2015 am   Genesis 1:2-25
Living as People of GodRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   20th Sep 2015 pm   1 Peter 1;1-2 & 5:12-14
In the Beginning - GodRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   20th Sep 2015 am   Genesis 1:1-3 & Hebrews 11:1-3
In the Beginning - GodRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   20th Sep 2015 am   Genesis 1:1
The Common Grace of HarvestRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th Sep 2015 pm   Acts 14:8-20
Songs of JoyRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   13th Sep 2015 am   Psalm 126
Harvest ServiceRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   13th Sep 2015 am   Deuteronomy 8
Paul in AthensRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   6th Sep 2015 pm   Acts 17:16-24
JesusRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   6th Sep 2015 am   Hebrews 11:39-12:3 & 13:20-21
God the Final WordRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   30th Aug 2015 pm   Psalm 12
Wild West Holiday Club ServiceMr. James Pope 
Cathays   30th Aug 2015 am   2 Corinthians 5:17
God the Strong FoundationRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   23rd Aug 2015 pm   Psalm 11
RahabRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   23rd Aug 2015 am   Joshua 2:1-21
SamsonRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   16th Aug 2015 am   Judges 16:18-31
God the Eternal KingMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   9th Aug 2015 pm   Psalm 9
God the Majestic CreatorMr. James Pope 
Cathays   2nd Aug 2015 pm   Psalm 8
AbrahamRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   2nd Aug 2015 am   Hebrews 11:8-19
AbrahamMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   2nd Aug 2015 am   Hebrews 11:8-19
God the Righteous JudgeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   26th Jul 2015 pm   Psalm 7
Gospel PartnershipRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   26th Jul 2015 am   Romans 15:5-16:27
Naturalism: Glimpse a World Without GodProf. Gary Habermas 
Cathays   19th Jul 2015 pm   
Dealing with Emotional DoubtProf. Gary Habermas 
Cathays   19th Jul 2015 am   Philippians 4:1-9
Gospel PartnershipMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   19th Jul 2015 am   Romans 15:5-16:27
The Lukewarm ChurchRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   12th Jul 2015 pm   Revelation 3:14-22
The Strong and the WeakRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   12th Jul 2015 am   Romans 14:1-15:6
The Strong and the WeakRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   12th Jul 2015 am   Romans 14:1-15:6
Commissioning - Paul and the Ephesian LeadersRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   5th Jul 2015 pm   Acts 20:13-31
Living as the Church in the WorldRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   5th Jul 2015 am   Romans 13
Living as the Church in the WorldMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   5th Jul 2015 am   Romans 13
The High Priesthood of JesusRev. Matt Bownds 
Cathays   28th Jun 2015 pm   Hebrews 2:10-18
In View of God's MercyRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Jun 2015 am   Romans 12:1-21
In View of God's MercyRev. Matt Bownds 
Pontprennau   28th Jun 2015 am   Romans 12:1-2
The struggling churchMr. Huw Williams 
Cathays   21st Jun 2015 pm   Revelation 3:7-13
God and IsraelRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   21st Jun 2015 am   Romans 11:1-6 & 25-36
God and IsraelRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   21st Jun 2015 am   Romans 11
The Glory of JesusRev. James Poole 
Cathays   14th Jun 2015 pm   Revelation 5:6-13
The Word of ChristRev. James Poole 
Cathays   14th Jun 2015 am   Romans 10:14-21
The Word of ChristRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   14th Jun 2015 am   Romans 10:14-21
The Sleeping ChurchMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   7th Jun 2015 pm   Revelation 3:1-6
The Saviour KingRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   7th Jun 2015 am   Romans 9:30-10:13
The Corrupt Church Dai Hankey 
Cathays   31st May 2015 pm   Revelation 2:18-29
Let God Be GodRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   31st May 2015 am   Romans 9:1-21
Identity and Self-WorthProf. Glynn Harrison 
Cathays   24th May 2015 pm   John 13:1-15
Our MembershipRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   24th May 2015 am   1 Peter 4:7-11
Our CommunityMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   24th May 2015 am   Acts 2 2:42-47
The Compromising ChurchMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   17th May 2015 pm   Revelation 2:12-17
Our MissionRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   17th May 2015 am   Acts 1:1-11
The Suffering ChurchMr. Owen Brown 
Cathays   10th May 2015 pm   Revelation 2:8-11
The Effect of the Gospel on our SoulsRev. Jeff Purswell 
Cathays   10th May 2015 am   Philippians 4:4-7
He Ascended into HeavenRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   10th May 2015 am   Luke 24:35-52
The Loveless ChurchRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   3rd May 2015 pm   Revelation 2:1-7
Our Leaders (2)Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   3rd May 2015 am   1 Timothy 3:1-13
The First and the LastMr. Tim Wilson 
Cathays   26th Apr 2015 pm   Revelation 1:9-20
Our Leaders (1)Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   26th Apr 2015 am   Ephesians 4:7-16
Apocalypse NowRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   19th Apr 2015 pm   Revelation 1:1-8
Our CommunityRev. Paul Mallard 
Cathays   19th Apr 2015 am   Acts 2:42-47
Our DiversityRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   19th Apr 2015 am   1 Peter 4:7-11
Breakfast on the BeachRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   12th Apr 2015 pm   John 21:1-25
Our UnityRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   12th Apr 2015 am   Ephesians 2:11-22
Our UnityRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   12th Apr 2015 am   Ephesians 2:11-22
A Walk to RememberMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   5th Apr 2015 pm   Luke 24:25-35
Hope in the MorningRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   5th Apr 2015 am   Luke 24:1-12
Suffering ServantRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   3rd Apr 2015 am   Psalm 22
A Leader's RejectionRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   29th Mar 2015 pm   1 Samuel 15:1-35
Easter SurpriseMr. James Pope 
Cathays   29th Mar 2015 am   Mark 11:1-11
A Leader's FailureRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   22nd Mar 2015 pm   1 Samuel 13:1-22
No SeparationRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   22nd Mar 2015 am   Romans 8:31-39
A Leader's FarewellRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   15th Mar 2015 pm   1 Samuel 12:1-25
Suffering then GloryRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   15th Mar 2015 am   Romans 8:18-30
Suffering then GloryMr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   15th Mar 2015 am   Romans 8:18-30
Partnership, Perseverance, PrayerRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   8th Mar 2015 pm   Philippians 1:1-11
Sons Not SlavesRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   8th Mar 2015 am   Romans 8:1-17
Sons Not SlavesRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   8th Mar 2015 am   Romans 8:1-15
Looking for a LeaderMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   1st Mar 2015 pm   1 Samuel 9 & 10 (Goto service page for Eng/Welsh)
No Condemnation!Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   1st Mar 2015 am   Romans 7:21-8:4
No Condemnation!Mr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   1st Mar 2015 am   Romans 8:1-4
Give us a KingRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   22nd Feb 2015 pm   1 Samuel 8:1-22
Les MiserablesRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   22nd Feb 2015 am   Romans 7:7-25
Understand What The Lord's Will IsMr. Giovanni Donato 
Cathays   15th Feb 2015 pm   Psalm 96 & Eph 5:17
The Open DoorMr. Owen Brown 
Cathays   15th Feb 2015 am   Acts 8:1-25
Returning to GodRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   8th Feb 2015 pm   1 Samuel 7:2-17
Workers for the Harvest FieldRev. John Stevens 
Cathays   8th Feb 2015 am   Matthew 9:35-39
The Lost ArkRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   1st Feb 2015 pm   1 Samuel 5:1-12
Bridegroom RevisitedRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   1st Feb 2015 am   Romans 7:1-6
Bridegroom RevisitedMr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   1st Feb 2015 am   Romans 7:1-6
Listening to GodRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   25th Jan 2015 pm   1 Samuel 3:1-21
A Tale of Two MastersRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   25th Jan 2015 am   Romans 6:15-23
A Tale of Two MastersMr. Tim Wilson 
Pontprennau   25th Jan 2015 am   Romans 6:15-23
A Bad ReportMr. Owen Brown 
Cathays   18th Jan 2015 pm   1 Samuel 2:12-36
The King and IRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   18th Jan 2015 am   Romans 6:1-14
Facethebook: PopologeticsProf. Ted Turnau 
Cathays   11th Jan 2015 pm   
Love's Labour's WonRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   11th Jan 2015 am   Romans 5:12-21
Love's Labour's WonRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   11th Jan 2015 am   Romans 5:12-21
Praying from the HeartRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th Jan 2015 pm   1 Samuel 1:1-2:11
Motto SundayRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   4th Jan 2015 am   Romans 8:28-39
Motto SundayRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   4th Jan 2015 am   Romans 8:28-39
Festive Hope for the WearyRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Dec 2014 am   Isaiah 40:1-11
Guiding LightRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   21st Dec 2014 pm   Matthew 2:1-12
Born to make us richRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   21st Dec 2014 am   2 Corinthians 8:1-12
Glorious LightRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Dec 2014 pm   Luke 2:1-14
Born to Adopt us as FamilyMr. James Pope 
Cathays   14th Dec 2014 am   Galatians 3:26-4:7
Facethebook: ConsumerismRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   30th Nov 2014 pm   Matthew 6:19-34
How can I know God loves me?Rev. Marcus Honeysett 
Cathays   30th Nov 2014 am   Romans 5:1-11
The Unfinished TaskMr. Steve Packwood 
Pontprennau   30th Nov 2014 am   Romans 10:12-15
Reaching Other FaithsRev. Peter Oyugi 
Cathays   23rd Nov 2014 pm   1 Thessalonians 2:1-16
Reaching the UnreachedRev. Peter Oyugi 
Cathays   23rd Nov 2014 am   Luke 4:14-29
Our Power in PrayerRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   16th Nov 2014 pm   Psalm 115
War and PeaceRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   16th Nov 2014 am   Romans 5:1-5
Our Protection in PrayerMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   9th Nov 2014 pm   Psalm 121
The Glory of Justification by FaithRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   9th Nov 2014 am   Romans 4:1-25
The Glory of Justification by FaithRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   9th Nov 2014 am   Romans 4:1-25
Forgive us our debtsRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   2nd Nov 2014 pm   Matthew 18:21-35
AtonementRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   2nd Nov 2014 am   Romans 3:21-31
Give Us Today Our Daily BreadRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   26th Oct 2014 pm   Matthew 6:11
Rebels Without a CauseRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   26th Oct 2014 am   Romans 3:1-20
Rebels Without a CauseMr. Tim Wilson 
Pontprennau   26th Oct 2014 am   Romans 3:1-20
The Dark NightRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   19th Oct 2014 am   Romans 2:1-29
The Dark NightRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   19th Oct 2014 am   Romans 2:1-29
God, the bad & the uglyRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   12th Oct 2014 am   Romans 1:18-32
God the Bad & the UglyRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   12th Oct 2014 am   Romans 1:18-32
"Our Father" - Our Position in PrayerRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   28th Sep 2014 pm   Luke 11:1-8
What Makes the News Good?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   28th Sep 2014 am   Romans 1:8-17
What Makes the News Good?Mr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   28th Sep 2014 am   Romans 1:8-17
This is How You Should PrayRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   21st Sep 2014 pm   Matthew 6:5-8
Romans OvertureRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   21st Sep 2014 am   Romans 1:1-7
Romans OvertureRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   21st Sep 2014 am   Romans 1:1-7
Remembering the Lord of the HarvestRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Sep 2014 pm   Deuteronomy 8
Harvest Service: Songs of JoyRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   14th Sep 2014 am   Psalm 65
Facethebook: VisionRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   7th Sep 2014 pm   Acts 2:42-47
One Body, Many PartsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   7th Sep 2014 am   1 Corinthians 12:12-27
One Body, Many PartsRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   7th Sep 2014 am   1 Corinthians 12:12-27
The God Who Hears Us Dai Hankey 
Cathays   31st Aug 2014 pm   Psalm 6
Superheroes UnleashedMr. James Pope 
Cathays   31st Aug 2014 am   Luke 19:10
The Word About JesusMr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   31st Aug 2014 am   Luke 24:13-35
The God Who Protects UsMr. Tom Hocking 
Cathays   24th Aug 2014 pm   Psalm 5
The Word About JesusMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   24th Aug 2014 am   Luke 24:13-35
The Need of the HourMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   24th Aug 2014 am   1 Corinthians 2:6-13
Rest in the midst of TrialsRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   17th Aug 2014 pm   Psalm 4
The Need of the HourRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   17th Aug 2014 am   1 Corinthians 2:6-13
More Precious Than GoldMr. Tim Wilson 
Pontprennau   17th Aug 2014 am   Psalm 19:7-11
The Shield That Surrounds UsRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   10th Aug 2014 pm   Psalm 3
More Precious Than GoldRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   10th Aug 2014 am   Psalm 19
The Son Who is WorshippedMr. Andy Taylor 
Cathays   3rd Aug 2014 pm   Psalm 2
Enough is EnoughRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   3rd Aug 2014 am   2 Timothy 3:10-17
The Life that is BlessedRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   27th Jul 2014 pm   Psalm 1
Words from HeavenRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   27th Jul 2014 am   2 Peter 1:12-21
In wrath remembering mercyMr. Huw Williams 
Cathays   20th Jul 2014 pm   Amos 9:1-15
Questions and AnswersRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   20th Jul 2014 am   Luke 20:20-40
The Final WarningRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   20th Jul 2014 am   Luke 20:9-19
Facethebook: Social MediaRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th Jul 2014 pm   
The Final WarningRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   13th Jul 2014 am   Luke 20:9-19
When God Takes His Word AwayMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   6th Jul 2014 pm   Amos 8:1-14
The Rejected KingRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   6th Jul 2014 am   Luke 19:11-27
What Kind of Church Growth Do We Want?Rev. Chris Wright 
Cathays   29th Jun 2014 pm   Colossians 1:1-14
The Great Commission - What's in it for us?Rev. Chris Wright 
Cathays   29th Jun 2014 am   Matthew 28:16-20
The Great Commission - What's in it for us?Rev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   29th Jun 2014 am   John 4
When judgement is seen for what it isMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   22nd Jun 2014 pm   Amos 7:1-17
Prayers God HearsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   22nd Jun 2014 am   Luke 18:1-17
Rags and RichesRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   22nd Jun 2014 am   Luke 16:19-31
When Security is MisplacedRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   15th Jun 2014 pm   Amos 6:1-14
Rags and RichesRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   15th Jun 2014 am   Luke 16:19-31
Managing your MoneyRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   15th Jun 2014 am   Luke 16:1-15
Gay and Christian? Can you be both? -Rev. Ed Shaw 
Cathays   8th Jun 2014 pm   
Managing your MoneyRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   8th Jun 2014 am   Luke 16:1-15
The Greatest Story Jesus ToldMr. Tim Wilson 
Pontprennau   8th Jun 2014 am   Luke 15:11-32
When Religion has become a ShamMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   1st Jun 2014 pm   Amos 5:1-27
The Greatest Story Jesus ToldRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   1st Jun 2014 am   Luke 15:11-32
Lost and FoundRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   1st Jun 2014 am   Luke 15:1-10
When God's People Refuse to RepentRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   25th May 2014 pm   Amos 4:1-13
Lost and FoundRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   25th May 2014 am   Luke 15:1-10
The Hardest Saying of JesusRev. Dave Gobbett 
Pontprennau   25th May 2014 am   Luke 14:25-35
Your New PositionRev. Jamie Rasmussen 
Cathays   18th May 2014 pm   Romans 6:1-14
Unity within DiversityRev. Jamie Rasmussen 
Cathays   18th May 2014 am   15:5-7
Excuses, ExcusesRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   18th May 2014 am   Luke 14:15-24
When God's People SinRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   11th May 2014 pm   Amos 3:1-15
Excuses, ExcusesRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   11th May 2014 am   Luke 14:12-24
The Lion RoarsRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   4th May 2014 pm   Amos 1:1-2:6
How the Kingdom ComesMr. Owen Brown 
Cathays   4th May 2014 am   Luke 13:10-30
Modelling Christian CharacterMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   27th Apr 2014 pm   1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Free at LastRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   27th Apr 2014 am   Romans 8:1-17
Thomas and his DoubtsRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   20th Apr 2014 pm   John 20:24-31
Missing Presumed DeadRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   20th Apr 2014 am   1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Mission AccomplishedRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   18th Apr 2014 am   John 19:17-37
Philip and His FriendsRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   13th Apr 2014 pm   John 12:20-36
The Donkey, the King and the Open TombMr. James Pope 
Cathays   13th Apr 2014 am   John 12:12-19;19:1-19;20:1-9
The God Who SpeaksRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   6th Apr 2014 pm   Exodus 20:1-17
A Better LifeMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   6th Apr 2014 am   Hebrews 13:1-25
A Better LifeMr. Tim Wilson 
Pontprennau   6th Apr 2014 am   Hebrews 13:1-25
Preparing for GodRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   30th Mar 2014 pm   Exodus 19
Better WorshipRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   30th Mar 2014 am   Hebrews 12:14-29
Better WorshipMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   30th Mar 2014 am   Hebrews 12:14-29
Induction of Dave GobbettRev. David Jackman 
Cathays   29th Mar 2014 pm   Colossians 1:19-2:7
Pluralism: Many Ways to God?Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   23rd Mar 2014 pm   
Living your life for God's purpose .Mr. David Bhakiaraj 
Cathays   23rd Mar 2014 am   Jeremiah 1:1-19
Too Much To HandleMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   16th Mar 2014 pm   Exodus 18
A Better HopeMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   16th Mar 2014 am   Hebrews 11:8-19
A Better ChoiceMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   16th Mar 2014 am   Hebrews 10:23-39
Water, War and WearinessRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   9th Mar 2014 pm   Exodus 17
A Better ChoiceMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   9th Mar 2014 am   Hebrews 10:23-39
A Better SacrificeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   9th Mar 2014 am   Hebrews 9:1-29
Meals on WingsMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   2nd Mar 2014 pm   Exodus 16
A Better SacrificeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   2nd Mar 2014 am   Hebrews 9:1-28
A Better PromiseMr. Tom Hocking 
Pontprennau   2nd Mar 2014 am   Hebrews 8:1-13
From Terror to TriumphRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   23rd Feb 2014 pm   Exodus 14
Good News UncoveredMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   23rd Feb 2014 am   1 Thessalonians 1
Facethebook: Being ChurchRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   16th Feb 2014 pm   
A Better PromiseRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   16th Feb 2014 am   Hebrews 8:1-13
A Better PriestMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   16th Feb 2014 am   Hebrews 4:14-5:14
The Great EscapeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   9th Feb 2014 pm   Exodus 12:1-23
A Better PriestMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   9th Feb 2014 am   Hebrews 4:14-5:10
A Better RestMr. Andy Taylor 
Pontprennau   9th Feb 2014 am   Hebrews 4:1-13
Power EncountersMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   2nd Feb 2014 pm   Exodus 7:1-13
A Better RestMr. Andy Taylor 
Cathays   2nd Feb 2014 am   Hebrews 4:1-13
Send Someone ElseMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   26th Jan 2014 pm   Exodus 4:1-23
A Better DelivererMr. Owen Brown 
Cathays   26th Jan 2014 am   Hebrews 3:1-19
A Better PowerRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   26th Jan 2014 am   Hebrews 1:4-2:4
Facethebook: MoneyMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   19th Jan 2014 pm   
A Better PowerRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   19th Jan 2014 am   Hebrews 1:4-2:4
The God Who CaresRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   12th Jan 2014 pm   Exodus 3:1-22
A Better WordMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   12th Jan 2014 am   Hebrews 1:1-3
Faith and FuryMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   5th Jan 2014 pm   Exodus 2:1-25
Fix your eyes upon JesusRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   5th Jan 2014 am   Hebrews 12:1-12
Good Old GrampaMr. Andy Taylor 
Cathays   29th Dec 2013 pm   Luke 2:25-35
There will be FreedomRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   29th Dec 2013 am   Isaiah 61:1-11
Party PeopleRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   22nd Dec 2013 pm   Luke 2:8-20
Birthday BoyMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   15th Dec 2013 pm   Luke 2:1-8
There will be PeaceMr. James Pope 
Cathays   15th Dec 2013 am   Matthew 1:18-25 & Luke 2:4-14
Miracle MumRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   8th Dec 2013 pm   Luke 1:26-38
There will be LightRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   8th Dec 2013 am   Isaiah 9:1-7
Dumbstruck DadMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   1st Dec 2013 pm   Luke 1:5-25
Hope: New World ComingMr. Rowland Hughes 
Cathays   1st Dec 2013 am   Revelation 21:1-8
Radical WarningRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   24th Nov 2013 pm   Luke 12:13-21
Serving: Finding your PlaceMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   24th Nov 2013 am   Romans 12:1-16
Giving: Compelled by GraceRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   24th Nov 2013 am   2 Corinthians 9:6-15
Radical PrayingMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   17th Nov 2013 pm   Luke 11:1-13
Giving: Compelled by GraceRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   17th Nov 2013 am   2 Corinthians 9:6-15
Worship: Wired for LoveRev. Jon Reeves 
Pontprennau   17th Nov 2013 am   Psalm 116
Radical PrioritiesRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   10th Nov 2013 pm   Luke 10:38-42
Worship: Wired for LoveRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   10th Nov 2013 am   Psalm 116
Church: Part of the BodyMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   10th Nov 2013 am   1 Corinthians 12:12-31
The Uniqueness of Christ Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   3rd Nov 2013 pm   Colossians 1:13-23
Here I am - send my grandmother.Mr. George Verwer 
Cathays   3rd Nov 2013 am   Isaiah 6:1-8
Into the NationsMr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   3rd Nov 2013 am   Psalm 96
Radical DiscipleshipRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   27th Oct 2013 pm   Luke 9:46-52
Church: Part of the BodyMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   27th Oct 2013 am   1 Cor 12:12-31
Discipleship: Learning to FollowMr. Andy Taylor 
Pontprennau   27th Oct 2013 am   Mark 8:27-38
Radical VisionRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   20th Oct 2013 pm   Luke 9:28-36
Holy Spirit: Living WaterMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   20th Oct 2013 am   John 7:30-43
Discipleship: Learning to FollowMr. Andy Taylor 
Cathays   20th Oct 2013 am   Mark 8:27-38
Radical ConfessionRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   13th Oct 2013 pm   Luke 9:18-27
Faith: A matter of trustRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   13th Oct 2013 am   Romans 4:13-25
Radical PowerRev. Michael Green 
Cathays   6th Oct 2013 pm   Luke 8:26-39
Atonement: The CrossRev. Michael Green 
Cathays   6th Oct 2013 am   Luke 23:13-25,32-43
Atonement: The CrossRev. Michael Green 
Pontprennau   6th Oct 2013 am   Luke 23:13-25,32-43
Radical WorshipMr. Owen Brown 
Cathays   29th Sep 2013 pm   Luke 7:36-50
Holy Spirit: The Living WaterRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   29th Sep 2013 am   John 7:30-44
Radical LivingRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   22nd Sep 2013 pm   Luke 6:27-42
Jesus: The Man for othersRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   22nd Sep 2013 am   Luke 22:39-62
Radical MessageRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   15th Sep 2013 pm   Luke 6:17-26
Fall: We have a ProblemMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   15th Sep 2013 am   Romans 3:9-26
Creation: World without End?Mr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   15th Sep 2013 am   Psalm 8
Radical CallingMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   8th Sep 2013 pm   Luke 5:1-11
Creation: World without End?Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   8th Sep 2013 am   Psalm 8
Radical ManifestoRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   1st Sep 2013 pm   Luke 4:14-30
Waiting on God: in troubleRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   1st Sep 2013 am   Psalm 42
Hope in DespairRev. Alex Collins 
Cathays   25th Aug 2013 pm   Genesis 3:8-24
Jesus the Bread of LifeRev. Alex Collins 
Cathays   25th Aug 2013 am   John 6:22-59
From Religion to RealityRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   18th Aug 2013 pm   Philippians 3
Waiting on God: In HumilityRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   18th Aug 2013 am   Isaiah 40
Waiting on God: In AnticipationMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   18th Aug 2013 am   Malachi 3:16-4:6
From prison to praiseMr. James Pope 
Cathays   11th Aug 2013 pm   Luke 8:26-39
Waiting on God: in humilityRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   11th Aug 2013 am   Isaiah 40
Waiting on God: in gratitudeMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   11th Aug 2013 am   Psalm 63
From despair to joyMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   4th Aug 2013 pm   Luke 24:13-35
Waiting on God: in gratitudeMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   4th Aug 2013 am   Psalm 63
The church with visionRev. Elfed Godding 
Cathays   28th Jul 2013 pm   Acts 15:1-22
The grace-filled churchRev. Elfed Godding 
Cathays   28th Jul 2013 am   Acts 11:19-30
Stand firmMr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   28th Jul 2013 am   Ephesians 6:10-24
Real Lives - BarnabasMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   21st Jul 2013 pm   Acts 11:19-26
Stand firmMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   21st Jul 2013 am   Ephesians 6:10-24
Real Lives - RahabRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Jul 2013 pm   Joshua 2:1-21
Serve wholeheartedlyRev. Dave Gobbett 
Cathays   14th Jul 2013 am   Ephesians 6:1-9
Submit to one anotherRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   14th Jul 2013 am   Ephesians 5:21-33
Real Lives - PeterMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   7th Jul 2013 pm   John 21:15-23
Submit to one anotherRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   7th Jul 2013 am   Ephesians 5:21-33
Real Lives - NehemiahMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   30th Jun 2013 pm   Nehemiah 2:11-20
The Way of LoveRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   30th Jun 2013 am   Ephesians 5:1-20
The Method of MissionMr. Hans Van Baaren 
Cathays   23rd Jun 2013 pm   Matthew 28:16-20
Don't Grieve the SpiritMr. Huw Williams 
Cathays   23rd Jun 2013 am   Ephesians 4:17-32
Real Lives - DanielMr. Owen Brown 
Cathays   16th Jun 2013 pm   Daniel 1
One BodyRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   16th Jun 2013 am   Ephesians 4:1-16
Immeasurably MoreRev. Jon Reeves 
Pontprennau   16th Jun 2013 am   Ephesians 3:14-21
Real Lives - DavidRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   9th Jun 2013 pm   1 Samuel 16:1-13
Immeasurably MoreRev. Jonathan Thomas 
Cathays   9th Jun 2013 am   Ephesians 3:14-21
Real Lives - Ruth Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   2nd Jun 2013 pm   Ruth 1:1-22
A Marvellous PlanMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   2nd Jun 2013 am   Ephesians 3:1-13
A New HumanityRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   2nd Jun 2013 am   Ephesians 2:11-22
Saved by GraceMr. Andy Taylor 
Pontprennau   26th May 2013 am   Ephesians 2:1-10
Knowing God - His FaithfulnessRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   19th May 2013 pm   Lamentations 3:19-33
Great PowerMr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   19th May 2013 am   Ephesians 1:15-23
Saved by GraceMr. Andy Taylor 
Cathays   19th May 2013 am   Ephesians 2:1-10
Knowing God - His JusticeMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   12th May 2013 pm   Psalm 99
Great PowerMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   12th May 2013 am   Ephesians 1:15-23
According to PlanRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   12th May 2013 am   Ephesians 1:1-14
Knowing God - His MajestyMr. Tom Hocking 
Cathays   5th May 2013 pm   Psalm 95
According to PlanRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   5th May 2013 am   Ephesians 1:1-14
Finishing WellRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   28th Apr 2013 pm   Jude 17-25
Keeping the Main ThingRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   28th Apr 2013 am   Matthew 28:16-20
Remember JesusRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   28th Apr 2013 am   2 Timothy 2:8-13
Swing LowRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   21st Apr 2013 pm   2 Kings 2
God Loves the ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   21st Apr 2013 am   Acts 20:17-38
Saving SoulsMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   21st Apr 2013 am   1 Timothy 1:12-20
Choose LifeRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   14th Apr 2013 pm   Deuteronomy 30:11-31:8
Remember JesusRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   14th Apr 2013 am   2 Timothy 2:8-13
Keeping the Main ThingRev. Peter Baker 
Pontprennau   14th Apr 2013 am   Matthew 28:15-20
Ambassadors to the NationsMr. David Bhakiaraj 
Cathays   7th Apr 2013 pm   2 Corinthians 5:10-21
The Challenge of the CityMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   7th Apr 2013 am   Isaiah 61:1-9
The Disguised KingRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   31st Mar 2013 pm   Luke 24:13-35
The Risen King [Easter Morning Service]Mr. Roger Martin & Mr. James Pope 
Cathays   31st Mar 2013 am   Mark 16:1-7
The Crucified King [Good Friday Service]Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   29th Mar 2013 am   Luke 23:32-46
The Rejected KingRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   24th Mar 2013 pm   Luke 20:9-19
The Celebrity KingMr. Andy Taylor 
Cathays   24th Mar 2013 am   Luke 19:28-48
God's plan for each generationRev. Roger Carswell 
Cathays   17th Mar 2013 pm   Luke 24:36-53
Who do you trust? [17th March 2nd Service]Rev. Roger Carswell 
Cathays   17th Mar 2013 am   Psalm 146
Who do you trust?Rev. Roger Carswell 
Pontprennau   17th Mar 2013 am   Psalm 146
The Passion [17th March 1st Service]Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   16th Mar 2013 am   Ephesians 3:14-21
Praying with Giants: FaithMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   10th Mar 2013 pm   Luke 18:9-14
A New WorldRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   10th Mar 2013 am   Revelation 21:1-7
A New HeartMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   10th Mar 2013 am   Ezekiel 36:16-28
Praying with Giants: SalvationRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   3rd Mar 2013 pm   Jonah 2:1-10
A New HeartRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   3rd Mar 2013 am   Ezekiel 36:22-28
A New LifeRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   24th Feb 2013 pm   Romans 6:1-14
A New SelfRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   24th Feb 2013 am   Colossians 3:1-11
The Man who had it allMr. Graham Daniels 
Cathays   17th Feb 2013 pm   Matthew 19:16-26
A New AmbitionMr. Andy Taylor 
Cathays   17th Feb 2013 am   Philippians 3:12-21
A New CommandmentMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   17th Feb 2013 am   John 13:31-35
Praying with Giants: MercyRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   10th Feb 2013 pm   Daniel 9:1-19
A New CommandmentRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   10th Feb 2013 am   John 13:31-35
A New FamilyRev. Jon Reeves 
Pontprennau   10th Feb 2013 am   Ephesians 2:11-21
Praying with Giants: RichesRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   3rd Feb 2013 pm   1 Chronicles 29:10-20
A New FamilyRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   3rd Feb 2013 am   Ephesians 2:11-21
A New HopeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   3rd Feb 2013 am   1 Peter 1:3-9
Praying with Giants: RememberRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   27th Jan 2013 pm   1 Samuel 1:9-20
A New HopeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   27th Jan 2013 am   1 Peter 1:3-9
A New CovenantMr. Dave Fielder 
Pontprennau   27th Jan 2013 am   Jeremiah 31:31-37
Praying with Giants: FightRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   20th Jan 2013 pm   Joshua 10:12-15
A New SongRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   20th Jan 2013 am   Psalm 40
Praying with Giants: TurnMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   13th Jan 2013 pm   Exodus 32:1-14
A New CovenantRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   13th Jan 2013 am   Jeremiah 31:31-37 & Hebrews 8:7-8,13
A New CreationRev. Peter Baker 
Pontprennau   13th Jan 2013 am   2 Corinthians 5:11-21
Changed by JesusRev. Yohanna Katanacho 
Cathays   6th Jan 2013 pm   John 2:1-11
A New WayRev. Jon Reeves 
Pontprennau   6th Jan 2013 am   Hebrews 10:19-25
A New CreationRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   6th Jan 2013 am   2 Corinthians 5:11-21
Watch and PrayRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   30th Dec 2012 am   Mark 14:32-42
Christmas UnwrappedRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   25th Dec 2012 am   Matthew 2:1-12
The Promise of ChristmasMr. James Pope 
Cathays   23rd Dec 2012 am   Luke 2:1-20
The Shepherd's StoryRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   16th Dec 2012 pm   Luke 2:1-20
Through Mary's Eyes Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   16th Dec 2012 am   Luke 1:26-56
Guest Carol ServiceMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   16th Dec 2012 am   Luke 1:26-56
What's the Point of Christmas Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   9th Dec 2012 pm   Matthew 1:18-25
Jesus, Son of God, SaviourRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   9th Dec 2012 am   Hebrews 4:14-16
The Road to FreedomRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   2nd Dec 2012 pm   Psalm 119:105-112
Such a Great Salvation Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   2nd Dec 2012 am   Hebrews 2:1-5
The Path to PurityRev. Jon Reeves 
Cathays   25th Nov 2012 pm   Psalm 119:9-16
God has SpokenRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   25th Nov 2012 am   Hebrews 1:1-4
Special Deal - Total Forgiveness for FreeMr. Owen Brown 
Pontprennau   25th Nov 2012 am   Psalm 130
Always on MessageMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   18th Nov 2012 pm   Psalm 119:57-72,97-104
True SecurityRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   18th Nov 2012 am   Psalm 90
Here comes the KingMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   18th Nov 2012 am   Psalm 24
True WorshipRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   11th Nov 2012 pm   Psalm 100
Understanding Spirituality the Jesus WayProf. Peter Williams 
Cathays   11th Nov 2012 am   Luke 11:9-13
The Greatness of GodRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   11th Nov 2012 am   Psalm 96
Therapy for the Soul Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   4th Nov 2012 pm   Psalm 103
The Greatness of GodRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   4th Nov 2012 am   Psalm 96
The kind of people God uses Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   28th Oct 2012 pm   2 Timothy 2:1-8
The earth shall be filled ... (Hab 2:14) Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   28th Oct 2012 am   Acts 2:1-11
Don't Panic, PrayRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   21st Oct 2012 pm   Psalm 55
The Joy of ForgivenessMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   21st Oct 2012 am   Psalm 32
The Pursuit of HappinessRev. Peter Baker 
Pontprennau   21st Oct 2012 am   Psalm 1
The Wonder of Identity Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   14th Oct 2012 pm   Psalm 8
The Pursuit of HappinessRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   14th Oct 2012 am   Psalm 1
Christianity:Boring, Untrue, Irrelevant Lindsay Brown 
Pontprennau   14th Oct 2012 am   John 10:7-11
Why does God allow Suffering Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   7th Oct 2012 pm   Job 1:1-22
Christianity: Boring, Untrue, Irrelevant Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   7th Oct 2012 am   John 10:7-15
Missional ChurchMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   7th Oct 2012 am   Acts 16:6-40
Apologetic Church Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   30th Sep 2012 pm   Acts 17:7-34
Missional ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   30th Sep 2012 am   Acts 16:6-15
Growing ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   23rd Sep 2012 pm   Acts 11
Messy Church Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   23rd Sep 2012 am   Acts 15:36-41
Serving ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Pontprennau   23rd Sep 2012 am   Acts 4:32-37
Contentment in ChristRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   16th Sep 2012 pm   Philippians 4:10-23
Serving ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   16th Sep 2012 am   Acts 4:32-37
Prayerful ChurchMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   16th Sep 2012 am   Acts 4:23-31
Peace in Christ Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   9th Sep 2012 pm   Philippians 4:1-9
Prayerful Church Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   9th Sep 2012 am   Acts 4:23-31
Hope in ChristRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   2nd Sep 2012 pm   Philippians 3:12-4:1
David in the DesertMr. Tom Hocking 
Pontprennau   2nd Sep 2012 am   1 Samuel 22:1-24
Acceptance in ChristRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   26th Aug 2012 pm   Philippians 3:1-11
John on PatmosMr. Huw Williams 
Cathays   26th Aug 2012 am   Revelation 1:9-20
Paul at MiletusMr. Andy Taylor 
Pontprennau   26th Aug 2012 am   Acts 20:17-38
Service in ChristMr. Andy Taylor 
Cathays   19th Aug 2012 pm   Philippians 2:19-30
Peter at the LakesideMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   19th Aug 2012 am   Luke 5:1-11
Paul at Miletus - Famous last wordsRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   19th Aug 2012 am   Acts 20:17-38
Unity in ChristMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   12th Aug 2012 pm   Philippians 2:1-18
Peter at the Lakeside - Deep LessonsRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   12th Aug 2012 am   Luke 5:1-11
Nehemiah in the PalaceMr. Roger Pomeroy 
Pontprennau   12th Aug 2012 am   Nehemiah 1:1-11
Courage in ChristMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   5th Aug 2012 pm   Philippians 1:20-30
Nehemiah in the Palace - Get the Book!Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   5th Aug 2012 am   Nehemiah 1:1-11
Ezekiel by the RiverMr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   5th Aug 2012 am   Ezekiel 37:1-14
Joy in ChristMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   29th Jul 2012 pm   Philippians 1:9-19
Ezekiel by the River - Them Bones!Mr. Andy Taylor 
Cathays   29th Jul 2012 am   Ezekiel 37:1-14
Sport SundayMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   29th Jul 2012 am   Romans 10:5-13
Confidence in ChristMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   22nd Jul 2012 pm   Philippians 1:1-8
David in the Desert - Cave ExperiencesMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   22nd Jul 2012 am   1 Samuel 22:1-24
Elijah at ZarephathMr. Owen Brown 
Pontprennau   22nd Jul 2012 am   1 Kings 17:1-24
PeaceMr. Andy Taylor 
Cathays   15th Jul 2012 pm   Ephesians 2:11-22
Elijah at Zarephath: MiraclesRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   15th Jul 2012 am   1 Kings 17:1-24
JoyRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   8th Jul 2012 pm   1 Peter 1:1-9
Joshua at the Jordan - Stepping OutRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   8th Jul 2012 am   Joshua 3:1-17
The Greatest Love of AllRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   1st Jul 2012 pm   1 Corinthians 13
Miriam at the Red SeaRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   1st Jul 2012 am   Exodus 15:1-21
Jesus the Servant KingMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   24th Jun 2012 pm   Matthew 20:20-28
The Legacy of a LeaderRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   24th Jun 2012 am   Matthew 10:5-15
The Lord's PrayerMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   24th Jun 2012 am   Matthew 6:5-15
Running to WinRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   17th Jun 2012 pm   1 Corinthians 9:24-27
Is Winning Enough?Mr. Peter Nicholas 
Cathays   17th Jun 2012 am   Psalm 103:13-18
The Compass of a LeaderRev. Peter Baker 
Pontprennau   10th Jun 2012 am   Titus 3:1-15
Building the Future - FIEC at NinetyRev. John Stevens 
Cathays   3rd Jun 2012 pm   1 Peter 2:4-12
The Compass of a LeaderRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   3rd Jun 2012 am   Titus 3:1-15
Bring the BookMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   3rd Jun 2012 am   Nehemiah 8:1-18
David:After God's HeartRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   27th May 2012 pm   Acts 13:16-23; 1 Samuel 16
How God Blessed EstherMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   27th May 2012 am   Esther 1-10
The Curriculum of a LeaderRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   27th May 2012 am   Titus 2:1-15
Moses: Face to Face with GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   20th May 2012 pm   Exodus 33:7-23
The Curriculum of a LeaderRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   20th May 2012 am   Titus 2:1-15
The Character of a LeaderRev. Peter Baker 
Pontprennau   20th May 2012 am   Titus 1:1-16
The God of PeaceRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   13th May 2012 pm   Hebrews 13:17-25
The Character of a LeaderRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   13th May 2012 am   Titus 1:1-16
Family MattersRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   6th May 2012 pm   Hebrews 13:1-19
Grace - The Extravagance of GodRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   6th May 2012 am   Luke 15:11-32
The Power of VisionRev. Peter Baker 
Pontprennau   6th May 2012 am   Genesis 15:1-21
The Price of VisionRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   29th Apr 2012 pm   John 12:20-36
The Power of VisionRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   29th Apr 2012 am   Genesis 15:1-21
Finishing WellMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   29th Apr 2012 am   1 John 5:13-21
HolinessRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   22nd Apr 2012 pm   Hebrews 12:14-29
Finishing WellRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   22nd Apr 2012 am   1 John 5:13-21
The Meaning of LifeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   22nd Apr 2012 am   1 John 5:1-12
The Value of DisciplineMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   15th Apr 2012 pm   Hebrews 12:1-13
The Meaning of LifeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   15th Apr 2012 am   1 John 5:1-12
Love ActuallyMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   15th Apr 2012 am   1 John 4:7-21
On the Mountain of HopeRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   8th Apr 2012 pm   Matthew 28:16-20
By the Tomb of GriefRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   8th Apr 2012 am   Matthew 28:1-15
By the Tomb of GriefMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   8th Apr 2012 am   Matthew 28:1-10
In Nail-Pierced HandsRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   6th Apr 2012 am   Matthew 27:27-50
Religion ExposedRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   1st Apr 2012 pm   Matthew 21:12-22
God Save the KingMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   1st Apr 2012 am   Matthew 21:1-11
God Save the KingMr. Tom Hocking 
Pontprennau   1st Apr 2012 am   Matthew 21:1-11
Jesus is Lord of Rugby tooRev. Dave Chawner 
Cathays   25th Mar 2012 pm   Psalm 84:1-7
Love ActuallyRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   25th Mar 2012 am   1 John 4:7-21
Love So AmazingRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   25th Mar 2012 am   2 Corinthians 4:1-12
Shining Like StarsRev. David Smith 
Cathays   18th Mar 2012 pm   Daniel 12:1-13
Loved by GodRev. David Smith 
Cathays   18th Mar 2012 am   Romans 1:1-17
Love SupernaturallyRev. Peter Baker 
Pontprennau   18th Mar 2012 am   1 John 3:11-24
Believing is SeeingRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   11th Mar 2012 pm   Mark 8:22-38
Love SupernaturallyRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   11th Mar 2012 am   1 John 3:11-24
The GospelMr. Tom King 
Pontprennau   11th Mar 2012 am   John 3:1-21
Does Community Matter?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th Mar 2012 pm   Colossians 3:1-14
What's Church For?Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   4th Mar 2012 am   1 Peter 2:4-12
God's New SocietyMr. Ted Pilling 
Pontprennau   4th Mar 2012 am   Ephesians 2:11-22
A Living HopeRev. Sam Ko 
Cathays   26th Feb 2012 pm   1 Peter 1:3-5
Matter of Life and DeathMr. Roger Martin 
Cathays   26th Feb 2012 am   John 11:1-44
The EvidenceRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   26th Feb 2012 am   1 John 2:28-3:10
Hope to the WorldMr. Steve Packwood 
Cathays   19th Feb 2012 pm   Romans 10:13-15
The EvidenceRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   19th Feb 2012 am   1 John 2:28-3:10
The Great EscapeRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   12th Feb 2012 pm   Exodus 14:10-31 & Hebrews 11:29
The DelusionRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   12th Feb 2012 am   1 John 2:18-27
The WorldRev. Peter Baker 
Pontprennau   12th Feb 2012 am   1 John 2:12-17
PassoverMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   5th Feb 2012 pm   Hebrews 11:27,28 & Exodus 12:21-23
The WorldRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   5th Feb 2012 am   1 John 2:12-17
The CommandmentsMr. Andy Taylor 
Pontprennau   5th Feb 2012 am   1 John 2:3-11
Moses and His PeopleRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   29th Jan 2012 pm   Hebrews 11:20-30
The CommandmentsMr. Andy Taylor 
Cathays   29th Jan 2012 am   1 John 2:3-11
The LightMr. Pete Evans 
Pontprennau   29th Jan 2012 am   1 John 1:5-2:2
Moses & His ParentsMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   22nd Jan 2012 pm   Hebrews 10:32-11:2,23
The LightRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   22nd Jan 2012 am   1 John 1:5-2:2
The LifeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Pontprennau   22nd Jan 2012 am   1 John 1:1-4
The LifeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   15th Jan 2012 pm   1 John 1:1-4
Enjoying God's ProtectionRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   15th Jan 2012 am   Philippians 4:1-9
A New DayRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   8th Jan 2012 pm   Isaiah 65:17-25
Guard Your HeartRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   8th Jan 2012 am   Proverbs 4:20-27
The InvitationRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   1st Jan 2012 am   Isaiah 55
The ServantRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   25th Dec 2011 am   Isaiah 53
Christmas: The VoiceRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   18th Dec 2011 pm   Isaiah 40:1-11
The Stars of Christmas (Nativity)Mr. Dave Fielder & Miss. Tamar Pollard 
Cathays   18th Dec 2011 am   Luke 1:28-38,46-55
Christmas: The BranchMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   11th Dec 2011 pm   Isaiah 11:1-9
Christmas: The ChildRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   11th Dec 2011 am   Isaiah 9:1-7
Joseph and ResolutionRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th Dec 2011 pm   Genesis 50
Christmas: The SignRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   4th Dec 2011 am   Isaiah 7:13-25
Know your NeighbourMr. Steve Bell 
Cathays   27th Nov 2011 am   Luke 10:25-37
Joseph and RestitutionMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   20th Nov 2011 pm   Genesis 46-48
How to Enjoy ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   20th Nov 2011 am   1 Thess 5:12-28
Confession - Good for the SoulRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   13th Nov 2011 pm   Romans 10:1-15
Living in the Light of the FutureRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   13th Nov 2011 am   1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
Joseph and ReconcilliationRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   6th Nov 2011 pm   Genesis 45
Dealing with DeathRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   6th Nov 2011 am   1 Thess 4:13-18
Relationships that MatterRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   30th Oct 2011 pm   1 Thessalonians 4:1-12
The Way of the CrossMrs. Rebecca Manley Pippert 
Cathays   30th Oct 2011 am   2 Corinthians 5:14-21
Joseph and PromotionRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   23rd Oct 2011 pm   Genesis 40-42
How to Strengthen a ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   23rd Oct 2011 am   1 Thessalonians 2:17 - 3:13
Joseph and TemptationRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   16th Oct 2011 pm   Genesis 39
How to Lead a ChurchRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   16th Oct 2011 am   1 Thessalonians 2:1-16
Joseph and AmbitionMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   9th Oct 2011 pm   Genesis 37
How to Start a ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   9th Oct 2011 am   1 Thess 1:1-10
Money, Sex and PowerRev. Michael Green 
Cathays   2nd Oct 2011 pm   Rev 3:14-21
Why Bother with JesusRev. Michael Green 
Cathays   2nd Oct 2011 am   Mark 1:14-20
The Church God UsesRev. Michael Green 
Cathays   1st Oct 2011 am   Acts 11:19-30
The Life CoachRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   25th Sep 2011 pm   2 Timothy 3:10-17
A Good News ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   25th Sep 2011 am   1 Corinthians 15:58 -16:24
A Different HarvestRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   18th Sep 2011 pm   Matthew 9:35-38
In Praise of the God of the HarvestRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   18th Sep 2011 am   Psalm 65
How does the Resurrection of Jesus matter?Rev. Simon Price 
Cathays   11th Sep 2011 pm   1 Corinthians 15:35-57
Why does the Resurrection of Jesus matter?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   11th Sep 2011 am   1 Corinthians 15:1-34
A Strategy for Urban MissionRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th Sep 2011 pm   Acts 18:1-11
Time Travellers Family SpecialMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   4th Sep 2011 am   Matthew Ch 1-2,27,28; Acts 1:1-11
By Faith Abraham made his homeRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   28th Aug 2011 pm   Hebrews 11:8-10
I believe in the ChurchMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   28th Aug 2011 am   1 Peter 2:4-10
By Faith Noah Built an ArkMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   21st Aug 2011 pm   Hebrews 11: 7
I Believe in the Holy SpiritRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   21st Aug 2011 am   Galatians 5:13-26
By Faith Enoch Walked with GodMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   14th Aug 2011 pm   Hebrews 11:5-6
I Believe in Jesus Christ, His only SonRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   14th Aug 2011 am   Philippians 2:1-11
Living by FaithRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   7th Aug 2011 pm   Hebrews 10:35-11:1-4
I Believe in God, the Father AlmightyRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   7th Aug 2011 am   Psalm 104:1-15 and Matthew 6:5-15
Jesus - the One and Only Andrew Court 
Cathays   31st Jul 2011 pm   Hebrews 12:1-3
Worship in Spirit and TruthRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   31st Jul 2011 am   1 Corinthians 14
Gospel WorkersMr. Huw Williams 
Cathays   24th Jul 2011 pm   Philippians 2:19-30
All you need is LoveRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   24th Jul 2011 am   1 Corinthians 13
Barnabas - Son of EncouragementRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   17th Jul 2011 pm   Acts 11:19-30
One Body, Many PartsRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   17th Jul 2011 am   1 Corinthians 12:12-31
Stephen the MartyrRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   10th Jul 2011 pm   Acts 7:54 - 8:1
The Gifts of the SpiritRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   10th Jul 2011 am   1 Corinthians 12:1-13
The Meal with a MessageRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   3rd Jul 2011 pm   1 Corinthians 11:17-34
Patterns in WorshipRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   3rd Jul 2011 am   1 Corinthians 11:1-16
Mary's SongRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   26th Jun 2011 pm   Luke 1:46-56
Jehovah JirehMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   26th Jun 2011 am   Genesis 22:1-19
Josiah - The Boy who Found a BookMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   19th Jun 2011 pm   2 Kings 22-23
Living for God's GloryRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   19th Jun 2011 am   1 Corinthians 10
The Birth of the ChurchMr. Eddie Arthur 
Cathays   12th Jun 2011 pm   Acts 11:19-26
The Communicating GodMr. Eddie Arthur 
Cathays   12th Jun 2011 am   Hebrews 1:1-4
The Woman Who Made a Difference - Part IIRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   5th Jun 2011 pm   Esther 4
Motives and Methods in EvangelismRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   5th Jun 2011 am   1 Corinthians 9
The Woman Who Made a Difference - Part 1Rev. Simon Price 
Cathays   29th May 2011 pm   Esther 2:1-11
Idolatry Then and NowRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   29th May 2011 am   1 Corinthians 8
The Living OneRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   22nd May 2011 pm   Revelation 1
Marriage MattersRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   22nd May 2011 am   1 Corinthians 7
Hannah - The Woman Who CriedRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   15th May 2011 pm   1 Samuel 1
Love, Law and LibertyRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   15th May 2011 am   1 Corinthians 6
The Voices of GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   8th May 2011 pm   Psalm 19
Celebrating the BibleMr. Peter J Williams 
Cathays   8th May 2011 am   Joshua 1:1-9
Sarah - The woman who laughedMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   1st May 2011 pm   Genesis 18:1-15
Spare the rod and spoil the churchRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   1st May 2011 am   1 Corinthians 5:1-13
The King's Speech to the WorldRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   24th Apr 2011 pm   Luke 24:13-53
The King's Speech at the TombRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   24th Apr 2011 am   Luke 24:1-12
The King's Speech from the CrossRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   22nd Apr 2011 am   Luke 23:32-49
Abraham - The Man of FaithRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   17th Apr 2011 pm   Genesis 15
The King's SpeechRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   17th Apr 2011 am   Luke 19:28-48
The Earth is the Lord'sRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   10th Apr 2011 pm   Psalm 24
Mission begins at homeMr. Tim Vickers 
Cathays   10th Apr 2011 am   1 Peter 2:9-12
Eve - The Mother of All LivingRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   3rd Apr 2011 pm   Genesis 3:20-24
The Cost of LeadershipRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   3rd Apr 2011 am   1 Corinthians 4:1-21
One ThingRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   20th Mar 2011 pm   Luke 10:38-42
Improving our ServeRev. Ian Coffey 
Cathays   20th Mar 2011 am   Acts 18:1-11
Building to LastRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   13th Mar 2011 pm   1 Corinthians 3:10-23
Only God Makes Things GrowRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   13th Mar 2011 am   1 Corinthians 3:1-9
The Dead and ForgottenRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   6th Mar 2011 pm   Luke 8:40-56
Chain Reaction Andrew Court 
Cathays   6th Mar 2011 am   2 Tim 3:14-17
The Insane Andrew Court 
Cathays   27th Feb 2011 pm   Luke 8: 26-39
The Wisdom of GodRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   27th Feb 2011 am   1 Corinthians 2:6-16
The ProstituteMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   20th Feb 2011 pm   Luke 7: 36-50
Messengers of WeaknessRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   20th Feb 2011 am   1 Corinthians 1:26-2:5
The PrisonerMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   13th Feb 2011 pm   Luke 7:18-35
The Message of the CrossRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   13th Feb 2011 am   1 Corinthians 1:18-25
The Dead and GoneRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   6th Feb 2011 pm   Luke 7:11-17
The Party SpiritRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   6th Feb 2011 am   1 Corinthians 1:10-17
The UnforgiveableRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   30th Jan 2011 pm   Luke 5: 17- 26
The Grand PlanRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   30th Jan 2011 am   1 Corinthians 1: 4-9
The UnforgiveableRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   23rd Jan 2011 pm   Luke 5: 17- 26
On a MissionMr. Richard Cunningham 
Cathays   23rd Jan 2011 am   Acts 17:16-34
The UntouchableRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   16th Jan 2011 pm   Luke 5: 12 -16
The Grace AgendaRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   16th Jan 2011 am   1 Corinthians 1:1-3
A Manifesto for the MarginalisedMr. Huw Williams 
Cathays   9th Jan 2011 pm   Luke 4:14-22
Vision with CompassionRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   9th Jan 2011 am   Micah 6:1-8
Remember, RememberRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   2nd Jan 2011 pm   2 Peter 3:1-13
Future FocusedRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   2nd Jan 2011 am   Hebrews 12:1-13
The Promise of a KingRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   26th Dec 2010 am   Matthew 2:1-12
Carols by Candlelight - The PromiseRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   19th Dec 2010 pm   Isaiah 9:1-7
Who do you think you are?Mr. Dave Fielder & Miss. Tamar Pollard 
Cathays   19th Dec 2010 am   Matthew 1:18-25
Carols by CandlelightRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   12th Dec 2010 pm   John 1:1-13
The Promise of a PriestRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   12th Dec 2010 am   Zechariah 6:9-15
United to ChristRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   5th Dec 2010 pm   Romans 6:1-14
The Promise of a ProphetRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   5th Dec 2010 am   Deut 18: 9-22
A Light to the NationsRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   28th Nov 2010 pm   Isaiah 49: 1-7
Hope RenewedRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   28th Nov 2010 am   Habakkuk 3: 1-19
Refuelling in an Age of BusynessMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   21st Nov 2010 pm   Luke 10:38-42, Ps127:1-2
Waiting for GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   21st Nov 2010 am   Habakkuk 2:2-20
Howzat - Are you in or are you out?Mr. Henry Olonga 
Cathays   14th Nov 2010 pm   
The Real JesusProf. Peter Williams 
Cathays   14th Nov 2010 am   Mark 14:53-65
Mission in an Age of MulticulturalismRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   7th Nov 2010 pm   Acts 4: 1-30
Make Room for GenerosityRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   7th Nov 2010 am   2 Corinthians 8: 1-15
Hope in an Age of NihilismRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   31st Oct 2010 pm   Romans 8
Emphasise PrayerRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   31st Oct 2010 am   Ephesians 6:10-20
Contentment in an Age of MaterialismRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   24th Oct 2010 pm   1 Tim 6:3-10
What are you doing Lord?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   24th Oct 2010 am   Habakkuk 1:1-2:1
Love in an Age of EgotismRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   17th Oct 2010 pm   Luke 10: 25-37
All Age WorshipMr. Pete Evans 
Cathays   17th Oct 2010 am   1 Peter 4: 7-11
Your Kingdom ComeRev. Joseph D'Souza 
Cathays   10th Oct 2010 pm   Matthew 6:5-15
Good News for the PoorRev. Joseph D'Souza 
Cathays   10th Oct 2010 am   Luke 4:14-21
On the Third DayRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   3rd Oct 2010 pm   John 20
Walk the TalkRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   3rd Oct 2010 am   Ephesians 4:25-32
Crucified, Dead and BuriedRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   26th Sep 2010 pm   John 19: 16b-42
Justice in an Age of CapitalismRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   26th Sep 2010 am   Amos 5
The Judge JudgedRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   19th Sep 2010 pm   John 18:28-19:16a
Dress ProperlyRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   19th Sep 2010 am   Ephesians 4:17-24
Arrest and DenialRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   12th Sep 2010 pm   John 18:1-27
Get in Shape for GrowthRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   12th Sep 2010 am   Ephesians 4:1-16
Rediscover a Glorious PassionRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   5th Sep 2010 am   Revelation 3:14-21
I'm HomeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   29th Aug 2010 pm   Psalm 122
Safe in the Shadow Andrew McKenna 
Cathays   22nd Aug 2010 pm   Psalm 121
The Greatest Discovery EverRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   22nd Aug 2010 am   Matthew 13:44-51
The Influence of the Kingdom Andrew Court 
Cathays   15th Aug 2010 pm   Matthew 13:31-35
Guest Service Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   15th Aug 2010 am   Psalm 73
The Resident Alien Andrew Court 
Cathays   8th Aug 2010 pm   Psalm 120
The Good, the Bad & the UglyRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   8th Aug 2010 am   Matthew 13:24-30,36-43
Sat NavRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   1st Aug 2010 pm   Psalm 119:97-112
The Power of TruthMr. Tom Brand 
Cathays   1st Aug 2010 am   Matthew 13:1-23
Father, Son and SpiritMr. Johnny Raine 
Cathays   25th Jul 2010 pm   John 16:17-33
When Grace ReignsRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   25th Jul 2010 am   Ruth 1-4
The ComforterRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   18th Jul 2010 pm   John 15:18 - 16:16
When Power is UncontrolledRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   18th Jul 2010 am   Judges 13-16
Spiritual ProductivityRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   11th Jul 2010 pm   John 15:1-17
When Weakness is PowerRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   11th Jul 2010 am   Judges 6-7
The Spirit of TruthRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th Jul 2010 pm   John 14:15-31
God's People in God's LandRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th Jul 2010 am   Joshua 23-24
The Answer to GriefRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   27th Jun 2010 pm   John 14:1-14
God's JudgementRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   27th Jun 2010 am   Joshua 7-9, 1 Cor 5
Betrayal and Denial Andrew Court 
Cathays   20th Jun 2010 pm   John 13:12-38
God's VictoryRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   20th Jun 2010 am   Joshua 3-6, Psalm 111
Youth Led ServiceMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   13th Jun 2010 pm   2 Kings 24:8-14; 25:27-30
Who's Going?Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   13th Jun 2010 am   Numbers 13-14
Marks of a Mission sending ChurchRev. Chris Wright 
Cathays   6th Jun 2010 pm   3 John 1-8
Who are we and what are we here for?Rev. Chris Wright 
Cathays   6th Jun 2010 am   Exodus 19:1-6
The Servant KingRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   30th May 2010 pm   John 13:1-17
God's ManRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   30th May 2010 am   Exodus 18
Dying to LiveRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   23rd May 2010 pm   John 12:20-50
God's PresenceRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   23rd May 2010 am   Exodus 16-17
Burial and TriumphRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   16th May 2010 pm   John 12:1-19
God's Protection - Who's Cared for?Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   16th May 2010 am   Exodus 13-15
Man Alive!Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   9th May 2010 pm   John 11
God's Passover - Who's Safe?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   9th May 2010 am   Exodus 12: 1-13
The Secure SheepRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   2nd May 2010 pm   John 10:22-42
God's Power - Who's KingRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   2nd May 2010 am   Exodus 4:29-11
The Good ShepherdRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   25th Apr 2010 pm   John 10:1-21
God's PreparationRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   25th Apr 2010 am   Exodus 3-4
I Once was Blind but now I see! Andrew Court 
Cathays   18th Apr 2010 pm   John 9
God's ProvisionMr. Sam Orr 
Cathays   18th Apr 2010 am   Exodus 2
Light of the WorldRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   11th Apr 2010 pm   John 8:12-59
God's ProvidenceMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   11th Apr 2010 am   Exodus 1
Easter Sunday: The Leader who Changed EverythingRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   4th Apr 2010 pm   John 21:1-25
Easter Sunday: New ManifestoRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th Apr 2010 am   John 20:1-30
The Politician, the Criminal & the ChristRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   2nd Apr 2010 am   John 19:16-30
The Voice of GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   28th Mar 2010 pm   Psalm 19
Turning Truth into ExperienceRev. Charles Price 
Cathays   28th Mar 2010 am   Heb 3:16-4:2
Life and Death EthicsRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   21st Mar 2010 pm   Psalm 139
Never Throw StonesRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   21st Mar 2010 am   John 8:1-11
Pressure Points: Making God DecisionsRev. Michael Green 
Cathays   14th Mar 2010 pm   Proverbs 3:1-12
What is the Meaning of My Life?Rev. Michael Green 
Cathays   14th Mar 2010 am   Eccl. 1:16-2:1 & John 4:13-18
Pressure Points: Making God DecisionsRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   7th Mar 2010 pm   Proverbs 3:1-12
Obey your ThirstRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   7th Mar 2010 am   John 7:1-51
Finishing WellRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   28th Feb 2010 pm   2 Timothy 4:1-8
The Meaning of the MealRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   28th Feb 2010 am   John 6:22-71
Pressure Points: PowerRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   21st Feb 2010 pm   2 Cor 4:1-18
Knowing the Life of GodRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   21st Feb 2010 am   John 5:16-47
Pressure Points: Peer PressureMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   14th Feb 2010 pm   Daniel 1
A Staggering ClaimRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   14th Feb 2010 am   John 5:1-15
Giving that CostsRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   7th Feb 2010 pm   Mark 12:38-44
The God who MultipliesRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   7th Feb 2010 am   John 6:1-15
At Ground LevelRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   31st Jan 2010 pm   Acts 2:42-47
The Big PictureRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   31st Jan 2010 am   Romans 15:8-33
Mission Down to EarthRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   24th Jan 2010 pm   1 John 1:1-2:2
Mission in the Modern World Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   24th Jan 2010 am   1 Peter 1:1-12
Pressure Points: DoubtRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   17th Jan 2010 pm   James 1:1-8
What Faith Looks LikeRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   17th Jan 2010 am   John 4:39-54
The Passion Filled LifeRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   10th Jan 2010 am   John 10:1-10
A Fresh Start for a New DecadeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   3rd Jan 2010 pm   Romans 13:8-14
Saviour of the WorldRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   3rd Jan 2010 am   John 4:43-54
When Kindness & Love Appeared Andrew Court 
Cathays   27th Dec 2009 am   Titus 3:1-8
The Comfort of Christmas - Carols by CandlelightRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   20th Dec 2009 pm   Isaiah 40
Angel DelightMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   20th Dec 2009 am   Luke 2:8-20
The Gift of Christmas - Carols by CandlelightRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   13th Dec 2009 pm   Luke 2:1-18
The Birth of the SaviourRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   13th Dec 2009 am   Matthew 1:18-25
The Teenager Who Became PregnantRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   6th Dec 2009 pm   Luke 1:26-38
The Foreigner Who Found LoveRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   6th Dec 2009 am   Ruth
The Prostitute Who Found GraceMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   29th Nov 2009 pm   Joshua 2
Why No-one is Too Bad for GodRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   29th Nov 2009 am   John 4:1-38
Pressure Points: WorryRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   22nd Nov 2009 pm   Matt 6:25-34
Why JESUS is Good NewsRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   22nd Nov 2009 am   John 3:22-36
Passion for LifeRev. John Boyers 
Cathays   15th Nov 2009 pm   Luke 5:1-11
Why No-one is Good Enough for GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   15th Nov 2009 am   John 3:1-21
Mission Impossible?Rev. Declan Flanagan 
Cathays   8th Nov 2009 pm   John 20:19-23
Mission in MotionRev. Declan Flanagan 
Cathays   8th Nov 2009 am   Matthew 9:35-38
Out of the SaltshakerMrs. Rebecca Manley Pippert 
Cathays   7th Nov 2009 pm   Interview about Conference
Pressure Points: LustRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   1st Nov 2009 pm   1 Thes 4:1-12
Relocation, Relocation, RelocationRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   1st Nov 2009 am   John 2:12-25
What kind of God allows SufferingRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   25th Oct 2009 pm   Romans 8:18-27
The Last is BestRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   25th Oct 2009 am   John 2:1-11
Cross Word - Baptismal ServiceRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   18th Oct 2009 pm   1 Cor 1:17-31
Tried and TestedMr. Sam Orr 
Cathays   18th Oct 2009 am   Matthew 4:1-11
Pressure Points: GuiltRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   11th Oct 2009 pm   Psalm 32
The Making of a DiscipleRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   11th Oct 2009 am   John 1:35-51
Pressure Points: ImageRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th Oct 2009 pm   Psalm 8
Signposts to FaithRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   4th Oct 2009 am   John 1:19-34
Food for the World - Harvest SundayRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   27th Sep 2009 am   John 6:25-58
Praying under PressureRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   20th Sep 2009 pm   Psalm 17
The Man from HeavenRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   20th Sep 2009 am   John 1:1-18
Praying that Touches HeavenRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   13th Sep 2009 pm   Rev 4
Praying for OthersRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   13th Sep 2009 am   Col 1: 1-14
Praying for a NationRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   6th Sep 2009 pm   Daniel 9: 1- 19
Praying with JesusRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   6th Sep 2009 am   Luke 11:1-13
Business Principles for Busy ChristiansRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   30th Aug 2009 pm   Luke 16:1-15
The HomecomingRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   23rd Aug 2009 pm   Luke 15:11-32
Truth for the Next GenerationRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   23rd Aug 2009 am   Deut 11
God of GodsRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   16th Aug 2009 am   Deut 10
The Meal Ticket Andrew Court 
Cathays   9th Aug 2009 pm   Luke 14:12-24
Songs of ExperienceRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   9th Aug 2009 am   Psalm 119:v25-56
Wise InvestmentsRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   2nd Aug 2009 pm   Luke 12:13-21
Songs of ExperienceRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   2nd Aug 2009 am   Psalm 119:1-24
Who's my NeighbourRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   26th Jul 2009 pm   Luke 10: 23 - 37
Never ForgetRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   26th Jul 2009 am   Deut 8-9
One Man went to SowRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   19th Jul 2009 pm   Luke 8:1-8
Covenant LoveRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   19th Jul 2009 am   Deut 6 & 7
Mend the GapRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   12th Jul 2009 pm   1 Peter 5:5-12
Operating by the BookRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   12th Jul 2009 am   Deut 4 & 5
The Convictions of a Christian LeaderRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   5th Jul 2009 pm   1 Peter 5:1-4
ContentmentRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   5th Jul 2009 am   Ps 34:4-18 & Phil 4:8-20
Suffering for ChristRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   28th Jun 2009 pm   1 Peter 4:12-19
All for One and One for All!Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   28th Jun 2009 am   Deut 3:12-29
AccountabilityRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   21st Jun 2009 pm   1 Peter 4:1-11
All Age Service: Light Work Andrew Court 
Cathays   21st Jun 2009 am   Acts 9:1-19
The Good LifeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   14th Jun 2009 pm   1 Peter 3: 8-22
When it's Time to Move onRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   14th Jun 2009 am   Deuteronomy 1:1-18
A World to WinMr. George Verwer 
Cathays   7th Jun 2009 pm   Luke 10
Motivation in MissionMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   7th Jun 2009 am   John 12:20-28
Pentecost SundayRev. Roger Carswell 
Cathays   31st May 2009 pm   Ezekiel 37
Pentecost SundayRev. Roger Carswell 
Cathays   31st May 2009 am   Acts 2:1-13
Men, Women and GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   24th May 2009 pm   1 Peter 3:1-7
New Life in ChristRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   24th May 2009 am   John 5:16-30
Facethebook: Faith- all in the mind?Prof. Stephen Nantlais Williams 
Cathays   17th May 2009 pm   
Tyranny of TimeProf. Stephen Nantlais Williams 
Cathays   17th May 2009 am   Eccl. 1: 1-18
Prayer and PerseveranceProf. Stephen Nantlais Williams 
Cathays   16th May 2009 am   James 1 v 1-18
/sermonfiles/20090510pmD.mp3Mr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   10th May 2009 pm   1 Peter 2:13-25
/sermonfiles/20090510amD.mp3Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   10th May 2009 am   Acts 6:1-10
/sermonfiles/20090503pmD.mp3Rev. Simon Price 
Cathays   3rd May 2009 pm   1 Peter 2:4-12
/sermonfiles/20090503amD.mp3Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   3rd May 2009 am   Matthew 20:20-28
/sermonfiles/20090426pmD.mp3Rev. Simon Price 
Cathays   26th Apr 2009 pm   1 Peter 1:13-2:3
/sermonfiles/20090426amD.mp3Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   26th Apr 2009 am   Titus 1:1-16
/sermonfiles/20090419pmD.mp3Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   19th Apr 2009 pm   1 Peter 1:1-12
/sermonfiles/20090419amD.mp3 Andrew Court 
Cathays   19th Apr 2009 am   Joshua 5:13-20, 6:21-27
/sermonfiles/20090412pmD.mp3Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   12th Apr 2009 pm   1 Corinthians 15:1-20
/sermonfiles/20090412amD.mp3Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   12th Apr 2009 am   Mark 15:42-16:8
/sermonfiles/20090405pmD.mp3Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   5th Apr 2009 pm   Mark 11:27-12:12
/sermonfiles/20090405amD.mp3Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   5th Apr 2009 am   Mark 11:1-25
Straight TalkingRev. R T Kendall 
Cathays   29th Mar 2009 pm   Eph 4:30-32
You are Fit for PurposeRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   29th Mar 2009 am   Ephesians 4:1-16
You are Built for BattleMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   22nd Mar 2009 pm   Ephesians 6:10-20
You are Shaped for ServiceRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   22nd Mar 2009 am   Ephesians 4:1-16
You are Designed to Make a DifferenceMr. Jim Memory 
Cathays   15th Mar 2009 pm   Colossians 4:2-6
You are Made for MissionMr. Derek Foster 
Cathays   15th Mar 2009 am   Matthew 28:16-20
You are created for a communityRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   8th Mar 2009 pm   1 Thessalonians 5:12-18
You are Fashioned for God's FamilyRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   8th Mar 2009 am   Colossians 3:12-17
You are Planned for God's PleasureRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   1st Mar 2009 pm   Ephesisans 1:1-14
You are Wired up for WorshipRev. Jon Reeves & Mr. P Hocking 
Cathays   1st Mar 2009 am   Romans 12:1-2
Life, the Universe and EverythingRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   22nd Feb 2009 pm   John 17:1-5
What's the Point of Life?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   22nd Feb 2009 am   Ecclesiastes 1 -3:22
Believing is Seeing Andrew Court 
Cathays   15th Feb 2009 pm   Mark 10:46-52
Celebrity ChristianityRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   15th Feb 2009 am   Mark 10:32-45
Gospel ProvisionRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   8th Feb 2009 pm   Philippians 4:10-23
Gospel PeopleRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   8th Feb 2009 am   Philippians 4:2-9
Gospel PerseveranceRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   1st Feb 2009 pm   Philippians 3:12-4:1
Gospel PrioritiesRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   1st Feb 2009 am   Philippians 3:1-11
Can the Rich Go to Heaven?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   25th Jan 2009 pm   Mark 10:17-31
Gospel MotivesRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   25th Jan 2009 am   Philippians 2
The Values God ValuesRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   18th Jan 2009 pm   Gen 2:20-25, Mark 10:1-16
Gospel Partnerships Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   18th Jan 2009 am   Philippians 1:1-18
Motto Sunday - The Spirit-Filled ChristianRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   11th Jan 2009 pm   Galatians 5:16-26
Motto Sunday - The Spirit-Filled ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   11th Jan 2009 am   Zechariah 4:1-14
New Year, New CreationRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   4th Jan 2009 pm   2 Corinthians 5:11-21
New Year, New CommandmentRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th Jan 2009 am   John 13:31-38
Carols by CandleLightRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   21st Dec 2008 pm   Luke 2:1-20
Carols by CandleLightRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   14th Dec 2008 pm   Micah 5:2-5, Luke 2:21-32
'How to Treat People with Dignity'Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   7th Dec 2008 pm   Mark 9:33-10:16
'When a Child is Born'Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   7th Dec 2008 am   Isaiah 9:1-7
‚ÄėDead and Buried, but Still Alive and Kicking!‚ÄôRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   30th Nov 2008 pm   Romans 6 v 1-14
‚ÄėThe Cloud of Judgement‚ÄôRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   30th Nov 2008 am   Isaiah 8:1-22
'Mountain and Valley Experiences'Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   23rd Nov 2008 pm   Mark 9:1-32
'Sign of Hope'Rev. Simon Price 
Cathays   23rd Nov 2008 am   Isaiah 7:1-25
'Mission like the Master'Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   16th Nov 2008 am   Luke 4:14-30
'There's More to Jesus than Meets the Eye'Mr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   9th Nov 2008 pm   Mark 8:22-38
'Seeing is Going'Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   9th Nov 2008 am   Isaiah 6
If We're So Good, Why is the World So Bad?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   2nd Nov 2008 pm   Mark 7:1-23
Transformed CommunityRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   2nd Nov 2008 am   Isaiah 2:2-4:6
The Cost of CommitmentRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   26th Oct 2008 pm   Mark 6:1-29
The CureRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   26th Oct 2008 am   Isaiah 1:1-31
Who Has the Power of Life and Death?Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   19th Oct 2008 pm   Mark 5:21-43
Harvest: Step Up to the Plate (All Age)Mr. Roger Martin 
Cathays   19th Oct 2008 am   Psalm 19
Who Can Still the Storms of Life?Rev. Simon Price 
Cathays   12th Oct 2008 pm   Mark 4:35-2:12
A Faith for All SeasonsRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   12th Oct 2008 am   James 5
What Really Matters in LifeRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   5th Oct 2008 pm   Mark 1:32-2:12
Living with the Right MotivesRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   5th Oct 2008 am   James 4
God, Sex and the CityRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   28th Sep 2008 pm   2 Samuel 11
The Power of WordsRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   28th Sep 2008 am   James 3
Band of BrothersRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   21st Sep 2008 pm   1 Samuel 18-20
FaithworksRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   21st Sep 2008 am   James 2
Giant Killing FaithRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   14th Sep 2008 pm   1 Samuel 17 & John 17
Developing Christian CharacterRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   14th Sep 2008 am   James 1
Prayer and Partnership in MissionRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   7th Sep 2008 pm   Acts 13:1-12
Prayer and the Spirit of MissionRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   7th Sep 2008 am   Acts 1-2
When All is RevealedRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   31st Aug 2008 pm   Ruth 4
When Love TriumphsMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   24th Aug 2008 pm   Ruth 3
The Hope God GivesRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   24th Aug 2008 am   Psalm 55
When Plans are Made Andrew Court 
Cathays   17th Aug 2008 pm   Ruth 2
The Man God DeliversMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   17th Aug 2008 am   Psalm 18
When Suffering ComesMr. Ted Pilling 
Cathays   10th Aug 2008 pm   Ruth 1
The Son God ProtectsRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   10th Aug 2008 am   Psalm 2
When Life is CheapRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   3rd Aug 2008 pm   Judges 19-20
The Life God ProspersRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   3rd Aug 2008 am   Psalm 1
When a Strong Man is WeakRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   27th Jul 2008 pm   Judges 13-15
20-20 VisionRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   27th Jul 2008 am   Matthew 16:13-28
When a Failure SucceedsRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   20th Jul 2008 pm   Judges 6-8
Faith and Signs!Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   20th Jul 2008 am   Matthew 15:21-16:12
When a Woman is in ChargeRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   13th Jul 2008 pm   Judges 4-5
Tradition and TruthRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   13th Jul 2008 am   Matthew 15:1-20
When History Repeats ItselfRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   6th Jul 2008 pm   Judges 2:6-23
Miracles and MeaningRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   6th Jul 2008 am   Matthew 14:13-36
Elijah - One Man and his GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   15th Jun 2008 pm   1 Kings 18:17-39
Why the Gospel is so ImportantRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   15th Jun 2008 am   Matthew 13:44-52
The Gospel to the NationsRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   8th Jun 2008 pm   tbc
The Church, the World and MissionRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   8th Jun 2008 am   Matthew 13:24-43
Elijah - The Man with the WordRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   1st Jun 2008 pm   1 Kings 17
Is There Only One Way? Andrew McKenna 
Cathays   25th May 2008 pm   tbc
Signs and WondersRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   25th May 2008 am   Matthew 12:38-50
The Proof of the PuddingRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   18th May 2008 am   Matthew 12:22-37
Is Faith Just a Crutch?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   11th May 2008 pm   John 4:43-5:15
The Difference Jesus MakesRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   11th May 2008 am   Matthew 12:1-21
If God is Real, Where is He?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th May 2008 pm   2 Corinthians 12:1-10
The Stick and the CarrotRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th May 2008 am   Matthew 11:20-30
Appreciating the Eternity of GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   20th Apr 2008 pm   Psalm 90
How to listen to a SermonRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   20th Apr 2008 am   Matthew 11:1-19
Knowing the Glory of GodRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   13th Apr 2008 pm   Psalm 8
The Cost of MissionRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   13th Apr 2008 am   Matthew 10:21-42
Trusting the help of GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   6th Apr 2008 pm   Psalm 121
The Power of the KingRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   6th Apr 2008 am   Matthew 9:1-34
Embracing the Renewal of GodRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   30th Mar 2008 pm   Psalm 85
So Great a Salvation Lindsay Brown 
Cathays   30th Mar 2008 am   Hebrews 1:1 - 2:3a
Easter Sunday: Why Easter MattersRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   23rd Mar 2008 pm   John 20:24-31
Easter Sunday: The Return of the KingRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   23rd Mar 2008 am   Matthew 27:62-28:20
Good Friday: The King is Dead - Long Live the KingRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   21st Mar 2008 am   Matthew 27:27-56
Palm Sunday: The Identity of the KingMr. Dave Fielder 
Cathays   16th Mar 2008 pm   Matthew 21:33-46
Palm Sunday: The Authority of the KingRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   16th Mar 2008 am   Matthew 21:1-22
Discovering God's WillRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   9th Mar 2008 pm   Psalm 37
Faith in the KingRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   9th Mar 2008 am   Matthew 8:1-34
With Jazz in MindRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   2nd Mar 2008 pm   Psalm 13
Priorities of the KingdomRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   2nd Mar 2008 am   Matthew 7:1-29
Loving God's TruthRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   17th Feb 2008 pm   Psalm 119:89-112
The Religion of the KingdomRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   17th Feb 2008 am   Matthew 6: 19-34
facethebook - Why do men hate going to church Dave Murrow 
Cathays   27th Jan 2008 pm   Matthew 2:20-28
The Manifest of the KingdomRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   27th Jan 2008 am   Matthew 5:1-16
Enjoying God's Forgiveness (sermon only)Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   20th Jan 2008 pm   Psalm 32
The Priorities of the King (sermon only)Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   20th Jan 2008 am   Matthew 4:1-25
Experiencing God's PresenceRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   13th Jan 2008 pm   Psalm 46
Here Comes the KingRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   13th Jan 2008 am   Matthew 3:1-17
Motto Sunday - New Year LifeRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   6th Jan 2008 pm   2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2
Motto Sunday - The Future Driven ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   6th Jan 2008 am   2 Corinthinans 4: 5-18
The Difference Jesus Makes Dai Hankey 
Cathays   8th Jul 2007 pm   
How to make trouble!Rev. Jonathan Stephen 
Cathays   20th May 2007 am   Acts 17:1-9
Christian Leaders in the Last Days Don Carson 
Cathays   11th Mar 2007 pm   2 Timothy 3:1-17, 4:1-8
Believing GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   25th Feb 2007 pm   Genesis 15:1-19
Motto Sunday - A promise to Live forRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   7th Jan 2007 pm   Genesis 12:1-3
Motto Sunday - The Connected ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   7th Jan 2007 am   Romans 12:3-21
Advent - The Coming of the LightRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   3rd Dec 2006 pm   Isaiah
It's Character that CountsRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   3rd Dec 2006 am   1 Timothy 6:3-21
The Bible - Fact or Fiction?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   26th Nov 2006 pm   2 Peter 1:16-21
Happy FamiliesRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   26th Nov 2006 am   1 Timothy 5:1-6:2
THINK: Pure SexRev. Simon Price 
Cathays   19th Nov 2006 pm   Genesis 2:18-25, Matthew 19:1-12
Be Careful What You BelieveRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   19th Nov 2006 am   1 Timothy 4:1-16
Baptismal ServiceRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   12th Nov 2006 pm   
Out of Africa (Mission Sunday)Rev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   5th Nov 2006 am   
What is the Fuss about Women?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   22nd Oct 2006 am   1 Timothy 2:9-15
Youth Service Dai Hankey 
Cathays   24th Sep 2006 pm   
Making ConnectionsRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   24th Sep 2006 am   John 17:20-25
The Christian and RelationshipsRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   17th Sep 2006 pm   Romans 14:1-15:13
Faith with an EdgeRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   17th Sep 2006 am   John 17:6-19
The Christian and EthicsRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   10th Sep 2006 pm   Romans 13:8-14
Knowing GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   10th Sep 2006 am   John 17:1-5
The Heart of the ProblemRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   19th Feb 2006 am   James 3:13-4:12
Radical FamilyRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   18th Sep 2005 am   Luke 22:1-38
Radical Life ChangeRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th Sep 2005 am   Luke 18:31-19:10
Radical TalkRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   14th Aug 2005 am   Luke 11:37-54
Life - What's the Point?Rev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   18th Apr 2004 pm   Ecclesiastes 1
Easter Sunday Christ's Passion for YouRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   11th Apr 2004 am   John 20:24-30
Life Changing Encounters - Dead Man WalkingRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   14th Mar 2004 pm   John 11:1-44
The Real GodRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   15th Feb 2004 am   Ephesians 3:14-21
The Real IssueRev. Phil Jenkins 
Cathays   25th Jan 2004 pm   Psalm 85
Samson - An Unusual SaviourRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   25th Jan 2004 am   Judges 13:1-7,24,25 & 16:23-31
Gideon - An Unlikely HeroRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   11th Jan 2004 am   Judges 6:1-16
Motto Sunday - A Model ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   4th Jan 2004 am   2 Corinthians 3:7-18
Going the DistanceRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   14th Dec 2003 am   2 Thess. 3: 1-18
A Model ChurchRev. Peter Baker 
Cathays   5th Oct 2003 am   1 Thess. 1: 1-10
An Evangelical FeastRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   29th Dec 2002 pm   Luke 1:46-56
But God Can (Change Human Nature)Rev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   18th Aug 2002 pm   Matthew 25:1-13
You Can't Change Human NatureRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   18th Aug 2002 am   Luke 18:9-14;19:1-10
Repent or PerishRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   28th Jul 2002 pm   Luke 13:1-9,22-35
Jesus the Judge JudgedRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   30th Jun 2002 am   Luke 22:63-23:25
Understanding GethsemaneRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   9th Jun 2002 pm   Matthew 26:36-46
Prayer PartnersRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   3rd Mar 2002 am   Colossians 4:2-18
New StartRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   6th Jan 2002 am   John 14
A Song of Despair and HopeRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   19th Aug 2001 pm   Psalm 107:1-32
Growing as an AlienRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   8th Jul 2001 am   2 Peter 1:1-11
God's Method of FightingRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   22nd Apr 2001 am   2 Corinthians 10:1-5
Is God Male or Female?Rev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   11th Feb 2001 pm   John 4:4-26
Saying Sorry - and meaning itRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   10th Dec 2000 am   2 Corinthians 7:2-16
The Church Without WallsRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   26th Nov 2000 am   2 Corinthians 6:3-13
The Truth About the BibleRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   19th Nov 2000 pm   Psalm 19:7-14
The Truth About the FutureRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   29th Oct 2000 pm   1 Corinthians 15:1-20
New Covenant LifeRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   22nd Oct 2000 am   2 Corinthians 3:7-18
"Yours Sincerely"Rev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   15th Oct 2000 am   2 Corinthians 2:12-3:6
Leaving HomeRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   24th Sep 2000 pm   Luke 15:11-25
Christian SpiritualityRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   10th Sep 2000 am   Matthew 6:1-18
Strategies for VictoryRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   3rd Sep 2000 am   Joshua 10
The Inner Power of the LawRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   27th Aug 2000 am   Matthew 5:21-30
The Washing of RebirthRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   20th Aug 2000 pm   Acts 2:36-41 & Titus 3:3-8
Salt and LightRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   13th Aug 2000 am   Colossians 1:3-14
Christian RelationshipsRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   23rd Jul 2000 am   Ephesians 5:21-6:9
Changed LifestyleRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   16th Jul 2000 am   Ephesians 4:17-32
Moses - Living FaithRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   18th Jun 2000 pm   Hebrews 11:23-29
Power through PrayerRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   18th Jun 2000 am   Ephesians 3:14-21
The Open Secret of the GospelRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   4th Jun 2000 am   Ephesians 3:1-13
Enoch - Rewarding FaithRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   21st May 2000 pm   Genesis 5:1-24 & Hebrews 11:5-6
The Sacrificial Faith of AbelRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   14th May 2000 pm   Genesis 4:1-16
Danger - God at WorkRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   14th May 2000 am   Ephesians 1:15-23
The Pursuit of GodRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   16th Apr 2000 pm   Psalm 27
The Role of the FamilyRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   2nd Apr 2000 am   1 Corinthians 13:1-13
When the Tables are TurnedRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   19th Mar 2000 pm   Habakkuk 2:1-20
Truth on the ScaffoldingRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   19th Mar 2000 am   Mark 15:16-39
Cross ExaminationRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   12th Mar 2000 am   Mark 14:53-15:15
Traps and TruthRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   13th Feb 2000 am   Mark 12:13-44
Everlasting GodRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   6th Feb 2000 pm   Isaiah 40
Here Comes the JudgeRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   30th Jan 2000 am   Mark 11:1-25
Rights, Responsibilities and RichesRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   16th Jan 2000 am   Mark 10:1-16
Hollow WorshipRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   9th Jan 2000 pm   Isaiah 1
Star Trek - Searching the ScholarsRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   12th Dec 1999 pm   Matthew 2:1-11
Faith - the Only Thing Worth HavingRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   31st Oct 1999 pm   Galatians 3:6-14
Coping with RejectionRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   24th Oct 1999 am   Mark 6:1-29
An Encounter with GraceRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   26th Sep 1999 pm   Exodus 33:12-34:9
Jesus is LordRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   19th Sep 1999 am   Mark 2:1-28
An Encounter with JusticeRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   5th Sep 1999 pm   Genesis 18
Where Real Power LiesRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   29th Aug 1999 pm   Psalm 135
All Together NowRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   22nd Aug 1999 pm   Psalm 133
From Here to EternityRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   1st Aug 1999 pm   Psalm 121
Defining Moments - In Church AdministrationRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   1st Aug 1999 am   Acts 6:1-15
I Was There - Wisdom PersonifiedRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   25th Jul 1999 pm   Proverbs 8
Fatal AttractionRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   11th Jul 1999 pm   Proverbs 5 & 7
Keep Right On to the EndRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   11th Jul 1999 am   2 Timothy 4:1-22
The Best InvestmentsRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   4th Jul 1999 pm   Proverbs 4
Keep Suffering in PerspectiveRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   27th Jun 1999 am   2 Timothy 3:10-17
How Wisdom savesRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   20th Jun 1999 pm   Proverbs 2
The Roots of WisdomRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   6th Jun 1999 pm   Proverbs 1:1-17
Famous Last WordsRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   16th May 1999 am   Deuteronomy 32:48-33:29
Faith Handles DoubtRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   2nd May 1999 pm   Job 23
Passing on the TorchRev. Geraint Fielder 
Cathays   2nd May 1999 am   Deuteronomy 31:1-29