Children in Services

Four changes coming up from Sunday 17th October
Children in Services

Children in Services

Dave Gobbett | 15:15, 09 October 2021

Dear Friends

Thank you so much for your patience with us as a church as we've slowly tweaked and changed how we do our morning services at Highfields Church.

As we come out of the pandemic I want to update you about four changes coming up from Sunday 17th October.

The first change is that the children are going to begin in the services before heading down to their classes. We're passionate believers in all age worship at Highfields Church. The idea that there's one space where the children are learning and another space where the adults are learning just seems so counter to the gospel. We are all included. We are all one in Christ. We don't want to be tribal or break down into silos, so it is a really beautiful thing to be able to recommence worshiping together. It's what we've always done in the past and we're starting again from 17th October.

We think as a culture and in Wales that we're in a good place for that and the BBC updated the latest stats to say that there's been a vast drop-off in covid cases for the under-16s and so we prayerfully are stepping out to welcome our youngsters on a Sunday morning.

Now that does mean for our second change that we're stopping social distancing, at least formally.  Of course you can sit a little space away from other people and that's okay.  If you are particularly nervous then we want to encourage you to come to the nine o'clock service where there's lots more space.

The third change is because of the removal of formal social distancing, although we're still inviting and asking people to book a seat on Monday mornings to reserve a space on Sundays we're not going to formally allocate the seats.  So when you book in on a Monday you'll simply receive a reply which will say you've booked a space for that service on the Sunday.  So, rather than you being told where you have to sit we will trust you to sit where you like back like the olden days.  It might be that you can leave a little bit of a space. It may be that as more people come back and students arrive, you might say can you shuffle up a little bit.  That's the plan, we are no longer operating auto allocation, you can choose where you sit.

The fourth thing we've decided is that we will change the service times just a little.  What we're going to go for is to stick with the 9 o'clock service but we're moving the 10:30am to 11 o'clock.

Now in the olden days we had them at 9:30 and 11:15, but rather than going with those times we're going for 9 :00 and 11:00 which means there are two hours between the start of the morning services.

The services will probably be about an hour long but that gives us a good amount of time between the services to help move through the morning with one group leaving and the other arriving, particularly given our parking issues. With the extra half hour we're adding, it gives time for the people who are at the earlier service to leave before those coming to the later service, arrive.

Down the line we very much hope that we'll also be able to reintroduce refreshments after the morning service and maybe even after the morning services of the nine and the 11 o'clock service.  That's very much our prayer and our desire but we need to rebuild our teams. For the last 20 months we've not been serving refreshments and so if you would like to get involved in that area on Sunday mornings we would love to hear from you, so please do get in touch.

In summary here are the four changes:

  1. From the 17th of October children will be in from the start of the services we can worship God together
  2. You will not be required to social distance
  3. We won't be automatically allocating the seating you can choose where you sit
  4. The service times will change just a little to 9am and 11am

We've still got our 6:30pm service as well, and there'll be a bit more space in those services too, if you want to be a bit more distant. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and your support.  We’d love to hear your feedback. 

God be with you.


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