Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2014...
Freakonomics and Theology
A busy day up in Hay on Wye today at the Festival.
The Italian Job
"I embarked on a trip that would open my eyes to God’s providence and a realisation of how the church represents the idea of unity in diversity." Here, our children's MA Jude Parsons shares a bit about her Italian Experience over in Turin.
Saving Leonardo
Saving Leonardo - a call to resist the secular assault on mind, morals and meaning.
That Monday Feeling
When working full-time in a church, Sundays can easily feel like another working day. Here our ministry apprentice Evelyne Thomas tells us how it has helped her to enjoy Sunday worship in a new way.
Rebuilding your broken world
The story of one man's fall from grace in terms of a moral failure which threatened to destroy his whole ministry and future
Apologetics - Theology - Stuff. Reflections and discoveries whilst pursuing an MA in theology.
On the Richter Scale
As we welcome Dave and Sally, Ella-Beth, Owen and Barney to Cardiff we look forward to their joining us for this next exciting leg of our journey as the people of God.
Pluralism: It's All in the Context
At a very basic level, pluralism is the recognition that there are many forms of religious belief, which adopt quite different approaches towards the spiritual life. Kevin Moss explores this further...
The Society We Live In
The society we live in values tolerance above truth.
Total Forgiveness
Total Forgiveness isn't just the title of the book, it's the whole concept that Kendall is seeking to communicate. Total Forgiveness holds nothing back, holds no grudges, doesn't bring that thing up again, and basically, is a bit of a risk.
Celts and Cowboys
Last month two of our Ministry Apprentices flew out to visit our friends at Scottsdale Bible Church Arizona, where they spent a week visiting ministries and building relationships. Here Anna Huws tells us a bit about her experience.
Broken Down House
We have been created and called by God for more than survival. We have been called to be actively involved in the restoration that is at the heart of God’s plan of redemption. This book that reminds us that while we live in a place damaged by sin, we don’t have to be discouraged or depressed; we can live productively in this broken world.
The Papa Prayer
If you are tired of a dull, routine, lifeless prayer life, if you are stirred by the idea of actually relating to God and being changed by Him in prayer, rather than presenting a shopping list, read The PAPA Prayer.
Second Birthday
This weekend marks the second birthday of our satellite congregation at Pontprennau.
God's Big Picture
Tracing the storyline of the Bible

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